What's Your Favorite Hat Style?

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What is your favorite hat style?

  1. Fedora

  2. Bowler

  3. Baseball

  4. Beanie/Tuque

  5. Fez

  6. Tricorne

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  7. Top Hat

  8. Party Hat

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  9. Hat...? HAT?! You want me to cover up my beautiful hair?! -caresses hair-

  10. -eyebrow raise- Huh? Wazzat?

  11. Psh... I take pride in my ability to blind the masses! SHAWING! -sparkle sparkle-

  12. Other

  1. Alright, hat lovers (and haters)!

    Let your love (or hate) of hats be known and voice your favorite head-wear.

    What's your favorite and why?

  2. ^^ I like those mushroom-shaped Cabby hats. <3
  3. Oooo... yeah those are cute. ^_^ I haven't seen anyone wear one of those in a long time. v.v
  4. I'm a beanie fan, usually those with a rim. Cheap, easy to find, and they keep my shiny globe warm all year round.
  5. Agh, only allowed to make one choice. What a cruel cruel fate! I went with fedora because Indiana Jones!
  6. Hehehe, yeah I hear you. My ex wore a beanie almost all the time when he shave his head. I kept mentioning he looked like a Marine during cold weather survival training... maybe that's why he did it? -shrugs then chuckles- I usually only wear them when it gets cold... too cold for my normal wear which is a fedora.

    Woo! Come to the fedora side, come! -evil cackle- Indiana Jone definitely popularized and even defined how a fedora should look if you're the adventuresome type. -chuckles- Since I wear a fedora (or fedora-type) hat almost all the time, a friend of mine has started to call me "Indy." O.o I guess I'll take the compliment, but I don't even wear a fedora with the "adventure bash" any more! Hahahaha!
  7. I'm always cold, and I never have the patience to deal with a full head of hair (terrible problem with cowlicks left me frustrated for years). Shaving is easier though colder. Over the years, I've learned a warm hat is a good hat.
  8. I don't normally wear hats because they look silly/funny on me. But when I do wear one, I typically wear these.

    Newsboy cap


    You have now gotten me in the mood for shopping. Damn it.
  9. Oh wow! That's another hat I haven't seen in ages! And I'm sorry v.v -coughs- Shop wisely? XD
  10. I wear newsboy caps/cabbie hats, with the occasional fedora or conductor cap (a.k.a. detective caps or military caps). Earflap/trapper hats in cold weather, sometimes.

    I also love but do not own deerstalkers, because while they are reminiscent of the world's greatest detective, they also look ridiculous on absolutely everyone.

    Meanwhile. Peaked caps are the slickest thing ever.
    They are so cute, perfectly curved, just epic.
  12. Damn it verbal. I was going to do that.
    In that case, Stetsons.
  13. @Ozryel: Nice selection! ^_^ Yeah... I wouldn't wear a deerstalker. Unless it was totally for a costume with the cloak and oversized pipe. Then and only then would it be okay to wear one, hahaha!

    @VerbalAbuse: OMG! O.O That poor fez! v.v -mourns the fez trying not to laugh-

    @E-Claire: Every time I think berets, I think the military but then I've got to remind myself there's a bunch of different kinds out there. Berets are definitely cute on the right people. I've seen some people try to pull them off and all it caused was the dire need of eye bleach. O.O

    @Sergeant Shovelslap: Hell. Yes. I own a hat that's made by Stetson called the Stallion. Ultra wide brimmed, a lot of Out Back influences. Matter of fact, got it when my Ozzie friend came up to visit me. Really nice for rainy days. I wanted to get a Stetson fedora but they screwed up and shipped it to someone else. >.< Going to go support a local shop and get another Stetson within the next few months. When you live in Texas, you're almost obligated to own at least 2.

    (I need to keep up with my replies better O.O)
  14. *lives in Texas*
    *feels bad about not owning a Stetson*
  15. Aww v.v I'm sorry. -huggles- It's okay. I think most Texans actually don't have them.

    Stetsons are actually amazingly good hats but at some point their cost has a diminishing return so it's kind of a research game to see which ones are actually worth the cost. You pay for the Stetson brand name in as much as the quality and build. The one I have was actually manufactured in Texas too, so that just adds a bit of coolness. They've got a plant in I think Pennsylvania as well as one in Texas (I think it's in Garland... not sure). I think most of their hats come out of PA plant since that one is just plain huge.
  16. I also live in Texas and do not own a Stetson.

    But pretty much everyone else does, yeah. >>
  17. I'm going to have to start an Iwaku Stetson Fundraiser... My fellow Texans not having Stetsons is intolerable! Haha! XD
  18. I'm not much of a hat person. I don't like how they make my head itchy and I always take them off anyway when I go to restaurants, classes, peoples' homes... It's a habitual thing I do out of politeness.

    I like Team Fortress 2 hats, though. Do those count? I guess I also like helmets... I'd be a collector of helmets if I could. *daydreams about Vader helmet, Storm Trooper helmet, Master Chief helmet... moarhelmets...*
  19. Yeah, helmets count. I like certain ones too. A Vader helmet probably would definitely be in the collection! Though most of mine would be steam punkish or have gas masks involved. XD ^_^ Or modified motorcycle helmets, stuff like that.

    It's funny, I never really gave helmets any thought. I think formally they're a class of their own. But we'll count them as hats here. ^_^