What's your favorite web comic?

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  1. I've heard a lot of people talking about web comics and which ones are the best to read. I've never really been too much into them until recently, so I'm really interested in what others like.

    I'm a big fan of Ménage à 3 which is a NSFW comic about wacky roomates. I was obsessed with it until I completely finished it, and now I can't wait for more!

    Feel free to post up your favs and chit chat about them! Links are encouraged, but please let us know if they are NSFW :D
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  2. 8-Bit Theater 5eva.
  3. Brawl in the Family

    Sadly, the creator has dropped it in order to move on to other projects.
  4. Oh, that's absolutely adorable!
  5. I like Whomp!

    Ronnie is adorable and a pretty cool guy.
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  6. My hubby reads Whomp! I catch him giggling over that guy all the time. So awkward and adorable :P

    I just saw the kirby/jigglypuff one and made a completely unhuman sound.
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  7. My favorite is probably Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. It covers the full range from ridiculously dumb to cleverly intellectual, and I like that.

    Honorable mentions for XKCD (which is predominantly about nerdy science and math things) and Oglaf (NSFW, all comedy, frequently of a sexual nature with penises and stuff clearly visible).
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  8. Oglaf is another of my favorites. If acceptable, I would be reading it all day at work. I've seen a whole bunch of SMBC too, and I found it witty.
  9. It updates slower than it takes Pluto to orbit the sun, but goddamn, I love this comic. It's a silly take of a post-apocalyptic war between three colour-coded armies that don't know why they're fighting and are unable to find their way out of the city against all probability while following two friends who are competing with kill counts, trying to comprehend how the Reds haven't lost the war against the Yellows and Blues who actually seem to know what they're doing, debating if eating multi-legged animals is safe, and having cases of mistaken identities because everyone looks the same in their uniforms.

    Gone with the Blastwave

    EDIT: I almost forgot I am Arg! Seriously, this one's fantastic and has a great sense of humour and wonderful art.
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  10. That seems really interesting.... I'll have to check it out.

    Have to be honest though, I love a little romance in my comics, no matter the genre
  11. It's a love-hate bromance if you squint? :D
  12. bahaha, I can make that work. :P
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  13. I love too many to count, aaa.

    I think the first webcomic I ever read was Bite Me! which is about vampires. And... yeah, I don't remember much else. It was fun!

    The Phoenix Requiem was good but I fell behind and haven't read the finished thing yet.

    Dreamless (illustrated by the same person who did the Phoenix Requiem) is short and nice and cute. I actually bought it when it was published!

    Ava's Demon is my new favorite currently updating comic. 10/10 do recommend.

    Necropolis by Jake Wyatt will be excellent. I think he's just starting it! Gorgeous art.

    Nimona was really cute and funny. It also had some intense moments, wowza.

    Princess Princess is a short and cute comic that is LGBT-friendly! Yaaaay!

    I also like Manly Men Doing Manly Things. It's really funny and has cool video game references in it.


    EDIT: Woops I forgot Monster Pop! It's cute with really gorgeous art. Man, I've used the word "cute" like forty thousand times... I think I'm seeing a pattern here.
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  14. I'm going g to check out all of these. I'm probably going to go insane from all this hahah
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  15. Vibe The story isn't anything special, but the art man... the art.
  17. A Korean comic based off the League of Legends champion Lulu! It's called Mommy Lulu x w x
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