What's Your Inspiration for RPs?

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  1. Hm...I'm not sure. As funny as that comment could be, I can't think of anything more you'd need besides a soul, the ingredients, and enough power to put it all together. Raven now has all those things. Damn. This is hard...

    Puck! The Puck has already meddled to test Natalia and the Magic Girls! Hell, you could say he created the team. Seeing how things are going, what if he decides to reveal himself to Aegil or Emily in private, saying that he's willing to stir up some new mayhem to give the Knights another chance at Natalia. I'm actually leaning towards him talking to Emily, appealing to her desire to appear in the battle as a confidant. Can work in a scene where she and Natalia get a moment alone to talk in the middle of it all. She can even lie and claim it was Lorentz who brought not only whatever the new threat is, but also the Knights, and that she thinks it's going too far (which in secret, she really does think it's going too far, that just doesn't stop her from doing it anyway).

    thoughts? My only other alternative was the Flint's deal with the bullies Cody and Derek have at school causing mayhem. I personally like the above idea better, but that's also an option.
  2. Melody continue to fuss before sitting on the ground and crying.

    Harmony couldn't stand to see her cry and pick her up, "Shh.. it's ok Mel-Mel. It's ok. No more grass."
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  3. "I'll assume not."
  4. Kunari didn't cry on the outside but her soul was little bare and in complete anguish as she stayed in his embrace, "I couldn't let Ashley notice..."
  5. Anya hug him tightly, "I'm ready to go back... but we have to look for a home of our own soon."
  6. "We do have the hotel room for a week."
  7. "Lets go." Anya got up from his lap.
  8. Kunari smack his hand, "Let her sleep."
  9. Astaroth gathered up more food. "Do you not want any more?"
  10. "You know I prefer sweet." Kunari took the bite.