What's Your Yummy?~

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  1. So, because I get random thoughts at times and have recently started reading more into the general chatting section, I want to learn more about you guys now!

    And of course, as I thought about it, I realized I was hungry and grabbed my favorite "yummy" or snack: Celery Sticks and Cream Cheese or Ranch Veggie Dip.

    What's Your Favorite Yummy?

    And a curious twist, if there are any mommies on here that come across this, what was the weirdest thing you ate while pregnant or what's the strangest thing you've heard a pregnant woman eat?: When my mum was pregnant with me, her favorite snack was a peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwich. She occasionally added a hint of mayonnaise.
  2. i like pita and hummus
  3. I've tried that too, but I'm very very picky about hummus~
  4. Tortilla chips, smothered in cheddar cheese and salsa.
  5. I'm not a big salsa person, but cheese~
    Mmmm~ -w-
  6. Tuna salad, or instant noodles. Well actually, I ask my mom to drive to Wendy's to get baked potatoes :3
  7. .o. how can you not like salsa? It's like THE perfect food.

    Or so my tastebuds say.
  8. I....
    Am a pansy when it comes to salsa.
    All too hot for me~
  9. Salsa IS good.
  10. Wendy's baked potatoes♡~
  11. Wheat Biscuits and soft cheese with grapes. It works with cheddar cheese too.
    Pretty much what the Romans used to snack on.
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  12. I, have never heard of that.
    I'm now interested~
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  13. Beer cheese dip. Mmmmm
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  14. Flan, pretty unhealthy (not as bad as ice cream *shiver*) But it tastes sooooo.... interesting. If I had a moe for food, flan would probably be within it's range.
    It's jiggly, it's wiggly, it's adorable, and it's delicious :P.
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  15. Peanut butter and dark chocolate chips
  16. Something I get to eat only once every few years:


    You technically *can* cook it using plantains or the common Cavendish bananas, but the Saba Banana is the only one ideal for this, WHICH I CAN'T FIND IN TEXAS AND IT HURTS SO MUCH.
  17. I'm done with my potato!

    Oh, and sorry Levi, but I have a ton of Saba bananas... MEHUEHUEHHEUAUHUAH
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  18. Sardines in water and saltines. Delicious and wont break the bank.
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  19. The blood of fresh virgins, but when none are around I enjoy some good old: popcorn, cheetos, or fritos.
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