whats you favorite kind of character

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    • rude
    • kind
    • mindless
    • romantic
    • corageous
    • strong
    • smart
    • crazy
  1. Crazy.

    Hands down, crazy character wins. I love seeing them in movies and novels alike and I have a lot of fun roleplaying them.
  2. A smart crazy character. It's so much fun, you get to be intelligent in a super crazy way!
  3. A sweet and kind character, usually a guy. I hate stereotypes, so I play a more ''feminine'' male.
  4. so do I haha crazy characters are alot of fun
  5. I have to agree crazy is my favorite , but I've never done a really smart character before
  6. aw yes I love playing kind roles too
  7. Mindless and crazy...the true manifest of insanity. Unpredictable beyond belief and sometimes has multiple personalities which can lead to much fun and endless possibilities.
  8. thumbs up for that sounds exciting to me
  9. As previously mentioned, everyone loves a good crazy character. They're always fun in any story. But I also really like the smart kind of character.
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  10. yep I love crazy characters
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  11. Analytical



    Serial Killers.
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  12. Yay I'm not the only one who likes a smart character!
  13. Batman.
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  14. Damsels!

    Girl Next Door!

    Mary Sues!

    Naive Princesses!

    Angry Bitchmonster with a chip on her shoulder!
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  15. A guy who starts off cold but become kind and caring over time.
  16. The vengeful mother who wishes to destroy an entire race of people.

    The bored noble's son who found out murder was fun.

    The wanderer who, despite finding the love of his life, cannot bring them along on his travels.

    The man called hero by some, struggling with a power that will one day destroy him and all those around him.

    The police chief's son, who learned the hard way that "good" can't win unless it cheats.
  17. I'll play any character archetype that is as far personality wise from the other characters as I can imagine or in some cases get away with. Though some GMs I've found are so f-ing boring and insist I make cookie cutter versions of the other characters. Where in all that is holy and unholy is the fun in that. Variety is the spice of Life not sameness.
  18. soo you like a rude character best
  19. No where in the. ....Oh I see, you're confusing my blunt and tactless honesty with my preference in character archetype. Rather odd assumption to make. But no I prefer a character that separates itself from the pack by whatever means necessary. Be that through morality, unique abilities, background, etc.
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