When are abortion jokes okay

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  1. In the past two weeks:
    Found out I was pregnant.
    Found out my healthcare doesn't cover it.
    Got an abortion.
    Got an infection from abortion.
    Hospital for a night, poked around in my vag and needles.

    TL;DR how long should I wait before making very unclassy abortion jokes?

    PS. Hi Iwaku.
  2. You can start now! Specially since you're in Texas. I'll let you tell us about the alley you went to.
  3. A guy in boots stuck a spur up me vagine

    But no, the abortion place was really warm, friendly and secluded. They gave me crackers after, which was the best part.
  4. At least it wasn't the Rett Butler Clinic. I hear those stairs are murder.

    Glad you found a good place, I hear that it's a bit more hostile in your state now.
  5. I hear they give you coupons so you can get a discount on your next visit.
  6. They vacuumed up my uterus, a little house cleaning

    Abortion jokes are better while pregnant. I freaked out a lot of people
    Stuff like, so, I'm pregnant; anyone wanna race down the stairs? Or want to go boxing?

    Whew, I am feeling awful today. Got a bad case of being pregnant.
  7. Next time, sanitize the coat hanger.
  8. And don't let the doctors poke around in your needles.
  9. sorry paopoo
    oh btw
    I kicked you off facebook IM SORRY

    the US government doesn't like foreigners I met online :V
    it's a just-in-case
  10. lol. Because I am clearly a terrorist with left-leaning Islamic predispositions.
  11. Obviously.
    I keep telling people that Torst only wishes to speak to Diana so that he can plot raping and pillaging the southern coast.
    Dark is trying to establish connections for the cocaine cartels here in the midwest.
    Myrn is going black market with some porn that's not even legal here.

  12. I KNEW IT.