Whats your favorite Horror movie?

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    One of my favorite things to do on Halloween night is watch horror movies. I like them all, from the 'So cheesy their funny' to the actually frightening ones. Anyways.....

    What are your favorite horror movies>? Any lesser known ones you'd like to recommend>?

    One of my favorite Horror movies has always been 'Nightmare on Elm street', I liked pretty much the entire series up until part 6, the last good one IMO.


    Awesome.....Just... beautiful....
  3. Anyone else>???
  4. Can't say I watch a lot, but does Dreamcatcher count?
  5. Zombieland. :P
  6. I dislike Horror. But my favorite gothic themed action movie has got to be The Crow! Oh Brandon Lee, why, why!
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    Gotta love me some Friday the 13th! It's not particularly scary, but I love the creepiness, especially in the third one where they hang him and he CRAWLS BACK UP THE ROPE! D: SO CREEPY!
  8. Rose Red and Children of the Corn x_x
  9. Shaun of the Dead!
  10. All of them..well most! Even if they are cheesy they are still awesome. Huge fan of zombie movies!
  11. Just jumping into this.. :p
    I would have to say that i adore the horror movie's: The collector and Thirteen Ghosts (:
  12. Omen, the 1970s version.