When a Woman Falls in Love with a Man...Who is really a Vampire

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  1. Jonah stood on the street corner, waiting for a helpless young female to feed from, smoking on his cigarette. Because of his beauty, no woman could resist him, and he loved it. That was the one good thing about being a vampire. The women. At least, that's what he kept telling himself. However, the last woman he had loved turned him into a cold hearted beast. A monster. A freak. Whatever the humans wanted to call him, he was it. He took one last drag on his cigarette and tossed it onto the sidewalk, crunching it under his shoe with a bored sigh.

  2. Kieara was a young beautiful woman. She had beautiful red hair and pale skin. Her eyes were bright aquamarine, and a line of freckles coated her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. She had beautiful curves that suited her perfectly, but something was wrong. She bore a blackened eye, and long pants, and a long sleeved purple shirt adorning her body. She was also running. She ended up tripping a few feet past Jonah and landed with a soft yelp.
  3. "Whoa. Easy there girl." Jonah said, catching her before she could fall completly to the ground. He stood her up and dusted her off, noticing how beautiful she was. Unlike any other girl Jonah looked at, this girl wasn't a pick up and get laid and feed and run kind of girl.
  4. Kieara blinked at him and spoke. "I-I'm sorry." She stammered looking around. She then looked back to him through her blackened eye. He was the only one she saw right at the moment.
  5. He smiled and chuckled. "It's alright. But are you?" He asked, frowning at her black eyes. How could anyone do that to such a beautiful girl? He wondered.
  6. "I-i'm fine." she murmured in a soft voice. Her voice was soft and soothing. She looked around nervously. "Thank you....g-goodbye." She moved to leave.
  7. "Can't I at least walk you home?" Jonah offered, wondering what the woman was running from. No doubt an angry or just a dickhead of a boyfriend. "I would hate to see a girl such as you get hurt anymore." He offered her a seductive smile, flashing his pearly white teeth at her.
  8. Kieara's cheeks burned bright red. She sstammered. "O-oh I um well....I don't know if that would be wise." She spoke to him.
  9. Jonah wondered why she was so afraid and hurt. "I can protect you. Don't worry." He breathed, flashing her another seductive smile. "Please. Let me help you." He surprised himself. Usually he had never offered anyone help. He wasn't that kind of guy. Usually once you helped or saved someone, you could never get rid of them, and he couldn't dare dream of exposing what he truly was to someone. But this girl was different. She looked so frightened and hurt, not just on the outside.
  10. "I well...." Kieara tended to be a pushover, but her boyfriend being as forceful as he was, she wasn't used to social situations much. "O-ok I suppose." She finally said to him. Something about him made her feel comforted, safer. And she liked it.
  11. "Thank you." He whispered, continuing to smile at her. He made a motion with his hand for her to lead the way. "I'll follow you." He said, decided that if he ever caught the bastard who did this to her, he would pay ten fold for beating on such a beautiful woman. He stuffed his hands in his pockets as he walked with her, trying not to stare at her curves too much, but he couldn't help it. He walked with her, wondering how she tasted. But not just her skin. He looked forward to tasting her blood some day. If he could bring himself to feed on her that is.
  12. Kieara led him up to a house on the edge of town. She stepped up to the porch as a man with jet hair and cold blue eyes came out. "Where the hell have you-" He cut himself off seeing Jonah. "Been..." He finished then glared at him. "And who are you?" He demanded beginning to get angry. The closer they'd gotten to the house, the more nervous she'd gotten, and by now, she was shaking.
  13. Jonah narrowed his eyes right back. He wasn't afraid of a measly human. So this was the dick who kept hitting on her. Literally. "I am merely taking her home." Jonah answered truthfully. Why did all of the exptionally beautiful woman get stuck with men like him? Jonah wondered, still glarring at the guy.
  14. "Yeah, sure." He glared at Kieara. "Get inside." He spoke as she moved past him into the house. He then spoke sarcastiaclly. "Well, I reeally appreciate your offer, I better not see you around her again." He spoke. Afterwards, he moved inside closing the door behind him.
  15. And I'd better not see her hurt again. Jonah thought as the asshole she called a boyfriend slammed the door in his face. He growled in frustration. If he ever saw her again. He glared at the door and then whirled around before he could do something stupid and walked away, seriously wanting to pummel someone's ass.
  16. Kieara wanted away, so bad. She just was too weak to escape. She stood in the kitchen shaking as the man turned and approached her. "What do you think you were doing? Out with another man?" "N-no it wasn't like that I-I-" She was cut off by a smack to the face. "I don't wanna hear it!"
  17. Jonah froze as he heard the smack of skin on skin all the way outside. His eyes flashed an angry red. He so badly wanted to beat up that asshole, but instead he fished out his cellphone and called the cops to report a Demestic Violence disturbance. "We're on our way." They told them, and Jonah waited while the cops showed up at the bastard's house.
  18. As the cops showed, he turned to her after peeking out the window. "You called the cops!?" She shook lightly. "N-no I didn't I swear!" She spoke to him. An officer knocked before entering then spoke. "It was reported that there was a bit of a domestic dispute here?" Seeing Kieara's blackened eye, he knew that it was true. "Ma'am if you'll step outside, I would like to talk to him first." She nodded shakily as he gave her death glares and left the house.
  19. Jonah watched from the shadows a bit before walking up to him. "Are you alright?" He asked, seeing the fresh bruise on her cheek forming already. He had told her he would keep her safe, and he was doing a lousy job of it so far already. "I'm sorry. I promised you I wouldn't let you get hurt again." He said, as the other office stepped out of the car to check on her wounds, he disappeared in the blink of an eye back into the shadows.
  20. She looked up at the mystery man whose name she still didn't know. "Yes, i'm fine." She said. She looked over to the officer then was going to say something to Jonah but he wasn't there. She blinked. Was he her imagination? What was going on?