What's your height?

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  2. 5'6", last I checked.

    Now pardon me as I eye you suspiciously for this thread.
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  3. 5'0" to 5'1". I'm not sure, maybe in between? My mom was 4'11" ^-^'
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  4. Dunno, 5'5" ?

    Still, I don't think I've hit my growth spurt yet though. o.o
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  5. Haha, you are pardoned. Though I must ask, why are you eyeing me suspiciously?
  6. 5'7", but 150 lb at 6% body fat, so built like a truck despite being short =)
  7. 5'11"
    Am I one of the cool kids?
  8. 5'6....and my thirteen year old is only two inches shorter than I am. I feel like a midget. =/
  9. What a random thread...

    Anywho, I'm 176 cm, which apparently is 5.77427822 ft.
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  10. [​IMG]

    About yay' high.
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  11. That's 5'7".
    You had to look it up too?
  12. Y'all motherfuckers are tiny. I'm like 6'2".
  13. I'm 5'9. I suppose I'm pretty tall for a girl.
  14. 5'7" or 5'8". O__O I forget which. maybe I am in between.
  15. ...

    All the decimals were a joke. And 5,77 is closer to 5'8'', really. Also, yes, I had to look it up, because I live in the part of the world where we don't use ambiguous associations with tangible objects to measure things.
  16. I am... tall enough for me, but not as tall as others seem. And I often appear much taller then I actually am.

    Riddles, riddles.
  17. Thousands of meters high. Come at me, ya midgets.
  18. 5'8 at a close estimated, I honesty have no cule if that's consider short or average or whatever. I was stuck at like 4'7"ish for a good portion of my life, I was the second shortest kid in my class at the time. It wasn't until about half way through high school that I really started to grow like crazy and now I'm at least 8-9 inches taller than my mom, (she's pretty short too), soo now she's the shortest one in my family; which is kinda hillarious, but also a bit awkward at times.
  19. *high fives for using the metric system*

    *except I can't reach because your hands are a few kilometers up in the air*
  20. I've been four feet something up until twenty of thirteen where I suddenly grew five' four. I'm pretty sure this is the tallest I'll get >:[
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