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  1. The online dating thread got me thinking about dating in general, and how everyone has those cringe worthy stories that they share with their friends. You know the ones. They're the stories that we look back on and wonder 'What the fuck was I thinking?!?!' Fortunately, mine are few, but they are enough for me to swear off dating for the rest of my life. (If I ever get divorced that is.)

    My first horror story starts off when I was 16 and it was my first real experience with actually dating a guy and not the whole high school 'We're going out' sort of thing. He was 20, played roller hockey, and seemed like a nice guy when I met him. I was at a sporting arena where my step dad was doing some electrical work when I met him, and my uncle pointed it out to me that the guy was flirting with me. I gave him my number, and the next day he called me up to ask me if he could take me to dinner. It was my first actual date so I was extremely excited, but my excitement died fast when he showed up at my door and started flirting with my mom right in front of me. I was about to call the whole thing off when my mom literally pushed us out the door.

    Stuck going on the date I wasn't exactly thrilled with, I settled down a bit when he didn't start asking me a million questions about my mother during the drive to the restaurant. Dinner went better than I thought it would, but I started noticing how weird the guy was. He kept talking about his ex, and oil wrestling, which should have been immediate red flags for me to GTFO and never look back, but I was young and naive, and shrugged it off.

    After dinner he took me home, gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me he'd call me the next day, which he did, claiming that he had a surprise for our second date, and told me to wear a bathing suit under my clothes. I assumed that we would be going swimming, and didn't think to question him. He picked me up, and everything seemed normal. He took me to his house to meet his parents, who were going out to dinner themselves, and everything was still going normal. At least until his parents left. The minute they walked out the door he led me downstairs to his basement where, to my horror, there was a makeshift wrestling ring made up with mats, covered by a tarp. On the tarp however was oil, not baby oil mind you, motor oil.... Our date for the evening was to wrestle, and then spend the rest of the time scrubbing off the oil. Needless to say I called my mother to come pick me up and never answered a call from the guy again.

    Sadly, this is not my only horror story, but it is the worst of them. So, since I shared my horrifically embarrassing story, it's now time for you all to share yours! XD
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  2. This is my horror story.

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  3. Well that sounds like a slippery situation.

    In all seriousness though my horror stories aren't even really about relationships I've been in.
    I mean I've definitely made some stupid mistakes, but it was basically "She's being cruel, GTFO out dude!" sort of ones, not a "This is weird and bizzare!".

    Mine are honestly more in regards to D&D situations or an old friend...

    *Rolls Die to see which I'll do*

    Old friend it is.

    In a nutshell it's basically a "Friend cares for unloving parents too much. Lacks the guts to stick up for herself. Adandons all friends over said parents" sort of case.

    So... where to start? It's about mid-Grade 10 for me, and one of my friends get's a girlfriend. Introduces her to the group, and in about no time she's basically counted as one of us.
    Seems normal... well, as normal as people in our group tend to get... I mean one of our friends keeps claiming he's a fox. But very quickly something is becoming apparent, she is constantly having to be home really early, isn't able to hang out to a late time etc. Ok, she has somewhat controlling/protective parents. Annoying, but it's High School you're going to run into that right? Uh-uh, it turns out the parents are rather insane. As in we found them claiming stuff like the following:

    1) One cannot go to a Youth Group ran by a Church. Because one is 'owed' to join their Church afterwards.
    2) Being Religious is an instant sign of being violence/abusive, forget the fact that moderates and casuals exist.
    3) Bisexuals can't be trusted and ruin families.
    4) A BF being a bit nervous, quiet during a first meeting makes him a bad person.

    And from being raised by such things she became fairly... fragile? I guess that's the best term?
    The Parent's love was rather conditional as to if she obeyed and listened to spontaneous/unreasonable demands or not, which led to a lack of confidence.
    Which seemed to lead to run into some unlikable people, and doubled as a sort of Stockholm Syndrome situation where everything she did was fret about what they might think.
    Like we legitimately got cases such as:

    1) Claiming that her parent's have a tracking device in her neck...
    2) Somehow merely saying 'hi' to someone in school her parents didn't like would get her caught and in trouble.
    3) Obsessing over some family Quilt because they didn't like her BF (which spawned a hilarious inside quote of "What about the Quilt!?").
    4) Would rather be with someone who was a dick to her than alone (I'm talking in general, not relationships specifically).

