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    Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

    It is here our story takes place, alongside the many witches and wizards who call this place home. With old

    characters and new, this journey of academic discovery will test the minds and courage of these heroes. Will

    they prevail, or will darkness engulf the world?
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  2. The entire time she shopped in Diagon Alley, Margaery Tyrell wondered how many people had been in her position. She knew it wasn't everyday that Hogwarts allowed students to transfer from rival schools, and she thanked her lucky graces her parents had been friends with the headmaster there. When she'd discovered her father had been transferred to the Ministry of Magic in Great Britian, her heart broke at the thought of leaving her academics and friends behind. There was nothing she could do about her friends; they'd resolved to write to one another, sharing their experiences and keeping their friendships alive as best they could. But school was starting now, and she'd found herself being invited to the British magical academy with open arms. It truly was comforting knowing that her education would continue.

    After purchasing all her books, equipment, and a cute little white kitty she'd take to school with her, Margaery spent the next couple days getting to know some of the students she attend Hogwarts with. Almost everyone was excited about starting their own school year, and with their excitement, she found it difficult to try and make new friends. Those she did talk to had nothing but good things to say about her new school, about their houses, and little else.

    When finally the first of September came, Margaery found herself standing at King's Cross Station, staring at platforms nine and ten. She had a cart full of luggage, and the muggles kept giving her glances of disapproval. Desperately wanting to ask about the Hogwarts Express, but not wanting to inquire to the wrong person, she waited around until she noticed people disappearing. Right into the wall! It was with a smile that she followed their lead, closing her eyes as she came into the wall, but to her relief, she continued on through.

    The platform was cramped with bustling students and families saying their farewells. It saddened her that her own parents weren't here to see her off, but there was nothing to be done about that. Her parents had to work as well, and she was a big girl; she could take care of herself.

    After storing her things away, she managed to find a spot on the train with no people. She shuffled inside and closed the door behind her, watching everyone panic as the train's engine began to whistle. Soon, the train was on its way, platform 9 3/4 disappearing from view as they turned around a bend. This is it, she thought, setting her kitty, Lord Snow, upon the seat in front of her and digging around her bag for a book. Hogwarts, A History.
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  3. 'Another year, another time to suffer through Draco's whining about Harry Potter, and his golden trio. I swear he is gay or has a crush on that Hermione girl....But who cares....I certainly don't,' Charlie thought as she walked on the train heading to her typical seat with Draco and his friends on the train. It was rather upsetting when She saw Astoria Greengrass had taken her seat and most of Draco's lap as they sucked each other's face,'Whore,' She thought as she went to find a seat.

    It took her nearly 10 minutes to find a nearly abandoned compartment, where a girl who seemed roughly her age sat. 'Excuse Me, Miss. Would you mind if I sat with you? My typical seat has been over ran by horny teenagers, who are trying to kill themselves by suffocating one another with each other's faces,' She thought thinking of what to say. Finally, she settled on the more polite conversation stater,"Excuse me, Miss. Would you mind if I sat with you?" She asked her politely.

    She hadn't changed into her robes as they still had plenty of time to do so as the train had hardly left the station more than fifteen minutes ago. She was in a long black sleeved crop top that revealed the fact her belly button had been pierced. Her matching gray jeans were rather baggy as well, and her sneakers some how matched. Her fashion choices were less wizard and more muggle, but she was quite happy with herself.
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  4. Margaery had engrossed herself in the text when the compartment door opened and she saw what first appeared to be a muggle. The notion confused her, and the confusion was obvious on her face. She blinked a couple times, bright blue eyes absorbing information, then she smiled brightly and gestured to the seat in front of her. "Oh, please do!" With that, Lord Snow found himself nestled in Margaery's lap, getting a nice scratch behind his tiny little ears. As usual, when she met someone new, Margaery glanced up and down at her new companion, trying to determine their story. She looks like a muggle, almost goth... but she decided not to assume yet. Appearances were oft times deceiving, so Margaery went with conventional small talk.

    "My name's Margaery Tyrell." Should I mention I'm new? It felt weird, experiencing this all for the first time while being almost of age to graduate. Her initial worries she swatted away and figured this girl could be useful. Without waiting for a reply, Margaery continued as her companion made themselves comfortable. "I'm actually a new student to Hogwarts, despite my age. This is all very interesting, to say in the least, seeing how the British do things. What's your name?" She asked, becoming aware of how American she sounded.
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  5. "I'm Charlotte Rose, My friends call me Charlie," Charlie said to her as she put her bag up. She sat down across from her, "I never realized that Hogwarts did transfers. However, that is really cool. It will be a first for some of use to see someone sorted, that isn't a first year," Charlie said smiling as she had her book on her lap already. She was ready to start reading, but decided to continue talking to her. She noted she sounded American, and choose to inquire about that later.

