What's your guilty pleasure?

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  1. So, I thought it'd be fun to see what you wonderful writers of iwaku consider your guilty pleasure! This is meant to be light fun. Nothing too serious :)!

    With that, let the games begin!

    My guilty pleasure is beautiful fried cheese curds from the State Fair! I have to work it off, so they don't go to my thighs, but ... yum~!

    Occasional treat only though :(!




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  2. Making cute graphics while listening to the angriest, most terrible music out there.
  3. Laughing with megalomaniac glee every time one of my players makes a fatal mistake. Evil wins sometimes. The latest one was a player getting cut in half for full front charging a scorpion.

    I'm a good person. I swear. :ferret:
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  4. -Points at Brovo- C_____c That. When I am running CHARP. Except without the guilt. >:3

    My biggest GUILTY pleasure is prolly stuffing my face full of ice cream, cookies, or donuts when I know I shouldn't. t____t But so so good.
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  5. Bad horror movies and good cheeseburgers.
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  6. 'Forced happy times'.
  7. Diana has mine as well!

    Seriously. FOOD.


    I love gas station donuts.

    Don't judge me.
  8. The Star Wars Prequels. :3
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  9. Pizza in mass quantities washed down with beer in mass quantities. Then when I'm too full for beer, hard liquor in mass quantities. In that order, just like that.

    Any kind of salami or dry cured meat. Love those fancy Italian and German cold cuts. Cheap canned meat is good, too. Spam, Vienna sausage, cheapo liquor store pickled sausage. OMG these fuckers are so good I want one ten right now.

    Also, what Asmo said. Movies that are SO terrible you feel embarrassed for the actors. Cheese burgers in mass quantities.
  10. Being from the lovely state of Wisconsin I have to concur that I adore those disgustingly delicious little heart attack wads of cheese.

    Actually, I am a walking stereotype because I LOVE CHEESE.

    There really is no cheese I dislike. Maybe bleu cheese but that's a discussion for another time.
    Also I love brownies, Pinterest and I adore Keeping Up With the Kardashians mostly because of my weird fascination with Scott Disick. I have a problem, I know.
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  11. I can relate to the Star Wars prequels being a guilty pleasure. For me, it's Episode III specifically. So many laugh-worthy scenes in that one.

    I also can't resist videos of adorable pandas doing adorable stuff. x|
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  12. I should clarify though, the guilty pleasure for the Prequels does not extend to Jar Jar.
  13. Ah...
    let's see...

    Experimental cooking (A.K.A. Mashing random foods together, completely changing recipes, and generally just making a mess of things and wasting perfectly good ingredients in hope of making something tasty.)

    Staying up all night long listening to any creepy stories I can find on the internet, despite the fact that I have school in the morning.

    Screaming at the TV so loudly it's a shock it doesn't wake the neighbors up. (Come on, who doesn't enjoy when they're home alone, and can just yell as loudly at the character on the TV as they like? Flailing about on the floor like an angry toddler anytime a plot twist catches you off guard is also highly recommended.)

    Video games during Algebra class. Enough said.
  14. Honey I don't feel guilty about ANY of my pleasures.

    There are some things I usually don't reveal to someone until I trust them not to mock me though

    • I don't just like Pokemon, I had a complete dex in soulsilver and I'm a competitive breeder
    • I don't just have ships, I have an OTP that I go absolutely rabid over
    • I write fanfic; lemony fanfic even. And I read even more than I write
    • My favourite thing to sing in the shower is Destiny's Child: Bootylicious. And I wiggle to it.
    • If I could have fruit and yogurt three meals a day every day, I so would
    • I love the cheesy drama of shows like Friends
    • I have the hugest ladyboner for Eugene from Buzzfeed's try guys
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  15. Spider-Man 3 for me is a huge guilty pleasure, despite my opinion of it being that it's better than the first movie. It's also an unpopular opinion too.

    When it comes to foods and such? Greasy, greasy Pizza from Papa Piccolo's especially the "BBQ anf Hot Sauce stuffed Crust Peperroni and Jalapeno deluxe" Kind, yummy.

    This song too

    Because some days I don't want to listen to either real technical stuff, or heavy stuff.
  16. *looks around suspiciously* Ya really wanna know?
    Do you really REALLY wanna know? (open)
    Are You sure? (open)
    Last chance (open)
    Okay.... (open)
    This game....

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  17. Watching anime when I just can't focus on homework any longer, especially when I should be doing homework.
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  18. Damn good food, or just eating breakfast for dinner.

    That, and waking up to a sunny weekend with no plans on the horizon. Just laying in my comfy-as-fuck bed with the gorgeous sunlight coming in from the window. <3
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  19. So reading the OP I was all like:


    Well ok that image is rather small -- I guess I'll go ahead and make it bigger, almost compulsively and not really thinking about i-




    On topic:

    The only major guilty pleasure I can think of off the top of my head is MAD. Which is an animated* Cartoon Network show, apparently based off of a magazine (though I never read it), that basically just absorbs absolutely everything even slightly relevant in pop culture at any given time and then spits out an awful mess of really shitty parodies of absolutely everything. Good things, bad things, highly forgettable things that really aren't noteworthy enough for anyone else to try to parody... yeah. MAD will parody absolutely anything. And while every once in a while, they seem to be capable of creating a sketch that's actually kind of genuinely funny, the vast majority are just... trash. Trash that I enjoy for reasons that I don't really understand.

    Also the title of every sketch is a pun, usually formed by combining the titles of two shows/movies/concepts/etc. And the things they choose to combine are usually so weird and random that I can only assume that they actually come up with the titles first, and then form a concept around it.

    To name a few examples off the top of my head;

    "Doctor Whose Line is it Anyway"

    "Ben 10 Franklin"

    "2012 Dalmatians"

    "Diary of a Wimpy Kid Icarus"

    "Avenger Time"

    Yeah, it's... it's a dumb show.

    *The only reason I mentioned "animated" despite the fact that that should be standard on Cartoon Network is because, whenever I try to talk about MAD, a lot of people assume I'm talking about something called "Mad TV", which is a live-action sketch show that I've never seen, but I'm assuming is not only unrelated to MAD, but also a lot better.
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    • Wiping my butt and it comes back clean.
    • Hitting something so hard with something else the second something just breaks.
    • Frozen Pre-cooked chicken nuggets/tenders.
    • Clicking on the Surprise Me button on a porn site.
    Also, are those some motherfucking fried cheese curds?

    The only good part about that free ticket to Buffalo Wild Wings.
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