What's your favourite music mashup/remix?

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  1. So, I was doing A Thing and came across this:

    I thought it was good enough to share around, and then I got to thinking about the topic thread: What are some other good mashups?

    Then I figured, why not ask you lot?!

    What are some of your favourite mashups, remixes, etc.?
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  3. Everything by this guy. He's an old High School friend who's made some seriously whacky remixes.

  4. That's super awesome, holy shit.

    And it made me think of this, which I don't know if it counts for the purposes of the thread but OH WELL POSTING IT:

    That said, I think this one is more... classic?


  5. :D
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    This is both genius AND insanity!! :O
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  8. --> the song that got me into mashups

    --> my favorite mashup

  9. Does that count? I mean it does state "remix", or is a mashup remix something even more specual?
  10. I've got a few that I like. The first one because it's silly.

    This next one because it actually works to some degree.

    And this final one, which is also my favorite, because it's silly AND it somehow seems right.

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  11. United state of pop DJ ear worm!

  12. I like this mashup cover :D
  13. Okay, I love this game. some of these will be covers that are mashed up....

    First, Gangnam Busters. These songs have no right fitting together so well. (Even the dances are strikingly similar)

    A classic, and probably the internet's theme song.

    Elvira of Hazzard County

    Stayin' Hot

    Parappa the Mashup - 99 Problems

    The Living Tombstone - Super Smash Mouth Bros.

    I Want You back All Summer Long (Never gets old!)

    Stretching the concept, here's Blondie performing "Call Me" to the music of Muse's "Uprising". If it sounds familiar, it's because both songs are essentially the Doctor Who theme.

    No mashups list would be complete without a Slam, so here's my personal favorite.

    Forgot, this one always gets me.
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  14. I have a whole playlist of these because I am a dirty pale weaboo dweeb

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