    "So Margery, what house are you hoping to be sorted in? Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryfindor, or, my house, Slytherin?" Charlie asked her. She held no grudges towards any house, so she truly wouldn't care if she wanted to be something besides Slytherin. She hoped the girl wouldn't get the wrong idea when she found out she was in fact a Slytherin.
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  6. "Pleasure to meet you Charlie." She certainly seems friendly. "I believe transfers are for special cases, upon the headmasters approval. My parents have always been very fond of Dumbledore, and he was very open to the idea of having me join Hogwarts. But the sorting hat! I can't wait. We don't have houses and such where I come from, so that will be something very new to me."

    She thought back to what she had read about the different great Houses of Hogwarts. Once she had seen herself being sorted into Ravenclaw, for her academics were extremely important and she had always been a great student. But the house she felt most akin too...

    "It will probably be Slytherin." Their history was filled with ancient families and legacies going back centuries. Much like her own house, in truth. "Not only are their colors something I know well, but their history is much like my own. I'm almost positive if we had lived here in England, my entire family would have been in Slytherin."
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  7. "Well you see, if they had to describe your most distinctive quality, would it be ambition, bravery, wisdom, or hardworking?" Charlie asked her, finding it interesting that she believed that she would be Slytherin. "Slytherin has a very bad reputation, so I will warn you if people don't exactly welcome you, if that is where you are sorted," Charlie added on at the end. Her mind wondered back to her first week after being sorted Her family was proud, but she remembered how the Gryfindors had picked on her. She even talked to Hermione, because they were both outsiders in there houses.

    Then her mind wandered to Draco, she remembered how he had tried to comfort her, at least enough to fulfill his duty. It had made throwing the crush to the side, but that was when she fell deeper into her fantasy world of books. She had to distract herself from her crush on him somehow.
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  8. That's an easy one. "Ambition," Margaery said without hesitation, thinking back to her time in America. But what Charlie said peeked her interest. "A bad reputation, though... how so?" It made her slightly nervous, thinking her new house would reject her, or her classmate would judge her because of her placement. Everything she'd read about the Slytherin's said they were proud, pure-blood families who respected traditions. That was Margaery Tyrell. Her mind started to prattle on about everything that could happen, the good and the bad, but her academics were foremost here, and she knew she had to make a good impression on the faculty. For the sake of her family name, everything had to be perfect.
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  9. "Well, Slytherin is considered evil, that everyone in the house turns out evil. Which is not true, as everyone seems to forget that Merlin was, in fact, a Slytherin as well," Charlie sad with the roll of her eyes. She was quite annoyed when people referred to her as a bad or dark wizard. She sighed though as she sighed,"Slytherins are fine as they are rather arrogant and proud of being feared, or at least the majority of them. I, on the other hand, would rather find respect due to a mutual understanding, but people typically see the green and silver on me and they panic," She sighed almost huffing from irritation. She had began, fiddling with the pages in her book, unsure what else to say.
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  10. Margaery's heart jumped a little when Charlie told her about the Slytherin house. Evil? That was the last thing her family needed associated with their name. It was difficult enough, American political power struggles, without a stigma to help people decide. But they can't be all bad... She wondered how many were truly wicked, those sorted into the serpent's house. Almost on cue, she received an answer of sorts.

    Before she could reply, their compartment door opened and Margaery was confronted with three new images. Two of them were bulky; thick, ugly, and without a lick of sense between them. She could tell by just looking at them they were nothing more than goons, with no thoughts of their own to work with. The third was a surprising sight; she recognized him from Diagon Alley, but he had been one to ignore her completely. She wondered whether he'd remember. Probably not, she thought, looking him up and down as he approached, grinning wide, white blond hair hanging above his eyes. As he came forward, his goons shuffled forward, lodging themselves in the doorway. They appeared to be stuck, struggling against each other, but the blond boy didn't notice. Or care. Instead, he eyeballed Margaery, scoffing at her before turning to Charlie.

    "Hanging out with mudbloods again?" He asked her casually, sitting down opposite Margaery and eyeing her with distaste. Unsure of who he was or what he was saying, Margaery just looked at Charlie, waiting to gauge her reaction.
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  11. Charlie groaned audibly annoyed,"I would have sat with you, but I didn't want to interfere with your's and Miss Greengrass' double suicide," She said with an eye roll as she crossed her arms. "Oh ya, Margery this is Draco Malfoy, lord of the asses. If he annoys you call him Ferret, he loves it. Draco this is Margery Tyrell," She said introducing the two. She had a feeling Margery was not a mud blood, but she would allow her to defend herself.

