What's your favourite online comics?

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Here's a few of my favourites. This is minus manga.

Manga is a totally different art form of it own! Don't confuse them! *EVIL FAN GURL FACE!* GUUR

- A one panel, dark humour comic about a weirdly drawn and evil Japanese girl.

http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2011/10/adventures-in-depression.html - combination of blog and comic of some funny, yet tragic adventures of a woman in her mid 20's

http://www.explosm.net/comics/2599/ - Idk how to explain this one but I like it

.... jk post your favourite mangas too if you want. :)
You beat me there.<3
Cyanide & Happiness is my all time favorite.
I'll stick to three.

Sister Claire: Pregnant Nun. A cute little comic in the PPG style with some interesting twists. It's not all sugar & spice. It can be a touch dark.

Dominic Deegan: Oracle For Hire. This is a very long running MWF comic in a fantasy universe that borrows inspiration from time to time from our modern world. Usually long running storylines. Sometimes more action packed sometimes more tongue in cheek, always something new.

Girl Genius. I've been reading this comic since before they brought it online. Steampunk in style, and beautiful detail on every page. If you have the money buying the physical books is totally worth it!
I'm surprised no one noted Manly Guys Doing Manly Things. http://thepunchlineismachismo.com This is a love of mine and involves lots of video game humor.

I'm also partial to www.smbc-comics.com which is a compilation of random comics with no real overarching theme, but they're usually quite amusing.
Darths and Droids: In a world where Star Wars never happened, one GM has to deal with his players going off the rails at every turn and ruining his masterfully laid out plot.

Erfworld: Erfworld is about love, fate, free will, the nature of leadership, and divine right. Told through the story of one overweight gamer being sucked into a bright and colorful world built around turn-based wargame rules.

Order of the Stick: Has yet to stop being funny or dramatically awesome.

Irregular Webcomic: Actually one of the most regular webcomics ever, with nearly uninterrupted daily updates for eight years. Hilarious and educational. Great time to jump in, too, as the creator has brought the comic to a close and has started to rerun the comics from #1.

The Challenges of Zona: Love, fantasy, classic rock. If those sound like they go together, start reading.

And then there's one comic I'm not sure I can mention, as while it is incredibly funny it's also incredibly NSFW. But them's my list.
Manly Guys (again)

Awkward Zombie http://www.awkwardzombie.com Game comic that started off mainly Smash Bros and branched out.

The rest of them are kinda NSFW or >.> bleh, I'm so weird.

Also; white ninja. I'm not linking that you can search it yourself.
No one mentioned The Zombie Hunters

Tis a shame, it's a fantastic comic.

I also throw my lot in with Order of the Stick, Looking for Group, Gutter Comics (For comic book nerds) and sometimes Megatokyo.
Cyanide and Happiness
Order of the Stick
Hipster Hitler (hipsterhitler.com)
Questionable Content (questionablecontent.net)
I have not seen Exterminatus Now mentioned here....It is hilarious.
Sucks to Be Weegie
Randomly found this site, most of the comics are pretty good, but I love this one the most! It shares me love for Luigi and my dislike for Mario >_> Jerk.

Annnnd for a little Good ol' Canadian pride :D

Wasted Talent

Stumbled upon this one in my last year of highschool. Jam is awesome and she's a nerd like me so double the love for her :D

Wasted Talent updates every monday (wooooo), while, unfortunately, Weegie updates whenever they make a comic >:/