What's with the Wings? {1x1 between Dragon Princess and I}

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  1. [​IMG]
    A strange stallion is shipped to the barn where Molly, a girl that trains horses works. The place is actually much more like a ranch. Well this stallion is something different. He's wild as can be and refuses to let anyone onto his back and will buck and kick and snap at anyone and everyone. One day, when a thunderstorm rolls something very strange happens. The black stallion is peacefully grazing and every time lightning flashed harshly there was an outline of what looks like wings. What will happen when she tries a different approach with the Stallion? Though training is harder then anyone would imagine, with the help of the owner's son the duo may be able to succeed. After the stallion is entered into a race to see how he runs, everyone might be surprised when he shows speed and stamina that are out of the world! Now the duo have to find out what is up with this horse, between his wings and un-earthly abilities something is going on... but will things heat up between the two in the process?

    ~This is a 1x1 between Dragon Princess and I. Please do not post here unless you are one of us~

    ~Happily.Ever.After~’s Characters

    Dragon Princess’ Characters

    ✨ Molly Bishop {Mol} :: 21 :: Female

    ✨ Azel :: 23 :: Male

    ✨ Amanda Crowe-Tyme {Manda, Mandy, Sky} :: 11 :: Female

    ✨ Black Mystery {Mystery} :: 4 {200 really} :: Stallion :: Pegasus

    ✨ Caroline Tyme {Carrie} :: 4 :: Female

    ✨ Flint :: 9 :: Male

    ✨ Elliot Bray {Eli} :: 9 :: Male

    ✨ Ginger Peterson :: 6 :: Female

    ✨ Juliette Monteith {Julie, Jules, JC} :: 6 :: Female
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  2. [​IMG]
    {Molly Marie Bishop :: 21 :: Female}

    Nickname :: Mol
    Height :: 5'4
    Weight :: 128
    Eye Color :: light blue
    Hair Color :: blonde
    Body Modifications :: Her ears are pierced once each. That's it.

    Family :: Jack Hart (70) {grandpa}, Dennis (49) {dad}, Aria (43) {step mom}, Shawn (13) {little half-brother}, Evan (9) {little half brother}, Nikki (6) {little half sister}, Anna Tyme (29) {older sister}, George Tyme (34) {brother in law}, Caroline (4) {niece}, Amanda (11) {to-be niece}
    Pets :: Aslan:: 2yr old, male, orange domestic long hair, cat || Missy:: 5yr old, female, German Shepherd, dog || Candy:: 8yr old, female, Border Collie-Lab mix, dog || Shadow:: 6yr old, male, Husky, dog || Socks:: 1yr old, male, Sheltie, dog || Onyx:: 9yr old, gelding, black Thoroughbred-Quarter Horse cross, 15.3hh horse || Winter's Embrace:: {AKA: Winnie} 4yr old, mare, flea-bitten grey Connemara, 14.2hh pony
    Crush :: TBA
    Boyfriend :: TBA