    And then her normally just saying/doing stuff such as:

    1) Mishearing "My babies neck fell backwards a bit when I was holding it" as "I threw my baby on the floor and stepped on it's neck!"
    2) Not wanting to be called (or call anyone else) blonde, because she associates it with being stupid.

    But yea, it was a generally weird situation in general. :/
    Ultimately though she ended up cutting off contact for 2 years cause insane parents demanded it since we 'Knew her ex-boyfriend'.
    Seriously, we had people who did nothing but know of her past boyfriends existence and be banned as a result.

    I say 2 years cause eventually her parents did something to piss her off, so she reached out to us again by hunting us all down on facebook.
    But... that lead to a month of us debating what to do, ultimately deciding considering her messed up situation with her family to give her another chance.
    Then four of us taking a 5 hour road trip north to see her for the weekend... Only to be asked to leave her place for the nights rather early, canceled on for being 'insanely sick where she can't move".
    Except one of us made a deal with one of her new friends, we needed to leave money with her that day anyways... She was able to walk around an entire campus fine. :/
    And then ultimately be cut off from contact again after we suggested stuff like "Buying a ton of toys when you're struggling to eat and pay rent may not be a good idea".

    So yea...
    I did try to simply highlight most of the 'WTF?' funny moments, but this is honestly far more of a sad/tragic tale than a funny one.
    No matter what elements I try to focus on...

    However, something I forgot to mention above.
    She had a tendency to write short stories and ask us to read them over and critique them (Like seriously, she should of found a forum RP site... Like her writing was pretty awful. But a site could have seriously helped her increase her skills, get new ideas etc). And this critique led to some meme's among us such as...

    1) "Cumming werewolves" (She tried to write Cunning... I think)
    2) Yelling at someone to get out of her body (There was ghost sticking their hand through her)
    3) Claiming to not want to hurt anyone but then immediately after killing an officer by bashing the back of his head with a bat (and no, he wasn't attacking her. He wasn't even aware of her presence yet).
    4) Use internet abbreviations like "IDK" in the stories, to which I filled in the blank as being "I'M DONKEY KONG!".
    5) As a vampire asks someone for blood (without saying she's a vampire) and without question the guy literally cuts his arm open and bleeds everywhere.
    6) "Liking it" on the table.
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  4. Relationship/dating horror stories? Or just horror stories in general?

    My first taste of a relationship at all ended on a pretty bitter note. I'll try to keep this short:

    In a nutshell, there is/was a Sailor Moon fan website that was a big part of my childhood. It had a primitive chatroom and forum, and was made up of a tiny, but tight-knit community. The chat was one of those places where we were mostly all kids and "roleplayed" in the chat without really realizing that's what it was.

    There was no authentication system in the chat or the forum - nobody had "logins" so to speak. You just entered chat as whatever name you wanted or posted on the forum using whatever name you wanted. Again this was in the 90s, so it's not like it was unusual - that's just how things were.

    I got into a relationship with one of the guys there. He was cool and nice, and eventually we elevated from just chatting over AIM to actually talking over the phone. We were "together" for over a year - which at that age is basically a lifetime. As a young, stupid kid, I was convinced we were going to be that one couple that beat the odds and that we'd last and make it work, meet in real life and marry.

    Eventually, it all came to a crashing end when someone posed as me on the forums and in the chat and shitposted the living hell out of this guy. Someone PRETENDING to be me called him names, made fun of him, claimed to just be using him, even went in chat and just blew him up in front of other people in the community, breaking up with him in dramatic fashion.

    It tarnished my name, so imagine my surprise when I came back totally unaware that anything like this had happened, only to see that people were bitching at me and telling me what a terrible person I was. When I found out what happened, I tried to fix it, but the site admin wasn't really around much and to be honest I'm not even sure systems were sophisticated enough then to definitively prove I wasn't the one who made those posts.

