When and why did you start role playing?

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  1. I began on Neopets about... Gosh, eight years ago already! I had always been into storytelling, and say what you will about the quality on Neopets, it was a decent place to dive in and experiment without much judgement. Moved through a few Roleplay forums since then; even started a few of my own! Landed here and never looked back!

    What about you guys?
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  2. OH YES!

    I also started on Neopets. :D I got so annoyed at the lack of ability to write longer posts. >_> I also liked how they were really fast and tended to have people who were on for a couple of hours RPing all at once. I haven't really had that experience since. XP
  3. Neopets for me too, actually. 9 years ago. o__o

    My reason for roleplaying... I just wanted something to keep me busy while my friends ignored me and my parents yelled at each other all the time. I was surrounded by assholes. Writing kept me distracted from it all. :3
  4. My first roleplay wasn't trough writing, neither on forums or chats. My first rp experience was the tabletop rpg Vampire the Masquerade about 5 or 6 years ago. My older sister dragged me along. I don't know WHY I roleplay or why I did it back then. I just know it's something fun to do, it allows me to feel like a male from time to time (when I was younger I wanted to be a man really badly) and it fits me because I've always been on the creative side. C:
  5. When I was 13 I was a member on a Harry Potter based Fan Fic site. They had a rp forum there and when I realized what it was I pretty much just jumped in because it looked like fun.
  6. I was watching my uncle playing 2.5 Dungeons and Dragons, He had dice everywhere, all kinds of colors and types and these little firgures om a map and tons and tons of boooooks. I asked to play and he helped me roll out my first Druid at the age of 10, I am now 25 years old and I have continued to play D&D and expanded into a more free RP of play-by-post and have been jumping around to find the best forum to RP on for 12 years.

    I just love all mediums of creating, especially when I get to create something in my head and to share it, or know others are sharing theirs with me, is just a comforting thought.
  7. When: I started forum rp on the nets about 5 years ago. I was looking for something like an online version of DnD (although I had never played DnD irl at that point) and I came across a site that was called Role play chat, and from there I was fortunate enough to find Iwaku.

    Why: Cause reality is a bitch sometimes and at that point in my life I had all the time in the world. I used it to escape and still do.
  8. Oh wait! I didn't start on Neopets! I started on one of those boards that was made for people who loved Neopets like Sunny something? Or Dizzy something? Does anyone remember that?
  9. I'm also from neopets! Quite a few of us seem to have started there. O.O
    I just stumbled across the board one day and eventually found something cool. From there, I was hooked. Been through a lot of places, including a few years where I was pretty much exclusively a one-on-one'r due to board limitations. Technically speaking I only left Neo under two years ago, though I hadn't been active in a long time.
    I think I went through over twenty accounts on that site. So much censorship... so few shits given by the entire RP community... those were the bad ole days.
  10. I started roleplaying when I was eight and using double sided dice. I started roleplaying on Neopets later on as well as a site called Wajas. My reason why was that my mind has always been in dreamland; I think that I have a mansion there by now. It's a great stress reliever and a great way to expand your literacy.
  11. I was on MSN, back before they went belly up and deleted groups. That was 2004, I had no idea what I was doing back then because I never wrote with anyone. The experience was great. To be able to write with someone who has ideas and characters to put to a story. The longest thread, group, I had was 8,000 posts. Ahh, those were the days.
  12. SunnyNeo.com?
  13. My first roleplay was on stallet.se (the Swedish version of MyDreamStable.com) But I usually don't count it as my starting point in roleplaying since I only did a few posts before I got tired of it and stopped for many years. xD The first time I started for real was 2 years and 25 days ago when I joined iwaku. I don't remember why I started to roleplay. I guess I liked to write (Duh!) and didn't have any ideas so a roleplay site could help me with that. I know at least that I was searching for something new to do. And with everything going on in school I needed something to do to relax.

    I think I signed up for a lot of other roleplaying sites before I found iwaku, but I never got so far as to create characters and get into a roleplay on those. So after a lot of search I ended up here. And I fell in love from the moment I said I do (when accepting the site rules no one reads while signing up).


    When? Two years ago.
    Why? Boredom, needing something to do to relax, needing new writing ideas, wanting to talk to new people.