    History :: I wish I could just tell you that I live with my Grandpa, Jack Hart, my sister, Anna Tyme, her husband, George Tyme, my niece, Caroline, and my niece-to-be, Amanda ... but somehow I don't think that's enough. My sister and I are ten years apart, and I didn't really know her until our mom died and she moved back. Yes, I don't have a mom, and the first time I saw my dad a couple years ago. After my parents divorced when I was four I didn't have any contact with my dad for ten years... neither did my sister. My mom died in an accident when we were driving home from a competition on a really slippery road on a really snowy night up in Colorado when I was fourteen. We were on a one way mountain road and she lost control of the truck. We sorta tumbled down the mountainside, into a ravine and that's all I remember about the accident. Once I woke up I was in the hospital and it was two weeks after the death... I missed her funeral and everything, I still miss her tons and that's really all I want to say on the subject, oh... but I will add that my horse, Onyx, is fine, he was with us... in the trailer. He wasn't hurt bad physically, he just had some emotional problems that we had to work through together. I didn't know what had happened, I just knew that my sister and grandpa were there, and I found that weird. After they explained everything we went home and tried to live life as we did before... except this time my sister was with us... she stayed for good, and while we were ready to kill each other at first, now I'm glad she stayed. I'll tell you more later... if I feel like it
    Personality :: A very stubborn girl is a good way to describe me. Once I make up my mind seldom do I change it. My grandpa also has told me that I'm very determined... and that my people skill could use a lot of work (although usually Anna tells me that one). I tend to argue a lot as when I feel strongly on something I don't give up easily. I love animals, regardless of what they are, and I love working with horses and fixing their problems. I am confident in myself, and like to prove myself. Competitiveness runs in my family and I have quite the streak in me. I'm an honest person, I don't like lying and am straight up with people. I will also admit it, begrudgingly, but I will admit it when I am wrong.
    Hobbies :: Riding, Helping animals
    Likes :: Animals, horses, family, friends, boys, riding, roping, nature, being outside, jumping, racing, barrels, poles, kids, helping horses, the ranch
    Dislikes :: CHANGE, school, studying, science, rudeness, conceitedness, know-it-alls, jerks, players, cheaters
    Quirks & Flaws :: Molly tends to be more focused on helping animals (especially horses) than herself. She often has trouble with her people skills and may come off as abrupt.
    Favorite Color :: Burgundy
    Other :: beep.​
  3. Name : Black Mystery/ Mystery
    Age : looks around 4 years. In true form he is over 200 year old
    Family : Pegasus (grandfather) Aluero (mother, alive) Deskio (brother alive) Resugiko (sister dead) Hashi (mate dead) Deaso and Luna (foals dead)
    Race : he is a Pegasus , to humans eyes he is a massive frieshan stallion that is a 21 hands high. (Biggest horse around)
    Powers : he can fly, he has never ending speed and stamina but for the sake of humans never knowing about him he has to act normal.
    Personality : tight lipped and nasty stallion with a passion to hate people. Why you may asked pitchers killed his foal and mate In a raid and took him away from his herd.
    History : born of the Greek Pegasus herd that roamed the world he was in a herd well known as the black hoofed herd made up of only black Pegasus. No human could see their wings and he had a mate and two foals.....but hunters killed them and tranquilzed him and brought him in. The county ranch bought him despite many warnings of his aggressive and hateful personality to people.
    Likes : other horses, animals and little children. Carrots and apples as well as forest and running free.
    Hates : teenager or grown up humans and things threaten a horse.
    Picture :

    His true form : [​IMG]

    What humans see : [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
    Name : Azel
    Age 23
    Race : a human
    Family : Azro (father alive 83) Sasha (mother dead) flint (brother alive 9) Ashi (sister dead)
    Personality : strong willed and working boy that has taken over the ranch that for his mother role and looked after all the horses that where not owned. He always loves horses and never ashamed to admit if he doesn't know how to do something. He also has a passion with horses and all animals including his zoo of animals that he owns and cares for and two jobs he has during the day.
    Jobs : ranch care taker, at night he becomes a horse saddler maker.
    History : Azel was born on this ranch and lived there his entire life. Learning how to connect with horses and animals near the ranch. He was In a Car accident two months ago and his arm was broken as well he needed surgery on his back to snap his back shoulder blade back in place.

    Likes : all horses and animals. Likes girls who need help and don't think they are perfect.

    Dislikes : He hates when girls he already told he wasn't interested in start flirting with him. Often leaves them alone.

    Pets : he owns two border collies, a German Shepard two black barn cats and a barn owl he saved and it never wanted to leave so he now owns the owl. He also owns a horse named Dragon Slayer because the horse is always a fisty mare who kicks at anyone but him. He also owns a stallion named Razor cutter because of his hooves are very sharp.

