What's your ringtone?

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.......What, you're expecting some snappy remark? Well you don't get one! Post your ringtones if at all humanly possible. Or tell us what lame built in ringtone you use.

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I trimmed off the start of the song until the point where the fanfare comes in. About 6 seconds in. Pardon the goddamn annotations.
... we don't have one of those new fangled fancy phones that you get to add ringtones to! D:<

...but if I DID my ringtone would SO be Bad Romance by Lady Gaga right now. c____c
General Ringtone: Codec ring

Text Messages: Metal Gear Alert "!" noise

Special Ringtone #1: A crying man begging me to pick up the phone

Special Ringtone #2: The 'dying out' ringtone from Crank

Special Ringtone #3: Some kind of weird like, loli squeaking noise...
That's kinda funny Amp. My text alert theme is the codec sound.
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Mighty Wings - Cheap Trick.

no clue why.
@Orion: I think if all the MGS fans tried to unite it would sound like that giant meeting in MGS2 that you had to sneak past... "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

It was confusing enough when we were just standing next to each other!

"I think that's me."

"No, it's me...No, it was you."

"I told y--"

"No, it was me!"
Heh. I think it'll be funny when I cosplay as the Spy this year at my anime convention and have my phone go off. The Spy answering a cell phone with the TF2 theme on it. Classic.
My phone is a failure. I can't put any custom ringtones on it. I can download songs, but nothing cool, there are absolutely no good songs on the alltel ringtone site.

Took the intro riff, and made a ringtone because I like the mellow beat, not to mention the Bloodhound Gang is badass.
General Ringtone: Resistance-MUSE or We Will Fall Together-Streetlight Manifesto

Special #1: The ringtone from the Geico Commercials

Special #2: Stole my Heart-Little & Ashley

Special #3: Do you like waffles?
The Imperial March.

It's good at inspiring fear into the heart of the one who's being called. Maybe that's part of the reason why I haven't changed it in half a decade.
My ringtone is, quite literally, the sound of a phone ringing.

I've considered changing it to something else, but my computer at home recently shit the bed, so I haven't had an opportunity to make one.
Ringtone: Battle theme from Final Fantasy 9

Text tone: Battle win chime from Final Fantasy 9 ;P