    She had to admit she had had a crush on the boy next to her, but she had discovered recently, reading and serial dating, was a good distraction. It didn't help it seemed to piss some people off, and that was satisfaction in itself. She wondered if Margery got her wish of being Slytherin if she would end up rooming with Margery once it was all done. She didn't have any roommates, but she had always felt as if that was a fluke.
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  12. Margaery watched Charlie's reactions, giggling when she called him 'Lord of the Asses.' But what interested her most was when Draco heard the name Ferret, the color seemed to drain from his face. He looked away, only for a moment, but in that moment, there was no denying the sense of dread that passed through his eyes. As quickly as it came though, it passed, and Draco turned his gaze over to Charlie. He smirked at her, regaining his arrogant nature. "Are you jealous Charlotte? You don't need to worry, she's really only good for one thing."

    That's when he finally acknowledged Margaery's existence. She wanted to ask him what he meant by mudblood; she figured it was a slang term for something unpleasant, but she wasn't sure and was more than content watching his behavior instead. The first thing he said to her was, "I remember you from Diagon Alley, wandering around like you've never seen a wizard before. How come I've never seen you before?" His tone was nonchalant, and Margaery got the feeling he didn't really care why. She answered anyways, all the same.

    "I'm a transfer student from overseas. My father was asked to come over here and assist with Ministry business. Luckily we were able to pull some strings and get me a spot at Hogwarts." Draco only yawned and turned back to Charlie. "If you get bored with her, come find me." And with that he stood, turning towards the door and sighing with disgust at his 'friends'. The two were in the process of pulling each other out of the way to get inside the compartment. It was too late, however, and with a shove Draco pushed passed them both, and the three disappeared.

    Margaery turned to look at Charlie and began laughing. "That was interesting, to say in the least. I take it you two have history?"
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  13. Charlie sighed flipping Draco the bird as he left the compartment. She had taken to rubbing the bridge of her nose seeming rather annoyed,"I suppose you could say that. I grew up with the brat. I spent a lot of time at his manor, due to my father always traveling to correct his fortunes, and my mother being very good friends with his. They insisted if my farther's fortune was greater, they would have set up a betrothal at the second I was born," Charlie sad as if fighting back the inevitable gagging noise at the idea of being betrothed. She had never minded the idea of marrying Draco, but she would rather it be of his free and own choice. She wanted love, not obligation.

    "We have never been friends, per say, we just tolerate each other," Charlie said to her,"I apologize for him, though, for calling you well... a mud blood... it's a term they use to describe muggle born wizards... nasty term.." She explained to her.
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  14. Margaery nodded as she listened to the girl's words. There was definitely something there, she could sense it, but exactly what it was she couldn't say. Charlie really seemed to dislike Draco, completely understandably. But it made Margaery wonder whether Charlie's obvious resentment stemmed from something more. Growing up together, the tension between them, the causal attitude Draco had taken with Charlie's sarcasm...

    "Thank you," she said as her companion apologized for the insult. "I hadn't realized that's what he meant. I wonder whose house goes back further," Margaery began, leaning in and lowering her voice. "My family has been around for centuries. I have an aunt who was burned at the Salem Witch Trials. Well, not really burned... Apparently they just cast these spells that made the flames tickle them instead of burning them. Something to do with changing the temperature of the fire." She sat back, beginning to wonder what kind of family Draco must have to become to arrogant. She felt sorry for him, in truth. Her mind wandered for a bit as she scratched Lord Snow, all comfy in his own seat, purring loudly despite his size. Her nerves started to come back, ebbing in like small waves, so she decided to distract herself.

    "So Charlie... tell me. What's Hogwarts really like? Do you guys really have a giant squid as a school pet?"
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  15. "Yes actually we do. In the lake. You can see it, in the Slytherin common room. That and mermaids," Charlie said smiling at her, "but as for Malfoy's lineage it goes back so far. They like to remind us his ancestor was a personal friend of King William I. All still pure blood," She said softly looking at her.

    "Anyways, if you wouldn't mind, I would like to read,"
    Charlie said softly not wanting to offend her as she fingered the pages of her book.
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  16. "Of course," Margaery answered, smiling and opening her own book. She flipped through the pages, crisp and new from Flourish and Blotts and gazed at the pictures, trying to imagine how things would be like at this new academy. Eagerly, she thought of the squid and the mermaids that could be seen in the common room! She knew it had to be amazing there. Inside, the idea of being sorted into Slytherin became a bit more appealing. The train rolled on through the September afternoon, rolling hills, farms, trees all passing by the window. It was hard not to stare into the English countryside, and eventually the Tyrell succumbed and resorted to watching the scenery. England's so lovely.