    Razor [​IMG]

    Dragon slayer :

    Two border collies : [​IMG]

    German Shepard : [​IMG]

    The two cats [​IMG]

    The barn owl : [​IMG]
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  5. Flint
    Age :9
    Human being
    Brother of Azel
    Likes : everything
    Dislikes : mean people
    History : flints mother died long ago and he lived with his brother and father ever since then. He grew up loving horses and a rather good barrel racer.
    Picture : [​IMG]

    His horse is named : Shadows of Mountains. shadow is the young horses name ​
  6. Name :Ginger Peterson
    Age : 6
    Family : all died in a fire and is an orphan . She now works for the ranch to let them provide food and shelter for her. She has been here since she was four years old and grew very close to one mare and distant toward a lot of people.
    Likes : animals and other kids
    Dislikes : adults and rules
    Pictures : [​IMG]

    The horse she takes car of is named : Apple Skitter, Skitter is the real name . The horse is 14 years old and a mountain trail horse.​
  7. {I'm just doing mini, half-ish forms for the kids since they're side characters}

    {Amanda Sky Crowe-Tyme :: 11 :: Female}

    Nickname :: Manda, Mandy, Sky
    Family :: Jack Hart (70) {to-be great grandpa}, Dennis (49) {to-be grandad}, Anna Tyme (29) {to-be mom}, George Tyme (34) {to-be dad}, Caroline (4) {to-be sister}, Molly (21) {to-be Aunt}
    Pets :: Phoenix :: 6yr old, gelding, light gray warmblood-Quarter horse cross, 16hh
    History :: After Amanda's parent's died when she was three, she and her brother were shipped off to a group home. Her brother left just before Amanda ran away, as soon as he was eighteen her left. She found her way to Winding Acres Ranch just over a year ago after running away and begging to stay there. After things were sorted out with her case worker she ended up in her first ever long-term foster home, and hopefully permanent home.
    Likes :: horses, her 'family', animals
    Dislikes :: most people, school, bullies

    {Caroline Moira Lyndy Grace Tyme :: 4 :: Female}

    Nickname :: Carrie
    Family :: Jack Hart (70) {great grandpa}, Dennis (49) {grandpa}, Aria (43) {step grandmom}, Shawn (13) {half-uncle}, Evan (9) {half-uncle}, Nikki (6) {half aunt}, Anna Tyme (29) {mom}, George Tyme (34) {dad}, Molly (21) {aunt}, Amanda (11) {to-be sister}
    Pets :: Pogy :: 8yr old, mare, paint pony, 12.3hh
    History :: She is the biological child of Anna and Peter. Normal childhood so far.
    Likes :: animals, stuffed animals, girly things, hats
    Dislikes :: not getting her way... typical toddler
    Other :: she is the little girl if you couldn't figure it out XD ... (if you've seen Heartland you probably know where I got these characters... if not Molly, Amanda, Caroline, [and peter and Anna, the parents in pic] are all from the same show)

    {Elliot Owen Lewis Bray :: 9 :: Male}

    Nickname :: Eli
    Family :: Stefanie (40) {step mom}, Luca (43) {dad}, Elizabeth-Marie (11) {sister}, Carly-Jean (3) {little sister}, Ash (12) {older brother}, Daniel (12) {older brother}, Stephan (13) {brother}, Nicholas (5) {little brother}, Grace-Annamarie (67) {grandma}, Georgio (75) {granddad}, Stella (29) {aunt}, Kari (1) {cousin}
    Pets :: Mars:: 16yr old, female, Tabby cat || Pearl {black} & Rootbeer {tan}:: 4 & 6yr old, female & male, Norse Elk Shepherd-German Shepherd mix & Lab-Pitbull mix || Blazing Freedom:: {AKA: Blaze} 9yr old, stallion, chestnut Quarter Horse cross, 15.3hh horse || Drifter:: 7yr old, stallion, black and white paint Gypsy Vanner-Quarter Horse cross, 16.1hh horse || Topaz {grey} & Harley {chestnut}:: 8 & 10 yr old, mare (expecting his foal) & stallion, dapple grey Quarter Horse & Chestnut Quarter Horse, 15hh & 16hh horses
    History :: There hasn't been too much significance in his life. Eli grew up on the same ranch that he lives on now. His mother passed away from cancer just after his little sister, Carly, was born and his father remarried a childhood friend of theirs. The sad event in his life was the most expansive thing that happened. Sure, he's won some rodeo events and such but that just normal history for this cowboy.
    Likes :: penning, roping, cutting, rodeos, horses, cowgirls, going fast, pickup trucks, motorcycles, dogs, farms, ranches, nature
    Dislikes :: put him in the city or someplace without open space and you've pretty well put him in Hell.

