What's your fighting style?



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There's thousands of them. What ones do you know, which ones do you swear by?

Me, I used to use taekwondo exclusively, but then I learned boxing. Now my dominant style is good old fashioned Sweet Science.

Ones I know well enough to teach:

1) Boxing (default style)
2) Taekwondo
3) Hapkido
4) Foil fencing
5) Epee fencing
6) Sabre fencing
7) American kickboxing

Ones I've tried:

1) Submission grappling
2) Karate

Ones I picked up a few moves in, don't know with any serious expertise:

1) Kendo
2) Iaido
3) Escrima

I would really, really, really like to learn cold are Silat and Escrima. If I get those two, I think I'd be done learning martial arts. I always wanted to dual wield properly. Also, goloks/guloks, rattan, etc. are juuuust big enough to be sabre-sized. Weapons like that I can always use ok.
Don't really know fencing, though I do know my way around a broadsword quite well.

Also fairly well trained by the US Army in the art of shooting bitches.
I've got some hapkido, taekwondo and judo under my belt, as well as good old hockey fighting.
I can brawl. Pushed a 7 man pile up off me before.
Oniichan teach me boxing! :D

I always wanted to learn Judo, but there was never a place locally that taught it. Plus my parents hated paying for classes for more than two months. So I would wait until the next year and insist again xD

Ones I've tried:

One's I've spent time on, but don't have much expertise (more than two months or so)
I don't think I'm any good had to hand. However I have learned some good knife fighting techniques over the years, and I studied Bokken/Kenjutsu for a little while.
Be happy too sakura-chan! A buddy of mine and I are hitting the gym nowadays, and we're planning on tossing in some boxing or kickboxing into the regimen too. That'll be fun. I've been out for a while myself
I've never actually been formally trained in anything. However my dad taught me a few things he learned in the army - like how to kill a man using your knuckles and their solar plexus. And, yes I know it's not a legitimate term. I've taught my self how to do significant damage with my hands though. I would like formal training sometime in my life for Aikido, Kendo, Taekwondo and fencing.
Tae Kwon Do is not really self defense, it's more of a sport ...

I haven't gotten into a fight and don't plan to. Obviously if I do I will have no qualms in poking eyes out, going for the windpipe, or the genitals.

I'm like Fel. I know the weak spots but I'm not formally trained in anything since it has never interested me.
I would argue the idea that Tae Kwon Do is simply a sport. If that were the case, then I've used sports effectively to defend myself.

At any rate, I'm trained formally in Tae Kwon Do, as well as Brazillian Jujitsu. Not so formally I've had practice put in on Aikido, Krav Maga, boxing, and some collegiate style wrestling. My brother showed me some tricks and tips he picked up from street fighting in Korea and Japan, my uncle is a Kenpo instructor and he's also shown me a few things. To top all that off, I've been in several fights in my life. I haven't always won, but I've never lost twice to the same person. I think you can learn all the Martial Arts in the world and if you have no experience, it counts for very little. On the other hand, you can know nothing and still be an impressive fighter. All depends on the person and their experience, I think.
Well, I'm actually not formally trained in anything physically. I trained for two years in Germany learning how to use long range steel. Spears, Halberd's, Quarterstaff, and the like with a friend I have a long history with.

Now....with non-physical styles of fighting, I am well versed. The art of disarming and destroying opponents with words and crushing the motivation of a potential enemy is my forte.

Edit: Scratch that, I was formerly trained with a Bat'leth, the perfect Klingon weapons of choice!!! XD
My fighting style?



Someday when I have time/money I'd like to learn Aikido but I'll end up just taking more dance lessons I'm sure.
I subscribe to the Malcolm X school of fighting: Byanymeansnecessary no Jutsu
Jar'Kai. *nerdface*

More seriously, I know none. Probably never will, much as I'd like to learn. I just don't have the time or money to hire a trainer. Also, I had no interest in that stuff when I was younger because I was reclusive. I'd just spend time in my room with my comics and games, where there's no fighting to be had. My Mom always wanted me to learn something for self defense, though. I'm mad at myself for being so reluctant.
Lets see.....I've been fencing for years with training, but i prefer fencing with a main gauche in the left hand for versatility. Only hand to hand combat i know is street fighting. dirty boxing, i guess you'de call it. when we wer both in college, Matthias lanier and me dueled alot on weekends, so he knows im pretty crappy with a katana, but a scottish basket hilt is my secodn favorite stand-alone blade.

god i was born int eh wrogn century... I CONFESS!!!! thats why i'm here... *sadface* T_T
You're Batman. Obviously this thread is designed to aid in your formulation of backup plans to take out every Iwaku member if necessary. >:(

On Topic: Gymkata and knife-throwing flamenco! :P
knife throwing.. flamenco? wow that soudns scarier than spanish kickboxing. * shivers*