What's Your Inspiration for RPs?

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We all have our favorite books, series, shows, comics, and other tropes we all draw our ideas from.

I draw a lot of my characters from Greek and Jewish mythology. I like the Greeks because they suggest that the reason why the world sucks is because the gods are really no better than us. Though it is the Greek dramas, like The Medea that I really tend to be influenced by.

Even before I converted, I have always been interested in the Hebrew Bible so I draw a lot of themes from there as well. Other places I draw influences from are morality plays. Yes, morality plays...Ethics is another important factor for me.

What are some of yours?
My recent RPs are inspired from Goosebumps and Secret Seven books. I love to write in such a style because it's easy to write without any pretentious flowery bullshit. And because I find a difficult time to write flowery. :)

But no, such inspirations are quite fun because it allows me to explore quite varied ideas that don't just revolve round a new universe or the pursuit of some monsters. It allows me to bring ordinary characters into an adventure that we all can relate to while having fun.

And I say that their possibilities are just beginning to be explored.
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Seriously. .____. The most random and stupid things will inspire me for a charrie or rp.

Most often it will be music, movies or books. :D I'll see or hear something that sounds really cool and then I'll want to do it!
My dreams.

Seriously, my dreams are so beyond fucked up and I'm not even on drugs T_T That's how Euphoria started. It was based on this dream I had.

And sometimes music and video games. My inspiration can be a little bit of everything though. So it's hard to explain just what is my inspiration for my RPs. :P
Most of my characters are loosely based on people I know in real life. So I guess Real life is an inspiration in a sense.

I also use Music and books I've read for inspiration too, certain songs/bands always help me get ideas.
My Rp's go through two stages actually. There is the initial inspiration and ending inspiration. The initial inspiration usually comes from anything just like Diana. I'll see/hear something and realize this would be good to RP.

Then comes the ending inspiration. After figuring out what I can do I tend to ripple it off into one possible tangent. If I like the ending then I will most definitely make an OOC. (The ending are usually maluable to allow it to conform to whatever happens in the RP.)
I base some of my rp characters from old stories. o_O No wonder they suck XDDDD.-
^^^Your Characters do NOT suck, Miss.Tara!^^^

I also like to use movies I've seen. Sometimes I'll get "What if this happened instead of this" ideas after watching a movie. Then I'll take those ideas and try to work them into an RP.
Oh man, I forgot to mention dreams! o_____o More than a dozen of my plots were from dreams I had!
Pretty much what Piro just typed. If I can play it out in my head like a movie or an anime, it's worth making an RP of. o_o
Music is my chief inspiration. I'm too lazy to make any or even learn an instrument, but I listen and appreciate plenty of it. The themes from music I'll take as a base idea, and explain the lyrics and tone into a story. Doesn't always work, and is usually dark, probably because most of my music library is thrash metal. (666 songs! :D) But I've gotten stuff out of Fun Zone and instrumental.

My dreams and nightmares work too. A lot of video games, the more action-oriented TV shows. I've gotten a few stories from the patterns on my ceiling before.