    {Juliette Celia Kameron Monteith :: 6 :: Female}

    Nickname :: Julie, Jules, JC
    Family :: Pierre (45) {father}, Jeannie (38) {mother}, Jean-Paul (27) {butler}, Giselle (22) {nurse maid}
    Pets :: Ray:: 12yr old > gelding > palomino quarter horse > 15.1hh horse || Eeyore:: 19yr old > male > donkey || Buddy:: 10yr old > male > mastiff > dog || Dewey, Auburn:: 21yr old, 14yr old > mares > dapple grey quarter horse, bay thoroughbred-quarter horse cross > 15.3hh, 16hh horses || Fluffy, Fleur, Fifi, Faye:: 12yr old, 9yr oldX3 > female > pekingese-maltese mix, pekingese-maltese-shih tzu mixX3 > dogs || Albus, Arlette, Alodie, Alphonse:: 7yr old, 5 yr old, 7yr old, 7yr old > male, female, female, male > poodle, american eskimo, poodle, poodle > dogs || Elroy, Maurice, Bernie:: 10yr old > stallion > chestnut shire-clydesdale cross > 16.1hh, 16.3hh, 17hh horses || Magical Mirage, Marvel Of Magic:: {AKA: Mirage, Marvel} 7yr old, 2yr old > mare, colt > paint pinto, dun pinto- thoroughbred cross > 15.3hh, 15.1hh (still growing) horses || Juneau, Lebeau:: 3month old, 5yr old > filly, mare > palomino cob-shire-clydesdale cross, liver chestnut cob > 12.2hh (still growing), 14.3hh horses || Miki, Chloe:: 2yr old, 4yr old > male, female > australian shepherd, brown tabby > dog, cat || Spooky, Mudball, Snowfall, Licorice, Butterscotch:: 3yr old, 4yr old, 8yr old, 6yr old, 4yr old > female, male, female, female, male > long furred calico, brown tabby, white cat, tuxedo, orange tabby > cats || Aure, Faustine:: 1yr old, 2months old > female > bunny, duck || Burke, Cavalier:: 1yr old, 5months old > male > goldfish, orange tabby > fish, cat || Dawn, Crookeye, Toussaint, Sy, Theoren:: 5months old > female, maleX4 > orange tabbyX4, grey tabby > cats || Papa, Bebe:: 8yr old, 6yr old > male, female > chihuahuas > dogs || Joli, Chéri:: 6months old > female > corgi > dogs
    History :: She's a relative of royalty in France... what more is there to know. Okay, so maybe there is a lot more, but she doesn't have such a different history from everyone else, at least that is what she believes. Since she was born, Julie has been around music. She hated it, found it revolting at first, but through patience, and being a sickly child who could not go out much when it got too cold or too hot and someone who often got hurt because of other activities that she did, she learned to love it. The like she had for music began to grow into a love and a passion as she learned to play the piano and sing. Her love of animals has been inspired by the menagerie of those that she owns. With several furry friends to spend time with while she couldn't leave her room because of sickness or such she could pass the time with ease. When she was outside she adored spending time with any of her several horses. She still does, and finds a leisurely trail ride extremely relaxing.
    Likes :: horses, castles, france, acting, singing, music, piano, performing, dogs, cats, animals
    Dislikes :: Her only dislike is being out of her comfort zone

    {I have one more girl I could add if we wanted, but I'm gonna leave it at this for now)
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  12. Azel : Ranch owners son: Crush : unknown

    Azel woke up that morning his phone ringing harshly in his ears as he got up and answered it slowly. HIS eyes shot wide hearing that the new horse would be there in an hour. Azel got up sharply hanging up and running out of he house and to the barn and made a new stall ready for this stallion. It was taller then other horse stalls and for a reason. He got hay in it and smiling gently he hears the car pull up. He smiles gently and went over and eyes wide as the whole back was dented and looked half destroyed, never seen that before. "Oh wow" he whispered to himself and as he saw some little kids walking closet he sharply warned "away now, this stallion could kill you" warns as he blinked as the horse inside sounded outraged.