    It hurt. It's been over 15 years, and to be honest I'm still shocked and appalled that someone would be so spiteful that they'd do something like that. I never managed to repair my relationship with that guy, despite reconnecting with him later. I even met him in person once (finally) during a trip while I was in undergrad. It was awkward.
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  5. I was just seeing this woman casually. I was 22 she was 40 something. One day she invites me to her house. I walk in and see these huge boots by the door.

    Me: Whose boots are these?

    Her: My husband's. That's not going to be a problem is it?

    (Honestly her being married wasn't the problem. I was young, don't judge me)

    Me: Are these fireman's boots?

    Her: Yea. He's a firefighter.

    Me: You can kiss my ass, I'm out.

    Had another one almost like that. We met at a bar and she drops this on me. "I'm married, but he's deployed..." I walked away before she could finish.
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  6. You guys make me feel bad. =/ I'm not saying that in a negative way. I just feel horrible that your experiences sucked. I was fortunate enough not to have any truly depressing horror stories about friendships/ relationships, but I had a few that were rather messed up.

    The friend that set my husband and I up, for example. We were really good friends for a while, hung out whenever we had the chance until my husband and I started actually dating. My friend had assumed that when my hubby and I met it would be a one night stand kind of thing and we'd never talk to each other again. Needless to say, it didn't work out that way at all. We got serious fast, and after about six months together my friend started acting like a bitch. She'd mock how my hubby and I talked to each other, started using my nickname for him for her own boyfriend to try to get on my nerves, but I ignored it and tried to stay friends with her. Another six months go by and I find out that I'm pregnant. Surprise, surprise! My friend was dating my brother in law at the time, and she would bitch and complain to him about all the attention my pregnancy got me. (I didn't want it at all, and honestly didn't pay it any attention.) But it bothered her that everyone was always talking to me and asking how I felt, how the pregnancy was going, all that stuff.

    Skip another four months and guess who's announcing their own pregnancy? You got it, my friend. Let me tell you, she took advantage of it. She got my in laws to let her live with them rent free, buy her food whenever she demanded it, and even pay her bills all claiming that she needed to be on bed rest. (Later learned that was a lie.) My daughter was born, three months before hers, and when my husband called his parents to invite them up to the hospital, she faked having contractions so that they rushed her to the hospital and they ended up missing our daughter's birth. (That actually didn't bother me too much, but I don't think that it was fair to them that they had to miss out on the birth of their first grandchild. No, I didn't want them there, but my entire family was in the room with me, and it was the decent thing to do to invite them as well.)

    Things finally settled down for a bit, at least until she went into labor. She demanded my in laws be there, and threatened not to allow them in the hospital if they were not there while she was delivering. After that it became an absolute nightmare. My daughter was an incredibly beautiful baby (This isn't a mother's pride sort of thing, she really was beautiful.) while my niece....not so much. When my niece was born she had a cone head (Anyone who's had a baby will understand.) and her hair was...greenish. She looked like she was about to spit up all the time, and she literally smelled like spit up constantly. Yet, she was a baby and as a mother I felt the need to fuss over her the same way that I did my own daughter. I'd buy her toys and clothes that would got into the trash after I left, and even paid to have our daughter's pictures taken together, which were also thrown in the trash. What finally got me to stop trying and abandon the friendship all together was when my so called friend told my in laws that the only reason I got pregnant was because I wanted the attention, and that I didn't give a damn about my daughter at all. That was my limit right there. I didn't care that she accused me of being an attention whore, but suggesting that I didn't love my daughter, that was it.

    Eventually the truth came out though when she and my brother in law broke up and she signed over her parental rights to her parents. My brother in law admitted to everyone that she pestered him into getting her pregnant because she was jealous, and that there was nothing wrong with her at all during her entire pregnancy other than the fact she used it as an excuse to pig out on everything and remain the center of attention. But I don't regret it. If I hadn't been friends with her, I never would have met my husband and we wouldn't have our kids. I was the lucky one. She now has three kids by three different men and does not have custody of any of them. Her parents still take care of my niece, and her other two sons are being raised by their fathers. She's been married four times, and she's a year younger than I am!

