What's YOUR theme song?!

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  1. Title says it all!

    What's the song that really summarizes you, whether it be the music itself, or the lyrics? What's the one song that you'd want others to hear while you were walking down the street, or the song that plays when you do something awesome? What's the song that plays in your head when you walk into a room?

    Please, share! Leave the link!
  2. Not so much for the lyrics, but for the music itself.

  3. Technically CID'S theme, but I think this works for me too:

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  5. Definitely this.

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  6. Best I could find :S I'm not entirely sure what truly describes me.
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  9. This is perfect for me. It even alludes to my procrastination habits in a subtle way: "What if I only had one more night to write the damn protocol live?" :D
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  12. My TRUE theme song
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  14. When I was a child I would play Super mario world just to sit in the castle levels to listen to that theme. I adopted it and added my personality into the song making it my own, Montrous Turtles Cover By Fijoli

    While learning Fruity loops I created my Original Theme song called The Valkyrie's Harpsicord. It is a little repetitive for the Idea that I am very into video games I could listen to the same scales over and over and over and over.

    A lot of the stuff on my soundcloud is heavy experimental and not so great but...Some of it is really interesting. lol
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