What's YOUR Iwaku Zodiac Sign?

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What is your Iwaku Zodiac?

  1. The Herald

  2. The Soulmate

  3. The Guardian

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  4. The Mentor

  5. The Trickster

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  6. The Ally

  7. The Shadow

  8. The Rebirth

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  1. IT'S BACK! Iwaku's very own Iwaku Zodiac page, with descriptions by Miss @Kitti and symbols by @Kooriryu ! Granted, it still needs a little style tweaking, but I thought I would go ahead and share the updated page for everyone to oooooo over. >:3

    What is YOUR Iwaku zodiac sign? Does it fit you?
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  3. I guess it would make sense to make sure people could actually SEE it. O___O All fixed now!
  4. Well what do you know.

    Mine is Rebirth. Never saw that coming ;P
  5. The Mentor eh? I suppose that fits....
  6. I am divergent...... That's a good thing right?

    On a serious note I'm The Guardian.
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  7. I'm a Soulmate, and it does reflect a large part of who I am, but I also feel that this describes most artistically inclined people, whether they fall under the sign or not.
  8. The Trickster.

    Go figure.
  9. I always enjoyed reading these in the newsletters. :]

    Mine's the Soulmate.
  10. Shadow.... hm.... It sorta fits..
  11. the rebirth.

    i like being a sagittarius better,
  12. Christ, I remember drawing those shits was like pulling TEETH with you.

    "Just doodle something simple, it's okay!"

    I'm sitting here trying to explain shit like:



    I'm a mofuggin' Guardian, right up there with Groot and Jack Frost and them birds from Ga'hoole.

    EDIT: Did... did you literally take those sketches and just... slapped them on those squares? >8T
  13. I got 'The Trickster'
  14. The Herald... I can see it.
  15. Fine I'm not the Herald! D: -Flips a table and walks off-

    I'm just joking, I doubt that had anything to do with me. Ignore me today, not really with it.
  16. I'm Rebirth

    Not sure about the balanced/intuitive stuff - sounds too spiritual/wishywashy for cynical buzzkill me
  17. The Ally.

    Well, pertaining to RP's and other things, I'd suppose that's somewhat and surprisingly accurate in certain points.
    I wonder if being born under the sign of Libra is related to this.
  18. ...Shadow. I try hard to not appear as something dark...but oh well, whatcha gonna do?
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