When All is Dead And Gone

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  1. Pretty open world. I'm new at this so I'm playing around with it and I need someone willing to do the same.

    Brief description of the situation:
    Place: Europe/Northern America/USA (pick one and let me know)
    History: (depending on the chosen place, but overall the general idea is that) There was a group of Anarchists who managed to overthrow the government and as the economy already hit rock bottom, it was easy for the people to create complete chaos everywhere. As everyone turned on everyone, gang crimes were common, and eventually the old fashioned Mafia rose to power. The Nations were split in sub divisions and unless you work for them, you aren't safe and you live in poverty.


    Now I will think of smaller stories/scenarios that can be played within the world or you can choose free play and just roam around -- whichever is fine.

    Romance can be developed if you wish. I expect you to take initiative but not ignore my ideas either. For example, if I say "He was feeling kinda hungry so he opened the fridge hoping to find some leftover pizza" please don't do something like "She blew up the fridge before he could reach it"

    1st or 3rd POV. Or both. Which is something I do.


    Your character can be literally anything as long as it's realistic (no fantasy); cop, hooker, single dad, undercover agent, muscle man for mob group, runaway teen, etc. I love background stories so come up with a really good one. It can even be a bottle blonde who forgets everything every time she hiccups but knows Krav Maga and will smash your face in when she's sad. Be creative!

    While I prefer a male simply because I'm not one so I like working with opposites. anyone is welcome.
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