    Needless to say, I have been wary of making any new friends since then though. I think I'll keep the ones I've been with since high school.
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  7. My very first boyfriend when I was 14...

    He was later clinically diagnosed as a sociopath, if that tells you anything.

    Basically, before I met him I was a jolly little naive child. My Korean mom, whom I lived with, died and I moved in with my very very conservative American dad and step-mother. My dad was physically abusive, but somehow it never really bothered me until I met this kid.

    I'm not sure if it was because of him, or just because I was maturing... but the sudden realization of just how bad my situation was slammed into me all at once. I ended up being super emo that year (despite my claims that I was not... typical) complete with cutting, raccoon eyes- all that. Things starting going awry when I became completely dependent on him and he convinced me that the sole purpose of my existence was to be with him (sounds kinda crazy... but he is extremely charismatic) and I believed him fully in my vulnerable state.

    We went down a very... abnormal path. He was convinced we both were completely different from everyone else. A sort of transcended human, if you will. It's extremely cocky and ridiculous, but I went with it and began to believe it myself. We explored the human mind and I ended up seeing a couple therapists because of the weird shit we'd talk about. I went from being a super prep to an extremely isolated and weird person.

    Eventually, though, he wanted to have sex with me. Being the very physically guarded person I am, I was like "no thanks"... I mean I was 14. The more he pressured me the more scared I felt until one day, a mutual friend told me that he's been seeing another girl (her cousin) for the past 7 months. I was extremely confused and hurt, because at the time I truly believed I was only alive for him. I never questioned his authority over me and I didn't realize until a good year later how poisonous he was. In an attempt to save what we had, I finally consented to having sex with him... and after that he broke up with me and that was that.

    Being the emo kid I was, I attempted suicide and ended up in a mental institution. I'm far, far from that hole I was in today but that wasn't the best "first relationship" in the world.
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  8. Nah, the experience that you went on to describe sounds worth than the stuff me and the others had to deal with from the friend I talked about above.
    Well, other than the friend of mine was actually going out with her in High School. :/
    I can't speak for or imagine how rough it was essentially being the center piece for her parents to blame/bash.

    But everyone else in our group? We were fine for the most part.
    Annoyed that she wouldn't stick up for herself? Sure, but it wasn't anything beyond our control or something that messed our own lives up a bit over it.
    Hell, other than that one friend mentioned above the rest of us are still hanging out. Been maintaining a constant and strong 6-7 year long friendship.
    We started in Grade 9 and 10 (some of us are a year older) and now we're all in our 2nd and 3rd years of college, all still in touch... and there's 8 of us now (Including me) so we're not exactly small either.

    That's basically why I rated your post as "Love". :P
    Not suggesting I liked the shit you went through, I just really respect people who care for and stick up for their children like that.

    A lot of people's first relationships tend to be either the quickest/most uneventful, or the most painful and brutal ones. :/

    As even by painful and brutal standards yours sounds pretty messed up.
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  9. Step 1: Be a retarded teenager.

    Step 2: Meet gril in real life who has a mental disorder.

    Step 3: "Well gee this can't go wrong!"

    Step 4: ???

    Step 5: Jump over barbed wire fence so hospital makes profit after realizing said gril was not on medication and was not going to take "no" for an answer.

    I have a few others but I think that was the only time my stupidity actually led to me having to run for my life and fuck up my leg hopping a barbed wire fence. In fact, fairly sure it's the only time I've successfully fucked up to such a degree that it had severe physical consequences! Woohoo! Other than that though it's the usual menagerie of stupid teenage things. Like people needing a significant other to validate their existence and what not. "Jump over barbed wire fence to escape potential rapist" however is definitely up there on the "horror stories" scale.
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  10. Does my entire life count as a cringeworthy story?
    But seriously though, I've only got the one.

