When All Hope Is Lost

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    Full name . Evan Aeron Price
    Nicknames . Some people call him 'Eve' in a playful manner, but other than that he doesn't have any nicknames.
    Age . 19 years
    Height . 6'2''
    Sex . Male
    Eye color . Light brown
    Personality . Evan is one of those 'bad boy' types. It's not like he goes around cheating on girls or anything like that, but he's had quite a few relationships here and there and is very big on risk-taking. He's a very optimistic guy with a generally friendly disposition towards others. Evan is very social, and enjoys flirting with close friends and even some strangers, though most of the time in a playful manner. However, the man is a closed book. He locks up his feelings inside of himself and doesn't show when he's upset or even physically injured for fear of looking weak infront of others. But aside from this he is normally a trustworthy person, and is quick to trust others with his own life.
    History . Evan came about 10 years after his brother was born, and had a pretty nice childhood. Though his grades in school weren't perfect (they mainly consisted of C's and B's, which weren't so bad but still weren't the best he could do) his family still loved him and encouraged him to do what he wanted to do, so long as it was good for him. When his brother moved out of the house, he became enstranged from the family for the most part, but since Evan had never been particularly fond of him it didn't matter much to him. Besides, other family members and family friends were constantly visiting, and most of them had kids around his age. This included Lia and her family. Though he didn't really talk to her, he'd always been curious about the slightly younger girl. Evan had grown to find shy types pretty adorable, including Lia, but he still never talked to her due to reasons unknown to even him.
    But when people started turning, including their own family members, he found himself stuck with this shy, quiet girl he hardly knew anything about.
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    Lia shot up with a start taking deep breaths. There was a loud bang and a moan. What the heck were her parents doing in there? She could just imagine. But why when they had guest over? Eve's parents were just in the guest room next door and her little brother between the two. She wiped her face leaning back on one hand. She yawned. She needed something to drink. But, she didn't want to wake Eve who suggested to sleep in the living room. The couch was actually pretty comfy though. She reached over turning on her light and putting her glasses on. Another moan. Oh my god.... She flushed swinging her legs over the bed. Her bare feet hit the cold wooden floor and she shivered before grabbing the television remote. She turned the television on and it was settled on Animal Planet from earlier. The flat screen television revealed a lion and his pride. She made a run to her bathroom wiping water onto her face and hands and returning her glasses to her face. She was averagely pretty. Her parents were rich, living in a three story home and she was your average nerd. Freckled nose, bright blue eyes, and shoulder length blonde hair. She took out her phone as she headed into the dark hallway. 3 am. That'll do. She'd get some milk and read for the rest of the night. It was a Saturday. So she'd be fine.

    She opened the fridge and took out the carton of milk setting it on the island in their kitchen and stood on her tippy toes to get a glass from the cabinets. She poor milk into it humming softly putting the milk back and heading upstairs wit the glass when she was done. She headed up the stairs and heard moaning in her room. Oh God, there not. But, when she stopped at the door she saw something that was worst and didn't expect. She dropped the milk and the glass broke and a piercing scream came soon after. There were five..five fucking zombies in her room feasting on her cat Kibbles..This wasn't even logical. This was insane. And the worst thing? When they turned to her she recognized every single face as her parents, her brother, and Eve's parents. She took a step back panicking.

    She had read about this type of stuff. Zombies. Also referred to as geeks, zeds, biters, walkers, and a lot of other unpleasant things. In a horror series she was into she read that they were attracted to sound and smell. Turning the television on had amazingly saved her from death but put Miss Kiddles on her death bed. And the sound of that glass breaking had probably just sent her to hers. A single hit to the brain would kill one. She didn't have a weapon. How the hell would she fight the five Geeks off? Five? What about the sixth? Was Even a Zed too? Her little brother started toward her and the rest followed. She backed away still surprised like a deer caught in head lights. She couldn't get through to all of this. Then she remembered. She started down the stairs backwards watching them. She knew exactly how this happened....
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    Evan was having a pretty pleasant dream. In the dream, he found himself roaming around a utopian city, and then suddenly found himself strolling through a field full of wildflowers. The dream was peaceful, the colors bright. It almost felt like it might have been real life, as most dreams appear to be- that was, until he was startled awake. A loud scream carried down the stairs and to the man who had originally been sleeping on the couch, but was now wide awake and standing up, ready for action. He looked around the room, and after realizing nobody else was downstairs, started to make his way towards the stairs.

