What's Your Theme Song?

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  1. Simply put: What's your theme song?

    When I ask that, I'm not asking for some deeply-thought, lyrics-entrenched song selection. I'm just asking, whether it be style of music, tone of song, or yes, the lyrics: which song is your song?

    What's a song that's YOU? That someone could hear and think of you? Or maybe, what's a song that you think of for yourself? What's the song you could hear when you walk in the room? Or maybe what lyrics fit you so perfectly, that the lyrics were written for you?

    That's what I'm askin'!

    ADDITIONALLY, what are some Iwakuans who have a song that you just know is perfect for them? Link it and tag them!!


    1) AC/DC - "Shoot to Thrill"

    2) Steppenwolf - "Born to be Wild"

  2. lolololololololololol

    Cuz we got 13 year olds running around here and this is explicit (open)

    EDIT: Seiji on Skype Nights

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  3. queen nicki i sware

    Also, only on Skype Nights? lololo
  4. Yeah my bruh, particularly on drunken Skype Nights


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  5. There's one song that I always fall back on as my theme. It represents, in essence, the persona that I have spent years cultivating—so much in fact, that it really is the foundation of my personality these days—back at the start of high school. That song is Ghosting, by Mother Mother.

    I've also got a couple of back-ups that I cycle through from time to time, but none are as significant as this one. They also tend towards being more internally resonating than externally representational.

    That isn't to say that that particular song is my favourite, however. Nor is it truly representational of the style of music I listen to—though it definitely falls into the wide-reaching conglomerate of genres I pick out of. For the song that figures most at the core of my musical tastes, I'd probably go with Heavyweight, by Our Lady Peace.

    It happens to be pretty late o'clock where I'm at, so I didn't get a chance to listen to you guys' stuff. I'll be sure to do that tomorrow, though.
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  6. That will always be my answer. I love the song because it fits my lifestyle damn fucking well and well the guitar solo. I never ever get sick of this song.
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  7. Show Spoiler

    I'm about bursting with nostalgia due to finding this gem again. This is the one song I never skip when it pops up on iTunes.

    The actual flow and tone of this song kinda sums me up pretty well. Maybe not the words (because I actually don't know what they're singing…) but the arrangement? Most definitely.

    And this is about my favourite song ever.
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  9. Waaay too many (open)


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  10. COME AT ME M8

    *snap snap*
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  11. I kind of think picking theme songs is kind of silly, so none.

    There's definitely songs that speak out to you or you associate with aspects of your life, but it's exceedingly uncommon to find a song that encapsulates a person.

    Plus, I think people arbitrarily assign meanings to songs without knowing the meaning behind it, and people are constantly changing, and a song might no longer apply to your values.

    I mean, by all means, have fun with this! I just felt like offering my two pesos.
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  13. This would be my RL theme, hands down:

    How I view myself sometimes, and when I played Paintball, I recognize this one:
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  14. I like to go for more humorous theme songs when asked, because it's easier than picking serious ones. There are a couple I like for that because they emphasis silly bits of my personality. Sort of theme songs for my fucking around and having a good time on the internet persona.

    Silly shit (open)
    This one because I'm an asshole and a lot of my humor is saying mean shit to people because it amuses me.

    And this one because while I have a fairly large ego to begin with, I definitely exaggerate the hell out of it for the sake of humor.

    But I've also got a couple more serious picks that sort of encapsulate major parts of my personality, which I'll explain below. I've had various songs over the year that feel like applicable overall theme songs for my life, but they always end up not really fitting in the end, so I see them more of themes for that period of my life rather than the whole deal. I don't have any of those right now though, so just the little personality vignettes will suffice for now.

    Non-silly shit (open)
    This one fits reasonably well to explain my general personality and behavior when I'm out and about in the world. I'm very reserved and hide my thoughts and feelings about things a lot, in large part because I know they fly in the face of the social norm so expressing them would cause major negative backlash, so I just hide it all behind a polite mask and make my way through life avoiding those problems.

    This one is a good pick for my general mindset of living in the moment and not really worrying about bad things down the road or in the past. This is sort of a twist on the apparent meaning of the song, which basically says all good things will come to an end and it has a sort of sad tone to it, but I take that as reason to enjoy what you have now as much as you can, because some day it'll be gone, so live it up now.
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  16. Oh dude, English Dub Sailor Moon!

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  17. I didn't even have to think about these.



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