What's your fashion sense?

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  1. This is mainly for fun and curiosity, seeing as how I've become slightly interested in fashion.

    What does your everybody wear consist of? Is there a particular style or accessory you love or must have?

    And if you don't have enough money to go out and buy whatever it is you'd like to wear - like me - you can always tell me what your ideal style is.

    For me, it's basically jeans, a shirt, and sneakers. However I've wanted to do more with my wardrobe, like perhaps buy a dress paired with leggings. I absolutely love leggings but I don't have much of a top to wear with it. I don't typically wear make up unless I'm feeling up to it, and I leave my hair down.

  2. 8D

    I like classy, colorful and fun. I now only buy nice clothes that I really, really love. No more t-shirts. I never got to wear the sort of clothes I wanted to as a teenager, now as an adult I buy things that make me feel beautiful!

    I am a big fan of the clothes found at New York and Company and Maurices.

    I like pairing really cool tops with simple jeans! Cause it's cool and casual. >:3 I also love accessories, but I don't have a looot so I am still working on buying up cool accessories.

    I am also the kind of girl who matches her shoes with her purse. c_____c;
  3. I dress for comfort mostly. (I apparently have a bad taste in style. My sister wants to put me on 'What Not to Wear'...) I don't like jeans, but I wear them anyway since that's the 'normal' thing to wear. (I overall prefer yoga pants or sweats, khaki pants, and cargo pants.) For shorts, I wear male sized athletic shorts or those kind with all the pockets. Do not like how tight female shorts are, or how much of my legs they show off. .__.;

    As for tops, they're usually t-shirts or polo-type things. I like graphic tees, especially. My favorite sections to shop are the mens so I can buy the smartass shirts, the Marvel tees, and the button up shirts with the collars that I like to wear unbuttoned over a tank top or plain, solid color tee. When buying from the girls section, I get a large size so that it's baggy. Usually there's something cute on it like a panda or a dinosaur. lol I'm childish like that. I have a strange addiction to shirts, though. I'll go to almost any length to earn a free t-shirt, even if it advertises something I don't believe in. xD

    When it comes to shoes... Geh, I hate shoe shopping. I just buy the first pair that fits my feet comfortably. My favored style are the skate shoes from the guys' section. The only time I'll spend time on shoe shopping is when I'm buying sneakers I intend to wear exclusively for nature walks, hikes, etc. I want some quality footwear for that. And, I like sandals. Flip flops are okay, but I prefer the normal slip on kind. I give no fucks since I'm from an area of Washington where it's normal to wear socks with sandals just because it's comfy.

    I despise dresses, leggings, and skirts. I do own a couple of dresses, though. I have to have a preference because I live in the butthole of Oregon, where it gets unbearably hot. Like, so hot that I feel grateful having sundresses that give me that pleasure of no sleeves or pants. :|
  4. Classy, modest clothing. Usually dark colors..pearls with black dresses, etc. Casual clothing is modest, usually jeans and t shirts or long sleeved shirts. I don't really like to show much skin. Beach attire is maybe a halter with a short sleeved blouse, and capri pants.
  5. My wardrobe consists of jeans, tshirts and shorts. That's about it. I also have a lot of sweatshirts/hoodies and stuff like that. That's probably my vice when it comes to clothes, because I love them.

    Otherwise I don't have much of a fashion sense, I just wear things I like.
  6. I'm with you, Fluffyprincess. I'd probably wander around in boxers and a teeshirt most days if I could, though...Ahem!
    I bounce between trying for interesting or cute outfits and just dressing nicely. For work, I'm either in jeans or khaki pants with a company shirt or a nice button-down top.
    When I have more freedom, I sometimes wear skirts and things of that nature. I have a sarong type thing that I got a couple summers ago that I really enjoy as a top. During the hot months, I don't handle heat well and I wear tank tops and that sarong thing often. It serves the double purpose of showing off my tattoo, which is rare, and I also like that.
  7. I prefer black and grey, but other dark colors works sometimes now and then too. I almost always have a black t-shirt on and over that a dark thick shirt (half of the time it has a hood). I often have blue jeans, but sometimes change to black or white.