    Black mystery : Mystery : Pegasus stallion (unknown to humans) : family dead

    Mystery screamed angrily snapping and kicking at the inside of where he was. The whole trailer rocked around as the stallion bashed everywhere, he hated humans HATED them. He kicked and thrashed harshly causing the whole trailer was trashed and door was about to come off its hinges . He reared up sharply smashing his head against the ceiling as it dented as well. He kept bashing around angrily .

    Flint: brother of Azel: age 9 crush : none

    Azel blinked as he stood behind his big brother looking at the trailer that was rocking and getting damaged rapidly "the horse is going to harm itself it it keep that's up" he wailed sadly not wanting the horse to get harmed. He didn't care if it was wild or tamed horse was a horse no matter what. He tugged at his brother sleeve but was told to stay away and blinked sadly "stop the horse from bashing around" he complained.​
  13. Molly Bishop :: 21 :: Crush-Unknown :: Tagged-Amanda,Azel,Flint

    Molly walked up behind Azel and Flint, her almost niece, Amanda was next to her. "Whoa... is that the new arrival?" she asked, her voice full of concern as she hesitated for a moment then walked up to the now useless trailer. A certain person caught her eye as she walked up. Whipping her head around to look at Amanda she shook her head "Stay over there Amanda" she cautioned, her tone making it obvious that no one should argue with her. "You're really putting me to the test this time... aren't you?" She asked Azel as she walked back over. "There's no way we'll be able to get him out without getting killed. Any sedatives have completely warn off... but I have an idea if you're willing to listen" the blonde haired lady said lightly.

    Amanda Crowe-Tyme :: 11 :: Crush-None :: Tagged-Molly,Azel,Flint

    After being told to 'stay' Amanda crossed her arms over her chest and basically glared angrily at the one person she usually was never mad at. "I hate not being able to help." she grumbled under her breath as she watched Molly work and listened to her talking. "C'mon Flint, let's go do something else before we get in trouble...again" she sighed to the younger boy reluctantly.

    Caroline Tyme :: 4 :: Crush-eww :: Tagged-No One

    -Nothing to Write-

    Elliot Bray :: 9 :: Crush-None :: Tagged-No One

    -Nothing to Write-

    Juliette Monteith :: 6 :: Crush-None :: Tagged-No One

    -Nothing to Write-
  14. Azel

    The boy looked over slowly to the blond lady "willing to take any idea right now" he said as the door started to crack as the hooves smashed against the door. He sighed gently "I didn't think he would be this outraged" he said slowly looking at Molly smiling gently .


    Mystery started breaking the door with his hooves sharply listening to it crack and start to cave outward sad if to not want to get hurt anymore. The stallion bashed around angrily eyes narrowed as he stomped his hooves and smashed against the door.


    The young boy smiles and nodded slowly "sure want to go for a trail ride? It's always nice this time of year" he said smiling gently eyes closed looking around seeing his young stallion eating grass in the back. He smiles and looked at her once more waiting for an answer.​
  15. Amanda

    Shrugging she looked at Flint "lead the way... And who'm I riding?" She asked curiously. "My horse is still at Molly's ranch... Soo I can borrow one of yours... Right?" Sky asked as she pulled her dark hair back into a ponytail like she normally wore it.


    "We need to let him run out of te trailer on his own. Back the trailer up as close as we can to the barn, then we'll have to make a path, maybe out of the spare gates?" She suggested, pausing for a moment. "Hopefully the gates will direct him into the stall where we can close the door and he'll be safe... As well as us" she explained, hopefully the trailer door would hold up long enough.

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  16. Azel

    The male nodded slowly "ok I can try" he got into the car and backed it up slowly allowing Molly to open the horse stall doors. As he got it close enough the door shattered and fell off as the massive horse galloped out angrily rearing up and bucking and bucking at everyone and everything in its sight. He tried to corral it toward the pen but that horse didn't want to go.


