What's your favorite salad dressing?

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  1. I'm kidding. I don't care.

    Nobody cares.
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  2. I like my salad naked. Dressing is for the weak.
  3. I dun like salad dressing ): I dun even like salad D:
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  4. Depends on the salad!
  5. Why would I eat my food's food?
  6. So you can torture the poor animals even more.

    Delicious tortured animals, cooked Medium Rare!
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  8. Ugh to all dressings.
  9. 16 oz porterhouse steak with a healthy layer of breaded pork chops and a thick smear of mashed potatoes.
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  10. This right here is the only possible answer. Shovel all that nasty good for you garbage in fast as fuck to confuse the body. Dressing makes things slippery as fuck, not efficient strategy
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  11. The one that's been stabbed 23 times.
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  12. I will eat literally any type of vinegarette. Mmmm.
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  13. Homemade Italian. Just like Grandma used to make it.
  14. I like Thousand Island dressing....

    ...When it's on my Ruben.
    I fucking love Rubens.
  15. Honey mustard all over that green shit.
  16. Ranch, because I'm a basic bitch.
    Solid reference, 10/10, would read and chuckle at it again.
  17. I thought I was gonna get to answer another fun silly topic, and now I am totally disappointed. ;_;
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