What's your Comfort Food?

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Yes mine is chocolate. Chocolate has always been my comfort food and it's also my favorite food/sweet.

What's your comfort food? Why do you reach for it? Does it actually comfort you? Or does it remind you of home?

And please, include a picture! :wink:
I have strange comfort foods..


Saltines for one. I'm not even sure why.. I must enjoy the weird taste they have. o.o; They also just clean out my mind and all.
I don't like them real salty. I like the ones that are more baked. -nodnod.- The wheat ones are my favorite.<3

This is a drink, but it counts~

It makes me smile.<3
> w< specially when I can make it for others!!

I don't eat them like ever. o.o I have to be real happy to have them. xD <3 Or content. Or with friends.<3<3
^^~ <3<3

Simple. A Sandwich. And the more comfort I need, the simpler the sandwich. PB&J, or cheese. Not grilled cheese, either. Just some cheese between two soft pieces of bread. With milk, of course.
I have totally done the piece of american cheese between two soft pieces of bread before! >:3
The texture of soft bread is something that just cannot be replaced or duplicated. ^^

Cheesecake. And it has to be plain cheesecake or it doesn't work for me.​

Definitly Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream...Any brand...Or...


Haagendazs Strawberry Icecream...It has to be Haagendaz Strawberry or this flavor won't cut it for me...>.>

Icecream is my Comfort food because I know that it will always be cold and that basically It was always taste the same. Just some Consistancy in my very inconsistant life. And It's texture is smooth and soft...Can't say exactly what it is about IceCream that Comforts me. Just when push comes to shove I reach for the Ice Cream. I guess it's something sweet when Life seems so Bitter... ^.^
Whatever Torsty said...and pizza is good too.
Erm, yeah, I'm with Torsty on this...

I also like smoothies when I'm upset. They're something I really like that I just don't usually get so, they're a treat and they make me feel a bit happier. ^^;
With Torst on this too.

Also with OP.

Also; peanut butter cup icecream. No wonder I'm getting fat.
Warm food with bold flavors.

Okay I'm just having trouble making up my mind.
Sourcreme and onion chips are the most normal thing for me to eat when I'm depressed, sad or just bored xD I feel much better as long as I'm eating but as fast as I stop eating I feel depressed again and on top of that I feel fat xD To get over that feeling I eat another bowl but afterwards I feel more fat than before. x) Actually I can eat anything to feel comforted as long as I like the food :9 So an icecream, sandwich, chocolate anything is fine. But I prefer to eat potato chips when I need comfort from food xD