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  1. What kind of intoxicating beverages people like to consume varies widely on context, but if you had to choose one drink/cocktail as YOUR drink, what would it be? include recipes if you're feeling generous

    Holy water here, all the way :3 it's sweet, bubbly, easy to make, and the most beautiful shade of blue!

    1 222 ml can sprite
    1 oz blue curacao
    1 oz vodka
    in a highball or collins glass over ice
    you can garnish with a lemon if you want
    some people add pineapple juice, raspberry sourpuss, or peach schnapps, but I like the simple way.
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  2. Jack & Coke.

    I typically do 2/3rds Jack Daniels & 1/3rd Coke Cola, but others mix it in different ways. Throw in some ice and it's sublime. It ain't an exact science, neither drink is classy. :ferret:
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  3. Scotch neat, scotch on the rocks, scotch with a little water...

    I love scotch. Scotchy scotch-- Y'know what...


    I also love White Russians.


    A little ice, some vodka, some Kahlua, and some milk... or cream... or Bailey's...
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  4. You probably enjoy / would enjoy a mudslide!

    1oz Kalhua
    1 oz bailey's Irish cream
    1 oz vodka
    3 oz vanilla ice cream
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  5. Applebee's made me that without the Ice Cream.

    I was dissapoint.

    Though, my first mistake was going to Applebee's...
  6. Uh. Yeah.

    The ice cream makes the difference man. Ice and milk are not acceptable substitutes either. You should try it again made properly :3
  7. Want some real strong stuff? Medical ethanol.


    96% alcohol...GG
  8. White russian:
    • 5 cl (5 parts) Vodka
    • 2 cl (2 parts) Coffee liqueur
    • 3 cl (3 parts) fresh cream (I often use cold milk)

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  10. That is one of the best lol xd. I remember that episode ^^

    As my favourites would be :
    - vodka and cranberry juice
    - baileys - on the rocks :))

    - Gentleman - a very good whiskey type here in the UK

    - Red wine

    - mojito
  11. hahaha, so classic!

    I forgot to add Baileys! Yes, is a girly drink, but I like it! xD
  12. Grasshopper

    Chocolate Martini

    White Russian

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  13. single malt scotch


    accept no substitutes

    clear liquers are for women on a diet
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  14. You drunkies have some trouble choosing just one, don't you ;P
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  15. PFFT. ONE drink. NEVER.
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  16. Righto

    Need at least 5
  17. So far I've liked Sex on the beach and an Long Island Iced Tea

    I also like taking a shot of Fireball cinnomon whiskey and mixing that with Angry orchard apple ale. Serve that in a frosted mug. It tastes like Apple pie ^_^

  18. ^That shit's delish, and the video is funny
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  19. I'm with @Brovo. A good Jack and Coke is what I go for.

    I usually go with regular Jack, but on Saturday, I made my J&C with Gentleman Jack (and I'll probably go to that one more often if I get the chance).
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  20. Kraken and Coke or Revelstoke maple whiskey on the rocks is what makes me happy man.
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