    With another crash, the compartment door opened and a startled Margaery jumped in her seat. Even Lord Snow jumped, tiny little fur-ball all puffed up from the intrusion. It was disappointing seeing the Draco Malfoy again, but his demeanor had changed considerable. And this time he appeared to be alone. With an air of loss, he sat beside Charlie after closing the compartment door and glanced over her shoulder at the text she was reading. "Why are you reading that?" He said as if the idea disgusted him.

    It would be a lie to say that Margaery didn't feel a bit hurt at the way this kid ignored her presence. Back in America, everyone had tried so hard to be in her friend, which wasn't hard to do. She was very outgoing, easily to be around, and had on the most part enjoyed the company. But Draco's attitude caught her off guard, so she turned back to her book and tried to ignore him.
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  17. Charlie held up a finger as she finished reading the page,"Because I enjoy reading muggle books," She said before looking up at him,"What happened? You run into your pretty Gryffindor boyfriend?" She said imitating a pouting child with her lips stuck out. She was referring to Potter, of course. She shut her book knowing if she didn't give him her full attention he would throw a fit.

    She looked over at Margery knowing it wasn't fair for Draco to treat her like that, but there wasn't much she could do to help that because shew knew Draco wouldn't care. Especially iff she tried to scold him. She sighed, wishing Draco would run off and complain to someone else and not her. Heck, they only talked if Pansy or Astoria were busy. She knew she had become known as Slytherin's own slut, due to boys fascination with exaggerating the truth. Yes she had dated a lot of guys, yes a few felt her up, but none had made it into her pants. But geez those two were basically call girls for the Slytherin boys.
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  18. Draco scoffed, rolling his eyes as he looked at Charlie. "If you want to be a mudblood so bad, why don't you just live with them?" His tone dripped with distaste, and because of his attitude, Margaery snapped her book shut. She was done with his arrogance and wasn't going to sit back and listen to him insult Charlie. "Ask her," he said, noticing Margaery's new interest. "She probably knows a lot about dirty-"

    "I'm actually not a mudblood," she spat at him before he could finish. Her patience had worn very thin, and Margaery had no problem calling this boy out on his crap. If he were going to be rude, then he should at least be accurate. "My family is one of the oldest wizarding families on the Northern Continent, and our name holds a lot of influence. I'm sorry you don't approve of my outfit or whatever your problem is. I promise you, there is not one muggle in my ancestry for as long we have have records of it. So are you done insulting me?" With her brows raised and arms folded, she took on the attitude of one-who-does-not-give-a-fuck.

    It left Draco speechless. It hadn't insulted or humbled him, but it appeared to make him think for a moment. Eyeing her up and down, Draco leaned forward. "I might have misjudged you," was his reply. Then turning back to Charlie, he said, "I suppose you won't have much in common then. Sorry Charlotte." There was no sincerity in his voice. Margaery waited to respond, watching the girl's reaction and feeling suddenly sad for her. Why did he pick on her so bad?
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  19. Charlie slammed her book shut. She seemed upset,"No wonder your friends aren't talking to you... You are such an ass," She said standing up. She stormed out of the compartment. She had grabbed her robes, making it seem as if she was going to be productive.

    When she made it to the restroom she broke down crying. 'Why is he such an ass? All I have ever done is try to be his friend.... and whenever we get close to accepting each other or try.... he gets a stick up his ass...' She thought. She couldn't help but sob alone in the bathroom. She knew her makeup was ruined now, but she didn't care just like every year.

    She changed into her robes as gracefully as a girl on the verge of a mental breakdown could. She sniffled slightly as she began to fix her makeup with shaking hands.
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  20. "You're so cruel," Margaery snapped, slamming her textbook down. It only happened once in a while, but watching this transaction of sarcasm and insults pushed her to her limits. If there was anything she couldn't stand in this world, it was people who hurt others just for the fun of it. She'd known a boy whose cruelty knew no boundaries, and she'd honestly thought that he was the worst the world had to offer. Until she met Draco. Now she wasn't so sure. "She didn't do one thing to you!" But Draco only shrugged his shoulders, a smirk never far from his face.

    "She'll come back to me. Just wait."

    Margaery was done. She left the compartment, throwing the door shut and wandered down the hall in the direction she'd seen Charlie take. Where is she? Every time she peered through a door, it was full of students laughing and sharing stories about their summer. They would look over at her, and she would just smile and continue searching, never staying long. As she passed by what appeared to be a bathroom, Margaery heard what she thought was snuffling. Oh, no. Tentatively, she knocked, hoping that she wasn't disturbing someone's business.

    "Charlotte? Is that you? It's me, Margaery..."
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