What's your favourite thing about Iwaku?

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  1. I foam at the mouth when I tell my friends about this place; and I'm sure there are other people who have looked long and hard for an amazing roleplay forum and love to brag that they found it!


    For me, it's too hard to choose just one thing, so here's a quick & dirty list!

    ~* The post icons/prefixes
    These just make it so much easier to find what I'm looking for, and in the istances where I'm OP, to direct the people who would be interested. It saves so much time looking for something or trying to get people into something, when you can tell at a glance whether the thread is what you want or not

    ~* The groups
    I love that this roleplay site has more than just a token subforum for non-roleplay stuff; it makes it way more community and less OMG THATS NOT IN CHARACTER OR EVEN RP-RELATED GTFO!!

    ~* The creative challenges
    YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES. This was the winner for me on deciding whether to join or not. I love love love that this place is about helping eachother improve, and that there are actually ways to actively work on improving on a daily basis

    ~* The themes
    Themes are fun. Nuff said
  2. The thing I like most about Iwaku is how I have seen on the side of the website and from Diana is the "No demands for Literacy". Almost every single community I have come upon there is always the demand that people be literate when joining a roleplay. I even did it too because that was what I learned from other people but when I came here I saw it and at first I thought it was dumb because that would just allow you to play with people who couldn't write. But then I read it and I came to realize that at Iwaku anyone and everyone is accepted. I have even found myself not really caring who I play with and instead of demanding that someone be literate I instead just ask for them to write more than a single sentence and to use spell check.

    I believe that I have even become a bit happier while roleplaying after getting rid of the notion of being "literate". So this is what I like most about Iwaku and likely the reason I have decided to stay.

    Also I really like Celestialis's theme song challenges. They are so much fun!
  3. I love Celestialis' theme song challenges.

    I also adore a majority of the people around here. It's a major difference from, "GTFO N00B" and other drama related stuff.
  4. The people and the history here.

    This place has changed and survived YEARS. Plus, the admin/mod system's worked well, I've had a hand in it once upon a time- runs like a well oiled machine and bans are rare. I'd say that's hella good.
  5. Myself....Lol

    The friendly/ chiill atmosphere coupled with the potential to find rp.

    And who can forget about all the lovely brethern and wneches of Iwaku? <3
  6. As the originator said, "A quick & dirty list":

    - The Challenges.
    - General Chat Forum with it's sub-forums.
    - Potential for Roleplay (without the requirement or constant badgering).
    - Blog. What I like about this is that you post a blog and it's there at the top of the list so everyone knows what you've written. It doesn't have to disappear into the empty void of Google and it doesn't have to be searched for. The result is there immediately.
    - Groups. I haven't experimented much with this, but I like the idea.
  7. You sir are too kind.
  8. I used to RP on gaiaonline....back in 2004. Now it is pointless to try and get an rp started or to join. There are a lot of hateful people on that site. My favorite thing about this site is that I have yet to meet a nasty person while snooping through threads. It's an easy quick loading site that is really easy to navigate :D.
  9. I really love the roleplays and the community of Iwaku. When I joined, I was a bit afraid of this place and I was not entirely sure how to act, but now I have no regrets that I chose this forum over the other candidates. I absolutely love it here, and even if the CBox gets too intense at times, everyone is very cool to hang out with, not to mention that they will listen to you if you have problems and behave seriously if serious issues are put up for discussion. It is really a well-managed community and I am supremely happy to be a part of it!
  10. Nothing; I hate this forum and all upon it. >:[

    But seriously, it's the people that really sold me on this place. The people and their awe-inspiring ideas for RPs. The vast majority of folks on here are creative, talented and entertaining individuals who, when combined, can concoct some truly brilliant stories. It's great just to watch, nevermind be right in the middle of.
  11. ^You sir, are my favorite.
  12. I've only been here a few days and already love it here, it's so chilled out, no one commenting on the way you rp or trying to change it.
  13. I have come up to being on Iwaku for a month now and I can honestly say I'm here to stay.
    I never was a part of an actual rp site before so I cannot compare experiences but I just love the sense of community on here. The fact that it's not a strict elitest place is even better.

    I think my favorite part about this site is the people. I love coming on and checking through the General Chat and Asylum and seeing the crazy things people write. It's just a great and fun place.