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What's your moviestar name?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Ampoule, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. While I was watching a highly intellectual show Reno 911, one of the characters brought up that when you become famous, Hollywood gets you a different name. Your new name consists of the street that you lived on and the name of your first pet.


    Mine is Red Thunder Gambit.

  2. Um... mine would then be Northwest Eighth Virgil Tibbs?

    I guess that's okay...
  3. So that would make my movie-star name: Pleasant Baby.

    How strange.
  4. Ferndale Scamp....
  5. Thayer Romeo...


    At least it's not the Drag Queen/Pornstar formula which is your first street you lived on and your first pet's name...

    Which makes my Drag/Porn name

  6. Mac Northline.

    Hell yeah.
  7. Sargent Brock (Motherfucking) Sampson.

    I'm serious guys, my dog's middle name is (Motherfucking).
  8. Well, if it's the street I live on NOW, it'd be Sunrise Frisky!

    Niiice. >:D
  9. Porn name for sure.
  10. Apparently my movie star name is Reed Lexington.... O.O
  11. James Pine?

    ...that's not too bad.
  12. o___O pet? why pet? xD

    Crescent Kitten? Dx

  13. Wendy Jack.

  14. Sycamore Chiquita.

    Sounds to me like the name of a cult or gang legend.
  15. Bugsy Riverview

    The coolest cat in Chicago.
  16. Crystal Rogers

    Why haven't I used this as a handle yet?
  17. A bunch of people have good ones. I want a good one. This game sucks :(
  18. That's okay, you can now use the information to hack into other people free online accounts!
  19. Chet Birch...action hero.