    Now, I'm not a very romantic person. Love just isn't my thing, for reasons I won't bother to go into here for fear of sounding like a Linkin Park song. And, as luck would have it, a person asked me out. Like, they were genuinely interested in dating me. And this was a big thing for me. I'm amazed when people are willing to stand within five metres of me, let alone be more than friends with me. And our personalities synced up like you wouldn't believe. Now, it's at this point that I'd like to say that we started going out.
    We didn't.
    I, having the social skills of a box jellyfish, panicked and began refusing by quoting Batman. Then I bailed. The one time that somebody actually wanted to get close to me, and I didn't have the common courtesy to let them down gently. I'm not even going to try and make excuses, that one was on me.
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  11. Dating horror stories? It would have to be my first boyfriend. He takes the cake out of any guy I may ever date. We'll just call him Timothy.

    I was 13 when we first met, he was everything I dreamed of in a guy. Funny, a bit awkward, bashful and understanding. At that time it was all I wanted in a guy. Sadly Timothy didn't have a good family life. His parents humiliated, worked him and beat him practically everyday. I didn't know it was bad at his place, didn't know he was suicidal. For a whole year I didn't know that until one horrible September rolled around.

    There was guy, we'll call him Justin, who liked me but he was an typical douche bag. Believed he was gorgeous and took any girl deemed worthy of his sausage. I said no because I was in a good relationship and I don't like assholes. One day I got the news my amazing baby cousin had passed away. We were super close (was by her side through everything. Was even there on the day she was born) and to hear she passed away from Leukemia hit me hard. I didn't want to talk to anyone and shut everyone out. Well that asshole saw me rejecting Timothy's touch and run off. So Justin spreads this rumor that this super sweet guy beats and rapes me all the time for fun. Somehow everyone believes him and wanted to kill him. Five guys hunted him down and literally broke into his house one night. All to beat the shit out of him. His parents didn't try to stop it, his brother didn't try either. They wouldn't call the cops and just allowed the beating to happen.

    When all of that shit had finally cleared over he lost many friends and even friends he though he was close to. So really it was just us. Thats when things took a downward spiral. One night Timothy called me and was crying on the phone, spilling out to me that I meant everything to him. I was the only human being that will ever love him. That I was more than the light of his world but a goddess in his eyes. Without me he was nothing and had no reason to live. Of course I tried convincing him otherwise but it wasn't getting through. In fact that whole phone call he was cutting himself til he passed out. The next day he starts talking about marriage and how many kids he wanted with me. We're only 14 and he's talking about marriage and kids. He wanted a house in the country with a few acres of land. I asked why and was given a terrible response. I kid you not, these were his exact words.

    Timothy: "So I can make a safe home for us to live in... Where I can keep you in... away from the world to be safe."
    Me: "What about my friends? I can't just up and leave to the countryside to be safe. Why not live in a city?"
    Timothy: "We're living out in the countryside away from people! I'm not letting you leave, you're all I have!"
    Me: "Joesph, thats a little crazy... I can do as I want. I don't have to agree with you or even live with you."
    Timothy: "I'll chain you down if I have to. You are not leaving me. Even when you die, you won't be leaving me. I'll just keep your body in our house and smell your rotting corspe in my sleep while I dream of you. And one day I won't be able to take it. Having us far apart because of death so I'll kill myself, maybe sooner and we'll rot together like I've always dreamed of."

    Imagine those words coming at you. At that point I'm freaking out because that sounded crazy as hell. Within that week I talked to my best friend and he said to leave he crazy guy. So I did, told him gently and he took it differently. He said I wouldn't find a better guy and would come back to him and he would wait. Thankfully his parents moved out of state back to their home town and for all I know he may still be waiting.
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  12. That is literally the creepiest thing. o.o Sorry that happened to you. Hopefully it didn't ruin your view on relationships. :(

    I figured as much. lol XD
  13. I can't exactly say I've ever had more than one real boyfriend in terms of dating. But, this all leads up to that. In elementary school, there was a boy I crushed on, who also crushed on me, that stuck with me through my freshman year of high school by way of rumors. We only crushed on each other for a couple years before I moved on. Then, everyone bothered me about "Hey, did you go out with--?" for the next 5-6 years. Of course, when we went our separate ways, he apparently still liked me. He became one of what everyone thought to be a geek who no one wanted to hang out with and I became the wallflower that stayed for the most part out of the eye of the student body so I didn't get picked on. Rather I began to crush on my upperclassman, who I knew because I was best friends with his younger brother throughout middle school. Our mothers worked at the same elementary school - mine as PTO president for the duration of my younger brother's attendance and his a teacher. Said friend went to another high school.

