What's your favorite art medium?

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I really like...

  1. Graphite/pencils

  2. Pastels (chalk or oil)

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  3. Paint (watercolor, oil, gouche, acrylic, ect)

  4. Ink (roller ball, felt or fountain pens)

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  5. Markers

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  6. Makeup

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  7. Sculpting or another 3D medium

  8. Other...

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  1. Traditionally, I love ink and markers. Which is a bummer since I lost a lot of my copics and tech pens when I went to the military. I've been wanting to build up my collection again but holy hell those things jumped in price since I last got 'em. They're damn near 10 dollars a piece where I'm at. I'm a broke vet and a college student, I ain't got time for inflation and stuff. A few friends have recommended promarkers to me so I might need up giving those a shot when I collect enough funds.

    Anyway, I also really like ink. Particularly Tombow and Zebra brush pens, Staelder pens and Pentel hi-tec C pens. Seriously, if you're ever looking for a ballpoint pen with the thinnest, smoothest flow go for hi-tec C pens.

    When it comes to wet media, I'm really feelin' acrylic paints. I get a lot of crap for it (specially from my mentor) since they're not very blendable or subtle, but for me that's the point. The boldness makes it easier to replicate my art style. I still stick with oils for still life and portraits, though.

    And makeup! A lot of folks don't consider that an art medium but that's because they're not thinking hard enough.

    So, what do you guys to use?
  2. I love it all, I use it all, IF I can afford it. I've practiced every medium and know techniques for all Mediums with maybe a few of my own tacked on.

    My best works have used mediums are Graphite sticks/Ink, A paintbrush with All Paint types.​
  3. In my youth I would use clay. I was told I was quite good. I enjoyed drawing and painting, too, but I prefer soft clay to shape or stone to chip away at. I no longer do these things and I am told that is quite bad. I have my reasons why I no longer do it.
  4. The only thing I can draw is stick figures, which I can use any kind of tool for. I prefer gel pens or assorted colors of Sharpies. I'm also an expert finger painter. :s
  5. Writing and music. I have no talent for drawing, sculpting, and the like. XD
  6. I've been taking a wide variety of classes at my school, and have tried a lot of different art mediums. But I think, in the end, I'll always be a pencil gal. If I had to define a reason, it is probably because I like being able to control my art, and pencils allow me the most control. Has anyone here ever used Prismacolor colored pencils? Those things are the most beautiful creation on earth, and lay down like water. Such rich color, too...

    Although I tried Drypoint Intaglio last year in an art class, and I really enjoyed that. Seeing as you use a stylus to draw, though, that might still fall under the pencil category....
  7. @Peregrine Prismacolor pencils are like butter and I love to use them as accents when I color with marker. They're absolutely heavenly, unfortunately the prismacolor markers aren't up to snuff. My cousin swears by them though... but I think that's mostly just he's been using them for almost 15 years.

    Faber Castell makes decent pencils as well, but prismacolor can't be beat.
  8. I used to be colorpencil girl! Prismacolors are heeeaaaaveeeeen.

    But painting is my true loooove and it's something I am trying to do more of! I have no skills or techniques or training so it's all exploratory funtimes!
  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way about them! My art teacher is cool, and spends his limited budget on really nice art supplies. So that is how I got introduced to them. And when my dad bought me a 75-pencil set for Christmas a couple of years ago I nearly melted.

    Painting can be a lot of fun! And it would definitely be my second choice. My art teacher ( I certainly seem to be talking about him a lot) is trying to get his painting class into a bit more of an experimental mindset, and told us to try out a cubist painting. Those things look like they could have been made by a toddler, but they can be so challenging.
  10. I like drawing with pencil. But nothing can beat the written word.
  11. Digital- Photoshop illustrator etc.
    I use those nearly every day at work and then go home and play some more :D

    I'm not a painter, but I do like acrylics. Also love my airbrush.

    And if I'm drawing I work in pencil and then go over it with ink.
    This may sound odd, but while I do own a professional ink and pen set, I usually end up using a Pilot G2.
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