What's your favourite character trope?

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  1. do you like to play Mad Scientists? Maybe Gentle Giants or Awkward Heroes? Or perhaps the Silent Badass is more your thing.

    What's your favourite kind of tripe or stereotype to use for a character?
  2. I don't know the proper term for it, but one character I love to use is simply incapable of being serious. Romantic moment going on? She's gonna make a sex joke. Trying to bare her soul and reveal an important part of herself? It will inevitably be ruined by a snappy one-liner. It's a major flaw of hers, but she is trying to work on it.
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  3. Smug asshats
    Shanaclone-type Tsunderes
  4. Oh man, my biggest is absolutely Fish Out of Water. I use it uh... pretty much everywhere.
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  5. Dangit, Moody beat me to using TV tropes for my example. But, anyways, I love DMs and scenarios where I'm allowed to be a Combat Pragmatist. In the temperamental world of combat in RPs, where victory is generally only possible through one person or the other deciding to let their character lose, being able to outsmart an opponent into being defeated without a fair fight is one of the most effective ways I know of ensuring victory.

    Truthfully, I really love pulling Joseph-Joestar level bullshit to take down enemies that seem much more powerful, especially when circumstances make victory all the sweeter. Rolling a Nat 20 to cut Satan in half is pretty great, but what about maneuvering Satan into unstable footing and shoving him into a fuckin' volcano?
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  6. Thinking on it I've realized I really enjoy writing the Well-Intentioned Extremist. The best and most well-written villains, in my opinion, are always the hero of their own story. Their goal is completely justified from a certain point of view.
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  7. note; crow likes kugimiya-san

    I myself usually enjoy playing hyperactive or totally antisocial girls, rarely anything in-between :x
  8. Boo loves playing the badass lez with a wild, fun side. That and the awkward, in the closet chick who can't help but somehow be a sweetie.

    The fish out of water has always been a softspot of mine too... actually know what? Fish out of water seems to sneak into all my charries in one way or another now that I think about it...hmmm.

  9. Divas and bastards. Preferably with wit.
  10. Fish-out-of-water is always fun, but I have a particular soft spot for the reluctant hero type. Where they have already been through more than they want and just want to be left alone already.
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  11. I love reading about Anti-Villains/Anti-heroes, but they're so hard to write convincingly, like there is some difficult balance to strike there ... I haven't got to that level of char dev yet but maybe someday ... I like writing the "Reluctant Leader" type or the "troubled genius" lately. The reluctant leader is someone who is thrust into a position of power who doesn't quite want it, they do their best, but deep down they don't want the responsibilities or the rules, they want freedom and peace which sometimes being in charge doesn't let you have!
    My troubled genius is just that, someone with incredible intellect who is overwhelmed by the world around them .
  12. Seems like an aloof prick but is actually a good person.

    I'm sure there's a name for it, but I don't know it.
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