What's your favourite homemade snack?

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    I like Ants On A Log. A stick of celery filled with peanut butter and topped with raisins :3
  2. I see someone else knows of the greatness that is celery with peanut butter. <3

    I'm big on fresh fruits and veggies. 'Course, not everything goes with peanut butter :P

    (Especially Asparagus! Mmm, asparagus!)
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  3. My favourite snack time? This:

    Veggies probably with a glass of blackberry wine cooler. Hm.
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  4. Fruit smoothies. :3 With that, I like to have cheese and crackers, or some cheese toast. Something with cheese.

    Since I am trying to change the eating habits in the house, there is a battle of the snacks. >>;;

    I LOVE potato chips and dip. Or tortilla chips and salsa. But I am trying to ween us off those. ;_;

    Thankfully I also LOVE veggies dipped in ranch or in a creamcheese olive dip.

    Boiled eggs are always a tasty snack too!

    I like nuts and dried fruit also!

    And crackers and cheeeeeese.
  6. It dependssssssss.

    If I feel like something sweet, I take bread, toast it, and the butter it, and put sugar on top.

    If I feel like something savory, then I THROW DOWN YO. I toast bread, butter it, drag a LITTLE bit of garlic around (If you do a lot you smell like you just chomped on garlic for the last 13 years), then I make an egg, and whatever meat we have I cook it up a little, whether it's sausage, bacon, or maybe some turkey deli slices. Then I take whatever cheese we have and melt it on the meat.

    Essentially, I make this incredibly unhealthy breakfast sandwich.

    Or I make homemade donut holes. =3 I don't wanna put the whole recipe on here, but it's easy to find online and after it's done just throw them in a bag with refined sugar and SHAKE IT SHAKE IT SHAKE IT LIKE A POLAROID PICTURE.
  7. If I could have broccoli dipped in cheese fondue everyday as a snack, it would be my favorite snack.

    Alas we don't have a fondue pot.

    So I just stick to crackers and tuna mayo spread <3 With cheese if I feel like I deserve it.
  8. Grapes are good when i can get them. Unfortunately I'm good at making cookies >>'
    If I'm just snacking i try to be healthy but that's usually a losing battle
  9. [MENTION=6051]Serran[/MENTION]
    You could like...make a cheese gravy. Granted it's not the same as CHEESE FONDUE, but it's not hard. Make a roux and use milk and cheese and you are in heaven. =3
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  10. I love cookie dough. I don't even have to look at the recipe. (well, actually, I don't follow the recipe anyway, but it's the same thing right?) Fortunately for me I raise my own chickens, so no botulism-infested eggs to worry about, so it's safe to eat raw. Mmmh, raw. I usually use whole grain flour, because it makes me feel healthier. XD Of course, that means I have to use more flour because it doesn't absorb as well as white flour... then if I use rice flour for my bf's mom, who can't eat gluten, I have to add even MORE because rice flour don't absorb shit...

    And my favorite dip EVER is my own recipe. One spoonful of sour cream per serving. A generous spoonful, like everything you can pull out with a single spoon. Sprinkle it with powdered bullion (I like beef but pork, chicken, shrimp, or veggie works. I recommend AGAINST instant ramen oriental flavor packs, though) until it looks like a mountain that just had its first snowfall, only the snow is brown and the mountain is white. Or, y'know, until it looks tasty. Then put in a sprinkle of yellow curry powder. I recommend madras curry, but any yellowish curry powder works fine. Lastly, hit it with the Worcestershire once per spoonful of sour cream. Mix it all up and you've got a combo of French onion, curry, and ambrosia.
    As far as I can tell, you can dip anything savory into this and it comes out awesome. Veggies? They're all good. Chips? Of course. Pretzels? Yes please. Chicken strips? OMG. Pizza crust? Surprisingly, delicious.
  11. candied bacon cinnamon buns

    Candy bacon in a pan after making the dough by hand.
    An hour or so later take the dough and roll it out, add the sugar, butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc, then put strips of bacon cooked in brown sugar in lines on top of it, then roll it up and cut.
    Takes a few hours of total time between dough rising and cooking, but it's totally worth it.
  12. Levusti let me love you <3 thank you so much~
  13. County (jail) burritos - Tortilla, half cooked ramen and nacho cheese spread. Yessir.
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