What's your Library style?



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Whats your Library Style?



Okay, so I noticed. Now that I'm living on campus, I don't really go to the library for leisure fiction reading anymore.
I only take my laptop and set it up in the back and work on my assignments from class.
Or if I do look at books, I spend most of my time looking at the reference section and doing research.
A year ago, I'd be sitting at the public library, on the floor in the fiction Young Adult aisle with a pile of books next to me while I read one.
So, depending on what I need to get done, I either spend time in the Fiction or the Reference Books.

What about you?

Why do you go to the library?

When do you go to the library?

What section do you spend the most time in?

What's the best part about libraries?

1) go to the library to study, because i hate studying at home where things distract me. like food. games. piano. sex. bed.

2) well, the hospital library is open 24 hrs with my ID badge, so timing isnt a problem

3) the section i hang out in is the study cubbies.

4) best part of the library? i'm usually off call when i go there to read =)
Why do you go to the library? To find books, silly lady.

When do you go to the library? I haven't been in a great number of years.

What section do you spend the most time in? Fiction - the library in the town I live in isn't big enough to have specific sections ;_;

What's the best part about libraries? It's so QUIET.
Why do you go to the library?

If the places I normally go in the social sciences building are too crowded/ I need some research material or other school related work/ change of pace

When do you go to the library?

- Only library I go to anymore is the University Library durning the school season. The public library has been stripped to the basics and kiddie stuff due to city budget cuts.

What section do you spend the most time in?

Usually a back corner at one of the few desks that are not exposed to the main area. So the places far away from the high traffic areas. But if one wants to get technical the two places/sections are behind the bookcases filled with History of Europe and engineering/ architect books.

What's the best part about libraries?

Usually good places to study, eat a lunch, be alone with one's thoughts.
1. Good way to read lots of books if you're ballin' on a budget.

2. Not often. I used to go a lot more when I lived downtown, right around the corner. I would go to get away from my roommates and have a quite place to read or go online.

3. The section that has mystery/sci-fi/thriller types of books.

4. Its free!
1. Rent movies & video games. Or as a travel destination, since I live within walking distance of mine.
2. Whenever I damn well please!
3. Science Fiction
4. The quiet
I walk through the library on campus most every day that I have class. It's a convenient shortcut and it gets me out if the heat for a few minutes.

As far as actually using the library, I really only ever do that when I have a presentation or something else I need to do research for.

If libraries offered delivery services for books (including reference), would you still go to the actual library? What if they offered online e-book rentals? Would you prefer that over the actual library?
Probably - I lead such a busy life, it's impossible to get to the library during business hours.