What's your guilty pleasure?

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  1. Everyone has one, whether it's listening to some artist that you don't want people to know you secretly like, or some cheesy flick that everyone would laugh at if they knew you watched it.

    Mine happens to be the Barbie Girl song. I drove my kids insane with it in the car earlier today, and they kept asking me why I was torturing them. I didn't tell them that I liked the song though. I told them I was torturing them before we went shopping so they'd behave, because if not, I'd turn on Justin Bieber on the way home.

    I also have a thing for practically any 90's boy band, and I still know every single New Kid on the Block song from before they made a comeback.

    So who else feels like sharing their hidden dorkiness?
  2. Sleepinggggggg. I have a near unhealthy relationship with sleep. Or maybe it's just my bed. I don't have a comforter and I certainly don't have an expensive mattress, but oh my god, when I wake up in the morning I'm so comfortable that it hurts to leave the comfy warmth of my blankets ^^ Sleeping in is pretty fun too. For awhile anyway. Can't after a certain point.

    And I also really really love breakfast food. I went to my favorite diner once with my friends and felt kind of awkward at how much food I ordered, but I couldn't resist. Bacon, eggs, pancakes- that's the way to my heart! I'm that person that will eat breakfast for dinner. Awhile back I made my dad help me make egg sandwiches like four times in a single month. Kinda got tired of it after that, but it still happened.

    Looking at pictures of food is always pretty nice too >.>

    And I guess reading badly written slightly abusive but ultimately happy-in-the-end romance novels count as a guilty pleasure. Or reading really weird horror books people post online. It's fun in a "how do people even come up with this shit?" way.
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  3. Does dry dogging it count
  4. BOY BANDS. YES. I really like boy bands. t___t But they have to have good lyrics though. >:[ I'm sorry One Direction fans, but their songs suck!

    and Cookie Cutter romantic comedies. O___O I don't care how cardboard cutout and stereotypical and trope filled they are. Nothing feels better than a predictable romanctic comedy with all it's dumb silliness and warm fuzzies.
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  5. I don't exactly consider anything I'm into a guilty pleasure. That would require guilt on my part. However, I do have things that I just don't talk about in general because people are stupid assholes and will be annoying about it. It's not so much guilt as not wanting to deal with people yelling their opinions at me like I'm objectively wrong for enjoying something I enjoy. I've got a few things that count under my own version of guilty pleasures.

    First and foremost is all the anime I watch, because apparently I'm immature and/or a lifeless piece of shit and/or a pedophile due to watching what is essentially foreign cartoons. On a related note, I listen to some Japanese and Korean music; for some reason listening to Asian music is terrible whereas someone who listens to something like French music is classy, so I just don't really bring it up in music discussions.

    Speaking of music, I listen to Cradle of Filth sometimes. Seriously, if you mention this around metal fanatics they almost universally blow a fucking gasket telling you how the band is awful for a variety of reasons.

    My general fantasy nerd and video game playing stuff used to fall into this category as well, but video games have become mainstream popular and fantasy stuff is getting that way as well. I'm perfectly happy with that, since it means I can nerd out about these things in public and it's generally acceptable instead of being seen as a negative.
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  6. My guilty pleasures? Bacon and Bad Religion!
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  7. Oh man... Um... Sex... I mean, I don't do it- Just things like erotica, graphic sex (i.e. The Tudors), and learning about it (i.e. weird fetishes, why it's difficult for women to reach climax, etc.) are one of my guilty pleasures. I mean, hell, I'm watching The Tudors on netflix when I'm not allowed to!

    Sleeping and food (particularly salt and vinegar lay chips) are two other guilty pleasures of mine...
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  8. The duo known as 3OH!3. :I Whenever I hear their music, I can't help but dance and sing along. I call it a guilty pleasure because that's not normally the type of music I like, and the people who have caught me enjoying it have dropped their jaws in shock. It's this way with Backstreet Boys as well. I don't give a crap what people say, I love those sumbitches.

