When and where are you IN YOUR ELEMENT?

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  1. Being in your element means you are somewhere you are comfortable and doing something you have total confidence and enjoyment!

    Where and what situation are YOU in your element?
  2. Dang ! Have to find something Aside/ Except role playing?( that's my most element I am very comfortable) ...

    It has to be housekeeping definitely ^^. I like cleaning stuff I guess.. Floors, counters, bathroom etc You name it.;)
  3. On top of the piles of dead bodies that I collect from the cbox.

    The scent of decay is exhilarating.
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  4. I'm always in my element. Got my dad's confidence to NGAF about anything in the world when it comes to being out of the house.
    Also a really short temper on the road.
  5. When I'm fighting with cats.

    Also, when I'm playing Pokemon.
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  6. hmmmmm
    I'm gonna say, when I am drawing or hiking nature. I love forests and mountains and graveyards.

    lately though I have become increasing good at the internets.
  7. When I'm watching Youtube videos, posting on forums, gaming, or gaming with friends. Basically anything that doesn't envolve being in touch with reality, because reality sucks.
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  8. Sleeping. Yes.
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  9. Doing makeup, talking makeup, watching makeup, blogging makeup. Makeup, makeup, makeup.
  10. Listening to music and writing.
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  11. I feel comfortable anywhere, really. I don't feel awkward during what others would consider awkward silences either.

    But I suppose out of everything I feel most comfortable talking or dealing with weapons or drugs.
  12. Most of all, when I'm holding a camera.

    Aside from that, when I'm holding a paintbrush or a video game console controller.
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  13. Behind a car doing insanely stupid speed limits. If I don't see at least 160kmh I get bored easy. Makes highway driving boring as hell. Why am I am limited to 80kmh on public highways. Because I can say with absolute confidence I am probably a better driver then 80% of you out there. Why should I be stuck following rules meant for fearful grandmothers?
  14. When Diana blows up the site... Server administration in general I guess too.

    Also when I get to run live sound for bands.
  15. Probably when I am playing video games, or watching something gory. Yeah....I adore bloody movies. >:3
  16. When I'm tackling computer problems people have. The more complex the problem, the better.
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  17. Whenever I am using my voice beyond just speaking or yelling at something. Voice acting, singing, narrating, I get such a rush from it all and it makes me incredibly happy because it is something I can without a doubt be proud of.

    It just might take a bit of pushing to make me proud of it, is all. :P
  18. When I am preforming. Singing, acting, dancing, a mix of all three~! When I am on a stage, I am in my element. Unless it's for public speaking. I turn into a stuttering mess >.<
  19. I honestly haven't felt this way in a long, long time. I'm still searching for it. I've come close a few times. Mostly while plotting for RP or playing in RPs or when a piece of code falls into place and several linked functions suddenly work the way they're meant to...

    I am Vay, lost. I'm trying to find myself in the malestorm of creation. I'm getting closer to who I really and and have started to feel things more strongly again.

    One, one other thing... running the forum with Diana and feeding her ideas, bouncing them off of her and getting her feedback, then seeing it turned into action.
  20. Hanging out with my fellow Bosnian-types, blowing up NAZIs because we're just that cool.
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