    Every day when I would see him, I would rush over and hug him. He was easy enough to spot being so tall for his age at the time (I was also short). I confided in a friend who shared a class with him that I liked him and she said she would ask him if he was interested in me. I was excited, but before the end of the day, that excitement faded and I was resolved to the 'fact' that he would never be interested in me. At the same time, there was a new guy at school in my grade. We were in the same science class. When we would be doing classwork, I would suddenly get a strange feeling and - when I looked up - I would find he was staring at me. He would look away the second I caught him. From that class, I went to lunch. When I would come back, I would find pictures on my desk. Drawn pictures, like anime sketches and such. I wasn't sure what to make of this. But eventually I asked him if he was the one drawing them, and he was, and we sort of became friends. The friendship was brief for by the end of the week, when I finally learned about the older boy, I'd already said yes to the new guy. And come to find out that the older boy liked me! I wanted to go out with him instead, but since I just started going out with the new guy, I didn't want to hurt his feelings, and left it alone.

    This guy and I went out on and off all throughout high school. My sophomore year, I became the target of a group of girls who took to picking on me. Out of anger, I did something that I still regret and got into trouble. He was there for me the whole time, stuck up for me in my absence at school and thwarted the rumors that started to spread. I had become certain that no one else would ever really understand me like he did, that no one else would accept me, so I stayed with him for well over a year at that point. I remember we would talk on the phone late at night until we both passed out and he would come over late at night, sneak into my backyard, just to see me. We talked a few times about getting married and having kids. At 14-15 years old... It was my junior year when he got his GED and left school, then we started actually dating, because he got a car and would come and visit me and take me places. He went to my senior prom with me, only one picture of which I kept. I threw out all the others after the last time, when he really put me off.

    In that time, we had many arguments. A couple times, he took to Facebook to badmouth me after break ups. Often, when we would schedule to go out - a week ahead of time, mind you - I would be ready and waiting for him and he would never show. So, I would throw myself on my bed in tears and get pissed that he blew me off. He would show up either the next day or the day after that with some excuse as to where he was, what he was doing, and why he failed to call me with all the apologies in the world. Most every time, I forgave him. A few times, I broke us off for a few months saying that was that, but he'd come crawling back and I would fall for it. Soon enough, we'd been dating on and off for the greater part of six years. It came to an abrupt halt one night when, while he was driving me home after a date, he told me he wanted to sleep with me. I told him I didn't see him as my first and that I didn't see myself spending the rest of my life with him.

    I came to learn that I had become dependent on him - I fell into a codependent relationship - a very dangerous type of relationship I learned about in psychology class. I had a codependent friendship too, throughout middle school and early high school that intersected with my codependent first real boyfriend. I ended that by telling my former friend that, after all the emotional horror, I couldn't put up with her anymore. I learned that, despite they said they would change, neither of them ever would. A leopard can't change its spots.
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  14. It was creepy but I took some time away from dating. I was young and thought it would be best not to date for a little while. Best idea I had at 14 XD
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  15. Oh dear...

    Well, here, I will tell you some of my more insane ones, I suppose.