    Cartoons. It's what I watch the most. Not just adult ones, kiddie ones as well. I genuinely enjoy watching Curious George, for example, with my son. I'll admit that I've caught myself just watching it alone though, like when he leaves the room or falls asleep. xD My soul may be old, but my heart is young.

    Also, black guys.
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  9. The anime series Date A Live, music by Psyclon Nine, and a fondness for overtly cutesy graphic sets.
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  10. Ferrets My obsession for ferrets bad media content. I derive almost as much enjoyment out of a truly horrendously stupid or shitty movie or game as I do anything ferret related all the good stuff. Seriously, some of my favourite movies are pretty stupid movies. (JIMMY! JIMMY NOOOO!) It probably has to do with the fact that I've been a writer most of my life: I dissect films and games and books and RPs to base components, to try and understand them. That way, when I'm not cuddling with some ferrets writing my own content, I can constantly increase the breadth of knowledge I have to improve my own writing... Which, yes, includes shitty movies: Since I can take them apart and see precisely where the train wreck happened.

    No seriously though Independence Day is a great stupid movie. WELCOME TO URF: Population? Will Smiths and Macbook Pros.
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  11. My guilty pleasures are eating something with dairy in it and going to the theatere.

    I really love Star Trek: the Animated Series though most of my friends think it's horrible.

    I dress up like a character called, 'The Green Blazer' to surprise the kids at my work that a super hero took time just to visit them.
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  12. I am rarely feeling embarrassed over liking something. I've even defended Twilight. FUCKING TWILIGHT! ... Not saying the main story is good, but there are good elements in them xD

    Something I wouldn't bring up in a normal conversation though would be Diabolik Lovers, which is an anime. It's pretty much just vampire porn, BUT it had the potential to be such a good story if it had focused less on blood sucking and more on... the plot. The plot takes up like Max 20 minutes of the whole show, there's 13 episodes, 15 minutes each, making it 195 minutes in total. 20 minutes was plot. The rest was blood sucking. IT'S DAMN BAD! But... It has such a gorgeous animation T-T And there could have been a plot in there! A good one even! I can't help liking it cause there was almost something there xD I dunno, it's a bad show, but it could have been good if they changed the focus. And the animation is preeeetty. *Sucker for certain animation styles*
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  13. There's nothing where if I look it at that I would really see it as a guilty pleasure.
    But like Jorick described, others might look down on it and see it as being childish/immature/evil etc.
    So if I am to list any Guilty Pleasures I'm going to have to use the same definition.

    1. Anime
    2. Pokemon
    3. Video Games (This is becoming more accepted, but stuff like Feministfrequency isn't helping it)
    4. Forum Roleplaying

    Now none of this is stuff I go around trying to keep secret (Hell I've brought a sonic screwdriver to college several times) nor is it stuff any people I choose to friends with look down on. They all either share the same interest or simply don't hold a negative view of it. But it is stuff I have heard condemning/lecturing comments on before from outsiders, family members etc.
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  14. J and k-pop type songs. Especially as I normally listen to rock and metal, I feel really weird playing a song with a high pitched female singer. Always use headphones if I'm listening to a song and I'm not alone at home.
  15. Eh... I got nothing, there's not a single thing I would say I feel guilty about liking. I mean, when it concerns the things that I enjoy, I could care less what people think. Honestly, I think stuff like that is a bit silly to feel guilty over.
  16. Yes! I always tell my husband that I hate those movies, but when he's not around I watch the hell out of them. I'm obsessed with What's your Number and Backup Plan....

  17. Rom coms are worst coms
  18. Duh. They're all the same, but some of them have cute stories. >_> And it's the ending that always gets me. I'm a sucker for a happy ending.

  19. I can see that

    Sappy romantic you

    Gimme gore anyday!
  20. I'm not romantic. >_> You're going to ruin my reputation!