    That's when he spotted Lia coming down the stairs with her back facing him. He was barely able to make out her figure due to the darkness of the house and the fact that his vision was still slightly spotty. "What are you doing?" He asked, suddenly hearing some moans and groans from the zombies right after his sentence. "The hell is that?" Evan took one step up the stairs, then stopped, staring at the top of the flight of stairs. He almost felt like he was still dreaming- and it was still hard to find out exactly what was going on, so he took a step back down again, staring at the figures at the top of the staircase.
    "What the hell?!"
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    "Run!" She finally came to her senses when she saw that Eve was still alive. "I'll explain later. Go get the keys off of the kitchen counter and start the Mercedes up. If I'm not out in five minutes after, leave. " she started towards the family room where three guns were stored but yelled over her shoulder. "Whatever you do, do not let them bite you." Then she went into the room on her knees and searching for the chest. Once she found it she flipped it open and got the two pistols and shot gun before turning toward the kitchen shooting at one of the zombies on her way out. She missed, like she knew she would.

    She grabbed the block of knives before heading out the back door. Shit, they were everywhere in the streets. She made her way to her car's passenger seat. She put a pistol in her mouth side ways so not to have a bloody accident. She put the rest on the hood so she could open the door and jump in. Her little brother was right behind. She closed her eyes and shot without hesitation. A direct hit in the head. She got the rest of the guns and slammed the door closed taking a deep breath. Her and Evan's parents banged at the window. "Drive!"
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    Though he was still extremely confused, Evan complied. Afterall, he still had no idea who "they" were. First, he ran to the couch, picking up a jacket of his- it was his favorite. It was pretty sentimental to him. Then he ran to the kitchen and found the keys laying on the counter and, as instructed, picked them up and ran out the door. Walkers littered the streets, but he luckily didn't have to fight any off on his way to the car. He slung his jacket over his shoulder right before stepping into the vehicle, slamming the door shut and starting it up. At the moment, Evan didn't worry about putting on his seatbelt. Instead, he gazed outside, trying to figure out what exactly was going on here while he played the waiting game.

    He was snapped out of his thoughts as he heard the car door open and then shut, and glanced over to see Lia. Evan could recognize her brother, and watching as the bullet went through is head. And when their parents came banging on the car's windows, he could recognize them, too. But he quickly pulled off without hesitation as soon as Lia yelled at him to drive. He tried his best to avoid hitting any of the infected wandering out on the streets, but it was tough considering the fact they seemed to be just about everywhere he looked. Still, he managed as best as he could. "What the hell was all that?! Why did they look like..." He stopped mid sentence, keeping his eyes fixed on the road and concentrating on driving instead of deciding to ask questions at that moment.
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    "Zombie's?" She rarely talked and got her Australian accent from her mother. "They are. A couple scientists were testing a new disease. I guess I got out somehow....why we are the only two not infected...I don't have a clue.." She looked into the back seat getting up on her knees. No zombies. She grabbed the other pistol and tossed it into his lap. "We have a share of up to 30 bullets between us. I didn't have time to grab more." She muttered. She was calm about the situation being raised like she was. She knew that wasn't her little brother anymore. Her brother had left in his sleep. Peacefully she hoped. She turned around pulling her bare feet into the seat. "There's three simple rules. Shoot them in the head. Don't let them bite you. Don't let them scratch you. " She was quiet after a while. The world was ending. And it wasn't as if they were old friends. He was only her mother's friend's son. Her very cute son. Pervert. Stupid harmones. She looked out the window. Is not like she was important. That he noticed her.

    Not that she wanted to be noticed. But she would have loved to be noticed by a cute guy every now and then. Why was she making excuses? When the truth was...she was too shy to talk to him. She flushed. They weren't even into the same stuff....but the thing was....with everything going on. She didn't know what she would do...her plans for the future ended tonight and so did any sense of logic that remained in her head. All she had was her knowledge. "Where will we go...?" She muttered sounding broken. That was if he planned to stay with her. If he didn't...
    She just couldn't believe that the two people who use to tuck her in at night were soulless and viscous trying to eat her. She kept telling herself it wasn't them.

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    He listened to Liahna, beginning to think he might be dreaming. Was he still asleep? No, he couldn't be. Not even dreams ever felt this real. When the pistol was tossed into his lap, he briefly glanced down at it, but his eyes quickly went to the road again. "We're the only two not infected? So those people coming out of the house- our parents and- okay, well, what used to be our parents and your little brother? They're dead?" Knowing this almost made Evan himself felt broken. He had formed a pretty tight bond with his parents over the course of his life. And overnight they had disappeared, just like that. But he quickly pushed those thoughts out of his mind, not wanting the girl sitting next to him to catch on to his feelings. He had bigger priorities, anyway. Staying alive was the main focus here.