    My Brother's Future Ex. My younger brother was dating a girl. She was pretty nice, I guess. He was going out with her for about a month..... And then he brought her to the house for one evening, and she finally met me. She was a bisexual girl and my brother was going on about how that was pretty neat and he didn't care even though it's a pretty big deal around here to be gay at all... Well, she started watching me and making subtle flirtations and then following me around the house, sitting by me and stuff instead of my brother. Whooee. That was fine. I was just taking it that they were still in that awkward dating phase at first and she was just connecting with one of his family members and trying to be respectful to everyone. Until... he was in a football game, so we all went to 'watch'. I took to walking around outside to keep warm and stuff and even went to the vehicle to get a blanket for everyone... She started following me and was being peppy and far less subtle now... Going so far as "Let's fuck in the back of the vehicle." I double-took, and just laughed it off, thinking she was joking. Then when we went back to the bleachers, I had handed her my hoodie to wear cuz it was cold... She sat in the row in front of me and was sharing the blanket with my mother... She suddenly starts laying back into my lap and nuzzling and kissing my inner thigh. I was so thankful my mother was watching the football game, because she has gut-punched me in the past for stupid things with girls....

    Well, after the game, I was pretty quick to get out of there and let her and my brother go to their dance together. It did not go well. While they were gone, I told my mother what happened. She frowned and asked me not to say anything. I didn't at first. But then the girl and my brother got into a fight with some of the guys at the dance and she was just bawling because my brother had gotten into a legitimate fight over it and got them thrown out of the dance when she had begged him not to do anything. I ended up driving her back home. She would not sit next to my brother on the ride. She sat next to me and cried the entire way on my shoulder. We then got out and she clung to me and cried on my chest and nuzzled my breasts for like 15 minutes. In front of her parents. And my brother... Right, well, my brother and her ended up breaking up 3 days later. She had my cellphone, though, and she kept texting me. Asking me to drive down and screw her... Did I mention this girl was 15 and I was 18? JAILBAIT. MY BROTHER'S EX JAILBAIT. I tried to laugh it off and just go no no no. She stopped after about a week. Until she called me when I was with another girl... About to get lucky... And told me she had cut open her wrists and was freaking out and didn't know what to do. I got to walk her through going, getting her parents, putting pressure on it to stem off the bleeding some and to get to the hospital. She stopped texting me about a week later, only because she finally realized it was not happening.

    My Best Friend, and to be My Brother's Ex. Well, you got to meet a girl who dated one of my brothers... Let me go on and talk about my other one here in a little bit... There was this girl. She had been my best friend in real life since... I was in 7th grade. We had a bit of a love hate thing, ya know? She kind of opened my eyes a little to what being bi or lesbian really was in freshman year because here in the rural bible belt, you don't talk about those things... so even if you have a thing for girls, you don't recognize it as easy or know how to feel about it or explain it. We fought a lot... But, come graduation, we were back on talking terms. We were flirting. We... went to the same graduation party, started drinking, touching, licking and then all but screwing each other in front of a crowd. We were going to hook up, getting into a room together... When... She gets a call from a guy who wanted to be with her. He said his mother died. She stop, sobers up and leaves...

    Alright, well, we sort of were flirty with each other after that. We still kissed a little, we hung out a bit more than we had usually... but anytime we were around other people, we had to... pretend there was nothing... We started growing a bit distant again. A month after the incident where we were ready to be something, my brother and her end up hanging out a lot as he goes to work for her parents... She cuts off all contact, for the most part... My brother, after about 3 months of working there, finally asks me "Hey, is it alright if I date her?" ... I... Was venomous, but I played like it did not bother me. I tried sort of making it seem like it was not worth dating her, but if he wanted to, he could. He was like "Oh Good... because we've been dating for a little over two months." Oh boy... So.. I pretty much kept my distance as they went on and on about how they loved each other to death. Until he got bored with her about 6 months later and he wanted to move on to the next easy lay. He dumped her. Brutally. Because "she was getting to serious". After he was telling her she was his one true love and he wanted to be with her forever. Damn. Well. My best friend did not take that well. She started avoiding me altogether. She would not come over to hang out. She would dodge away if she saw me. When I finally got ahold of her and asked why, she said it was because of the thing with my brother and she just did not want to be anywhere near him. WOO! He ruined another of my friendships and a sorta relationship with me. : |