    The stallion shrieked and whiny and kicked the door down harshly and slammed it away. He broke free and as he got out he saw he was in one of those human places that horses where kept. He threw a fit kicking and bucking harshly bashing around rearing up. He was a massive horse bigger then any horse people have ever seen his body strong yet lean.


    The boy smiles and nodded going to the back yard where his young stallion was "here ride shadow. I shall ride razor" he smiles and got into the Clyde stale. Razor snorted and looking around slowly. Shadow snorted and allowed the girl on as the stallion was never much for fighting or hurting people. It was pretty tall horse but not too tall so the girl could get on.​
  17. Molly Bishop :: 21 :: Crush-Unknown :: Tagged-Amanda,Azel,Flint

    Jumping back when the horse broke free she glanced up at Azel, her gaze panicked but her voice was calm as she called to him "Just go open the Paddock gate, maybe he doesn't like to be couped up. We'll see if we might be able to coax him into there" she suggested, not losing hope just yet. After all, Onyx had been a lot like this when she first got him, but now he was the best horse in the world... Phoenix was similar too actually, just not quite as high strung... his only problem is that Amanda is still the only person who can ride him.

    Amanda Crowe-Tyme :: 11 :: Crush-None :: Tagged-Molly,Azel,Flint

    Giving a nod to Flint, Amanda walked into Shadows stall and smiled lightly as she stroked the horse for a moment. Grabbing one fistful of mane and placing the other hand on the horses back Manda jumped up, putting the weight on her hands as she landed on her stomach but on top of the horse. Re-situating herself so that she was sitting on his back correctly she nudged him out, waiting for Flint.

    Caroline Tyme :: 4 :: Crush-eww :: Tagged-No One

    -Nothing to Write-

    Elliot Bray :: 9 :: Crush-None :: Tagged-No One

    -Nothing to Write-

    Juliette Monteith :: 6 :: Crush-None :: Tagged-No One

    -Nothing to Write-
  18. Azel

    The male opened the padlock door and blinked as the black horse shot out like a blaze of black flames rushing around angrily kicking and lashing out at anything that looked like a person. He was a big boy ....real big boy "oh wow" said. He yelped and covers his ears slightly at the whinny.


    The large black stallion shot out of the place and bucked and kicked and bashed around the yard knocking throughs over and started breaking some of the fence. He kicked and lashed out not allowing anyone close to him unless they wanted to get hurt. The stallion sharply broke a large portion of the fence and avoided people at all cost bashing against a tree even making it shudder slightly at his sheer might and dangerously aggressive motive. The stallion had glowing blue eyes and sharpest hooves you will ever see. It lashed against the tree with the hooves and caused it to cut very deeply inside. He kicked and reared up and shirked a whinny that was ear splitting.


    He smiles peacefully and nodded and nudged the large Clyde stale forward and smiles as he walked down the yard and hears the whinnying and turning slightly blinked "wow look at that" he breathed looking at the black stallion​
  19. Molly Bishop :: 21 :: Crush-Unknown :: Tagged-Amanda,Azel,Flint

    "ugh!" she winced and quickly covered her ears at the horses scream. Biting on her bottom lip, Molly walked over to Azel and, even though she knew she would regret it, grabbed his arm before pulling him away. Once they were a safer distance from the stallion and the whinny was more of a loud, annoying noise, the girl turned and looked at her 'boss'. "Let's just let him calm down. Once he's found a place where he's comfortable we can throw some hay in and fill up a water trough for him... I don't think it's safe to bring him in the barn yet though" she sighed, leaning against a wall, a worried look in her light eyes.

    Amanda Crowe-Tyme :: 11 :: Crush-None :: Tagged-Molly,Azel,Flint

    "That horse is beautiful... but he's a complete maniac" Sky breathed as she pulled Shadow to a stop and let her brown gaze follow the 'secret' pegasus. "So, where are we riding?" Amanda asked after a few minutes of watching the horse.

    Caroline Tyme :: 4 :: Crush-eww :: Tagged-No One

    -Nothing to Write-

    Elliot Bray :: 9 :: Crush-None :: Tagged-No One

    -Nothing to Write-

    Juliette Monteith :: 6 :: Crush-None :: Tagged-No One
    -Nothing to Write-​
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