    "I don't know where we're going," he responded, looking out onto the road. It was still pretty dark out, but Evan still managed to makeout the infected roaming the streets. Atleast their numbers had started to thin out the further they drove from the house. "There are still too many of these zombies to stay here, anywhere close to here. " The man began to think about it, trying to figure out some place to go. "Was this... disease being tested on people from every state? Maybe there's one where not so many infected are. Maybe none at all." He asked, glancing at Lia from the corner of his eye while still trying to pay attention to driving.
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    "Were in California...The test was being played with in Florida...across the U.S. I don't know how it got out without us being notified..." She murmured softly a little stressed. All her logic was slipping away. Why weren't they warned? And when exactly did the disease get out? "It's a Christmas break Saturday. We need to find a store..or something that was closed for the holidays when the infection broke out. All I can think of is the Shop And Mart or The Library....We'd have to sleep on the floor with what we can make do with." She looked to him. "And we have food at the Shop and Mart..so maybe there until we think of something? The mall was closed too because....after hours." She pointed out it was literally three am. She took her glasses of rubbing her eyes. She was wide a wake now though.
    I'm on my phone about to go to bed, but I completely forget to respond and I don't want to have you waiting, so I'll do it now.))

    He listened to her again, then thought over their options. Evan suddenly stopped the car. There weren't that many infected surrounding them, but he kept his eye out incase he needed to start up the vehicle again. "Alright.... shop, mart, library, mall.." He mumbled thoughtfully. "We could get stuff from the shop, mart, and mall. The library would be the most comfortable place to rest out of all those, though." The man now turned his head to look at Lia. He wasn't trying to get together how this disease got out at that moment, instead he was trying to figure out a plan. Some way to keep them safe. "It's still too dark out to see what we're doing if we go find supplies first instead of resting." Evan said, trying to think. "God... what the hell kind of twisted dream is this?"
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    When he stopped the car she turned to listen to him. She was pretty tired and it’s not like they weren’t starving. She picked up her phone and played with it. At least the internet and phone service was still up. What he had in mind was a pretty good idea. “It’s not a dream….it’s a nightmare.” She croaked weakly. She was trying so bad to hide her feelings and emotions but she couldn’t. A tear fell down her cheek but she pretended nothing was there. “But, if there are other survivors like us, well wouldn’t that be the first thing they would go for? I say we stay at the mall. It has a mattress store inside.” She played with her loose Tee. “We would have enough food to survive a month there…and they have clothes we could change into tomorrow. “

    She looked to him. She felt like he needed as much comfort as she wanted. “Were gonna be okay. Were adults…and were not alone in this. We have each other. We can survive.” She put a hand on his shoulder. “Think of what our parents would want….how proud they are of us for doing this together..” She accepted that things had changed now. What happened in high school was over now. They were stuck together in this no matter how much she didn’t trust him.
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    The man sighed deeply and started up the car again, started to drive. “Think of what our parents would want….how proud they are of us for doing this together..” When Lia spoke he gulped, trying to hold back his tears. He didn't want to think of his parents dead under any circumstance, though he very well knew that's what they were. Dead. But he had hopes, he was sure the two of them would survive and that one day they'd wake up and it would all be over. They could go back to living normal lives. Or, the closest thing they could get to a normal life after everything they would have gone through during that time.
    Society could be rebuilt. This just had to end quickly.

    Evan, normally loud and talkative, didn't speak very much. He kept his focus on the road ahead of them as he drove towards the mall, trying to figure out exactly what their plan would be after they were through with the mall and it served no used to them. They'd have to find somewhere else to go- and hopefully the entire town wouldn't be looted. He half hoped that everybody was dead so that he and Lia didn't have to worry about getting attacked by anything alive.. but he wasn't sure how he'd live knowing that they were the only two around for miles. "Do you think we'll meet up with anybody along the way? There are sure to be plenty of others alive, not just us." In the distance, even in the dark, he could see the mall coming into view.

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    "I doubt it." she murmured. "There's a reason you and I are still living. I cant say for sure what it is. It could be age, strength. Anything. But I'm pretty sure not many survived. If they did then im sure they may be near our age.." she saw the mall coming into view thinking of any reasonable explanation for this..Maybe something they ate could have caused this? She began playing with her gun loading it and unloading it again looking fro an explanation. She put the bullets back in in thought. A whole house of seven people. 2 out of that number survived the infection who had both been near there late teens. And sometimes that was when a strength for a human was highest.

    "It's our age." she figured looking to him. "The average human being is strongest at their late teens or early twenties. There could be many others actually."
  13. He didn't say anything else in response until they were in the mall's parking lot- so for a few minutes, there was a bit of silence. Then, he pulled into a spot and pulled the key out of the ignition. He picked the gun up from his lap. "The people we went to high school with are probably alive, then. That's nice." Evan said, opening the car door and stepping out with gun in hand. "C'mon."
  14. Lia stepped out with her own gun surveying the area a little stiff. She could rarely use a gun. Her brother's head was a lucky shot. Since she did have practice when he annoyed her. She look to Evan awaiting his movements silently.​
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