What's your scent?

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  1. So I recently got into natural soaps. I got Allspice, cedar and Sandalwood and Evergreen. But I was wondering, what soap scent does everyone like to use? I'm really loving the Allspice one I bought at the fair today.
  2. I use a moisturizer that smells like caramel :3
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  3. Milk and honey body wash <3
  4. I usually use old spice. I'm a big fan of their scents. My current scents are Lionspride, Hawkridge, and Timber.

    If I don't have any, or if I'm low and saving the good scent for going out with friends, I'll use some of whatever is lying around, which happens to be a women's body wash one of my family members use.
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  5. I can't speak for soap spice.

    But for body spice it's definitely Old spice.

    For one reason.

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  6. Old spice deodorant, I wear Only the brave by diesel as cologne.
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  7. I smell like leather and sawdust.

    Perfume is for girls.
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  8. A Dove Shampoo with basic scent.

    My mom gets Migraines if I wear anything else.
  9. Whatever my natural body scent is. Fancy smells are for fancy people.
  10. I just get whatever has cherry blossoms on it then I end up smelling pretty. It's either that or my natural musk.
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  11. I use soap and shampoo catered to women.

    Which is countered by my Old Spice deodorant and Hugo Boss #6.
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. I saw the title of this thread and for a second I thought you were just asking what all of us smell like naturally.
  14. That would be easy.


    I love scents. O____O I stay aware from anything too floral though.

    I love food scents, spicy scents, musky scents, fresh scents. I like floral scents but they tend to make me sneeze. >< So those are rare.
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  16. Vanilla and honeysuckle! It's really hard to find anything that smells close to what honeysuckles really smell like, but I try anyway.

    Soaps and lotions I usually have anything related to lavender and vanilla, or something fruity smelling, mostly citrusy.

    For everything in my house I tend to stick with rose or vanilla, except in the fall and winter when it's easy to find cookie scented things.
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  17. If I use Old Spice, I'll go with Bearglove or Fiji.

    Phoenix from Axe is actually bearable in my opinion.

    If I'm using store barsoap, Irish Spring and Irish Spring variants.

    For cold pressed or other natural soaps, I like milk and honey, and particularly sandalwood. I can go all day with sandalwood scents.

    I also use a variety of colognes: Acqua di Gio, Chrome by Azzarro, Polo Black, Armani Black, Love and Luck, Pleasures for Men, Tahitian Waters.
  18. My friend made me some pumpkin spice latte sugar scrub and it smells great.
  19. I carry the fragrant aroma of tears, sweat, and an overwhelming sense of stress <3
  20. I may have huminahumina'd a bit.

    Sorry Fijo >\\\<

    ...nothing personal.
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