    So yeah, dark colors is my theme :3 And skirts is a no no! x3
  8. LOL ~

    Normally, I wear Pakistani cultural clothing. Mostly because I don't have much of anything else; it was much cheaper when I was younger & I was on the chubbier side so clothes from popular stores never looked good on me.

    Recently though, I've been exploring new clothing. I really like Forever 21! The light colors are so pretty, but mostly darks look good on me. I like the Victorian style asymmetric skirts/ belted dresses / lace overshirts.

    Lately though, if I'm not going to wear something from my culture wardrobe, I'll probably be wearing a t-shirt with skirted leggings or a longer t-shirt, leggings and skate sneakers :) I think I'm one of those skate girls in dressing. I like doing fluttery skirts,t-shirts, leggings, and sneakers. Mostly everything I have revolves around this combo.
  9. I like dressing well. I enjoy long skirts and blazers. I also enjoy flowy skirts. I wear a leather jacket often and have a collection of hats. I dislike wearing jeans and only wear them if I am doing something willy grimmy, like camping. I feel my words are not expressing my style well....
  10. Hm, I'd have to say my sense is comfortable. I don't like tight things or clothes that I worry about showing too much skin. jeans or skirts mostly, with just about any top. I end up wearing sneakers most but I like shoes too. If I'm dressing up I try to be original about it, but not flashy.
  11. I think skinny jeans, snapbacks and smart shirts are cool.

  12. Well.

    I don't wear anything but jeans right now. I don't own a pair of shorts and I don't own any khaki pants. I've accidentally bumped my knees enough and wandered into bushes (occaisonally throny) enough that I like the protection even during the summer. I really like carpenter's jeans for all the extra pockets you get, but couldn't find any in my size when I was jean shopping last. I like t-shirts, best in plain colors or with some inoffensive graphic on them because I don't want to walk down the street and have people who read my shirt think that I'm a douche because of it. So for that reason I love the Commit For Life (our regional blood donation agency) shirts, because they're in colors I like, the logos are nice, and I don't look like a douche because of what's on my shirt. I buy shoes with singular purposes(Everday, formal, house, et cetera) and go with comfort in mind only.

    I guess the only choice I've ever made for fashion purposes is getting a grey wool cap because I though it looked cool. I want to get more plain grey, navy, and maroon shirts to wear with it.
  13. 'Classy' is the word I'd use for your style. It looks beautiful on you.
  14. My style is.. I dunno, just whatever I have I guess. Jeans, always. I don't do shorts. T-shirt. Usually a hoodie, more specifically the zippered one I've had since like.. '05.
  15. I wear too many hoodies, they are just so damn comfortable. I'm not really sure if I have a style, I'll let someone else be the judge of that. I like winter gear a lot.
  16. I have a bit of a variety. I like don't have many jeans anymore- most of mine don't fit anymore. But I have some dress slacks and sweats, and I have a few dresses and a number of skirts I love. And then I have a variety of blouses. But...I'll admit, I think I need some more long sleeve shirts. And different shoes. Right now, I only have sneakers that fit me well...And they're getting worn out too :/

    But in general, I really like wearing loose clothing, like skirts and dresses. I don't know why...I just like all the breathing room! But sometimes I'll wear some tighter slacks under them when it's cold. Or just the slacks. But if I have a choice, I stick to having a skirt if I can~
  17. I like some variety but my style is between skaterish/rockish and girly. and I MUST hav colored pants :3 planning on getting color shorts too
  18. I dress for looking cool, mostly. My ideal outfit would be a weathered, longcoat. Preferably in black with a fedora and sunglasses.
    Failing that, I'd like to wear an inverness cape and a fancy shirt.
    Failing even further, I'd love to wear some 18th century styled clothes, especially if I could snag a tricorne to go with it... My fashion sense probably explains why I'm alone.
  19. hehehehehehe


  20. I like pockets. I like more pockets than a character designed by Rob Liefeld.