    My Ex with an Ancient Egyptian in her Head. This one was... a bit more different. I was online for awhile now. I had had a few different sites under my belt. I had started up a twitter (I later deleted it). A girl found my twitter... And then followed the breadcrumb trail on a dare from her best friend to go ahead and talk to me. It was interesting at first. We talked for a bit... Then started talking more... And then even more... And we were really getting to like each other. I was developing a thing for my stalker! She finally asked me out on my birthday as a birthday gift to me. It was pretty insane... No, really, it was insane. She started telling me about the ancient Egyptian ghost in her body and how he talked to her. She also told me about how she saw ghosts. How she realized Gaia was her fueling heavenly body and derived power from open contact with it, such as running around buck ass naked. Aaaalright... I was kinda amused by it. She was far from boring. Shhheeee hated my best friend. A bit venomously. They butted heads a lot. I kept them separate after a couple times.

    Whatever, it was a pretty cool relationship for a time. We watched animes together a little. We shared some bomb ass music. She entertained me with her crazy supernatural beliefs. I was cool with it... And all the while, her best friend was around and stuff... I started noticing little ticks here and there about her best friend not really liking me anytime she ended up talking to me. One night, my ex ended up... Not logging on like she promised. I went to my step-uncle's wedding the next day. I was in the vehicle outside when she messaged me, telling me about how she slept with her best friend the night before, after she had gotten her drunk. She was sobbing. Oi... I was telling her it was alright, I forgave her. We'd get through this. She took off running and crying and her brother took over. He told me how she had decided she wanted to end it, and would no longer be talking to me, because I deserved better than that... Yeesh. Talk about role reversal here? I was supposed to be the one breaking down and ending things! D:
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  16. Be 17
    Be part of a crowd that was known to make conventions happen.
    Be approached by Con Hunnies looking to snare a convention worker.
    Follow two Con Hunnies to a rave, get e dropped into drink. Proceed to react badly to the hypersensitivy. Get into fight.
    Realizing one of them was trying to go trough my wallet.
    Manage to somehow get out of there, get to my sleeping bag in a PE hall of a school nearby where conners slept.
    Proceed to see said Con Hunnies around the con next day, snickering at me.
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  17. I don't have any dating horror stories. O__O In my dating life I was always a confident young woman, so I chose carefully who I dated and didn't put up with bullshit from assholes.

    I did get in to some SITUATIONS because of a well meaning friend who was always trying to hook me up with guys, though. @____@ She always thought I had trouble getting a boyfriend, so she would AMBUSH me with blind date setups.

    Once we planned to go to the ren-faire. So when she and her husband showed up in their van, there was a DUDE in the back. For me. c___c I admit he was hot as hell. But, he had JUST a few days ago got out of jail and had a baby-mama he wasn't taking care of. So I spent the entire day with him hitting on me and thinking it would go somewhere and me awkwardly trying to turn him down over and over. >:[

    And the WORST of the ambush scenes, I was there at her trailer for the weekend to help paint one of the rooms cause she was preggo and didn't need to be around paint fumes. D: So she and the hubby went swimming for a couple hours while I did some painting. Then this guy shows up, saying "Hi! Soandso just met me at the pool and sent me over to help." Okay, ignore the fact they sent some guy they don't know to help their young female friend all alone. I could deal with that. And then almost immediately he says "So, are you REALLY a virgin?" Like I was some kind of unicorn. c____c I was 18 at the time.

    I spent the rest of that evening being the BIGGEST BITCH on the planet to that guy. He was slimy shit thinking he could show up and devirginize a random girl her just met. >:[ I made sure he left hurting.
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  18. I literally laughed so loud I woke the kittens up. XD
  19. Am I the only one who had a story that wasn't about their own dating/relationship life? o.O
  20. Well, that was the point of the thread, so.

    Anyway, my only 'horror story' is largely just typical we-were-terrible-for-eachother relationship drama with long-distance and both of us being pretty screwed in the head thrown in. It was a train wreck, but nothing we haven't all seen before.
    Well actually that's a lie. I have another horror story, but it's again just typical "I'll kill myself if you leave me" stuff. Everyone's seen it.

    Wow my love life has been boring.
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