What's Your Fav Type of Romance?

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What Type Of Romance is Your Favorite?

  1. Straight

  2. Gay/MxM/Yoai

  3. Lesbian/FxF/Yuri

  4. Poli

  5. other/no romance

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  1. What sexual preference of characters and type of romance do you like the most?
  2. Heterosexual and Yuri. Monster Girls, I also like, but not furry.
  3. Yeah I actually made this poll cuz it seemed like Yuri was the most scarce of the romances on this site
  4. I guess I usually like straight romance best because I'm straight and I can relate. lol. But I honestly am cool with any kind of romance so long as it's well written. ^_^
  5. I'm pretty much the same way except with yuri
  6. Replace Yuri with Yaoi and you get me. :P
  7. I guess everyone likes what they can relate to ^u^ which makes sense
  8. I am a straight guy which also like Yuri, but dislike Yaoi. :) of course! Everyone has their own preferences. It's a matter of finding the right RP partners. :D
  9. very well said but for me I very much value how well-written and genuine a romance is over all to be honest so while I like yuri best I can enjoy a good yaoi and straight(but because it's so common I am very critical of straight romance)
  10. Judging by the forum discussion I'm assuming you mean in regards to forum RPs.

    In which I voted straight just because I'm straight and it's where I'm comfortable roleplaying out myself as a result.
    I'm completely fine with other romances in the RP I'm in mind you, I just don't feel comfortable being the guy typing it out. :P
  11. It was indeed and I was curious about it as I thought it was interesting
  12. This, except gay/yaoi instead of straight.
  13. yeah it seems people really like to be all kinds of crazy things in rp but they still want to love who they want to love often times
  14. Personally, I am actually quite curious of the opinion of the person who picked that last option out of pure intrigue as I am surprised anyone picked it
  15. I choose Poli because I have no idea what it actually is, but instantly made me think "Political Romance", and the idea of American politicians being in a sappy melodrama involving law-making and gay romance amused me to no end.
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  16. oh it actually means polymory or multiple partners
  17. Well, being a gay man, gonna have to go with gay relationships (yaoi kind of leaves a bad taste, idk, makes me kind of uncomfortable, no hate tho) because that's what I can relate to. Str8 relationships are to me a bit boring, they're everywhere in media anyways, and I can't roleplay women to save my life. :D

    Poly is entirely acceptable as well, if it includes two or more guys.
  18. EVERYTHING. ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING IS MY FAVOURITE. Because each and every one offers something unique and fulfilling.

    I mean... I've been a GM for several years. To make big, interesting worlds full of lively and unique NPC's for the players to discover, you need to do more than just an army of cis white male scum. (Of which, I am one.:rotfl:) As a result, I've done the following romances/sexual encounters. (Keep in mind, most of those sexual encounters went for a fade to black so I wouldn't have to kick out teenagers in my RP's.)
    • Heterosexual love involving a regular male and a female.
    • Homosexual love involving a regular female and another female. One of these is actually one of the longest lasting and most famous of my romance arcs with another player (@Tempest ) between Queen Kouri & Queen Alexandria in Legend of Renalta 2. It's lasted about three years IRL so far and is still going strong.
    • Homosexual love involving a regular male and another male.
    • Love between a female and an entity that did not possess a gender.
    • A romance arc between a woman and a summoned golem creation with the embodiment of her dead husbando.
    • Actual tentacle sex. No, really. That shit is canon in one of my RP's. Go Mikan, you sultry minx you.
    • A romance arc between a thief who had been raped and two-half succubi (controlled by @Andrea ). Yes, the tails were in fact barbed. Yes, it was Mikan again. Sly fox, that one.
    • An obsessive romance arc between a male summoner and his dead waifu, who he bound into a summoning tome with his own blood.
    • A sex scene featuring a gender-swapping non-sex-binary demon named Lust who rapes her (preferred pronoun) own daughter--Gluttony--for fucking up a poison.
    • Heavily implied lycanthrope sex.
    • Love between a female and a male artificial intelligence trapped inside of a ship. Yes, that was a woman falling in love with a star ship. No regrets.
    With any luck, thanks to my newest RP, at some point I'll get to add possibly one or two more AI relationships, and some clones in there. Also, telepaths. Shockingly haven't touched telepaths in a relationship yet. Oh, that reminds me about my villains...
    • An archangel of several hundred years falling in love with and becoming obsessed over a bisexual princess who said no to him got blue balls and murderized an entire kingdom, then raped "forced sex" his older sister. He continued to obsess over this woman he could not have until his need to have his love reciprocated totally and utterly consumed him and caused his fall from grace into becoming a demon. Now he literally plots to rape her children.
    • A mutant who believes in the genetic superiority of his race, who has made it his priority to protect and attempt to convince another mutant that he loves her, even as she continues to love someone else. He protects her in spite of his otherwise violent nature.
    • An incestuous relationship between a ten thousand year old pure blooded vampire and his older sister, an undead assassin. After having lived for so long and gone through so many mental and physical changes, humans are little more than amusing playthings to them--they can't form significant emotional attachments with regular people now, who live and die in the blink of an eye. However, they do protect and care about each other--even if the relationship is unsettling as shit from a normal person's perspective, for obvious reasons.
    So... As you can see, romance (and sex to a lesser extent) is kind of a big thing I do in my role plays. I've done it for years, I'm a hopeless romantic at heart, and I honestly think it can add a unique layer of depth when done well. To pull out what is an absolutely elitist view--I kind of find it sad if, when delving into the infinite stretches of creativity, you bind yourself solely to what you know and find comfortable. How are you supposed to grow as a creator if you only ever stay in your safe spaces? When I wrote women originally I sucked horrible ass at it. I had no idea how to write women flirting--it came off about as subtlety and cleverly as a brick going 350 miles per hour into the side of a Ferrari and as believably as Jaden Smith's acting. However, I practiced, and I practiced, and I practiced.

    Now I can write just about any damn romance I want to, no matter how bizarre it might be. I had to get better at it to make my worlds more interesting and my characters more varied, and my antagonists more humanized. You know what makes the Joker even better? Harley Quinn. You know you get an author to learn how to write Harley Quinn? By learning how to write outside of their gender comfort zone. :ferret:

    Trust me. If it fascinates you, do it. Just, do it! Make, your dreams, come true! Also it will massively improve your storytelling abilities. So... If you like to write romance, occasionally try stuff you don't know how to do, or which is out of your comfort zone. You won't get better at it until you do it. So... JUST, DO IT!


    DO IT!
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