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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Jovian, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. I'm not exactly a newbie, but it's been super long since I was last on here I figured it was only proper to reintroduce myself.

    My name is Jovi or Jovian. I have been out of the roleplaying scene for... Well over a year and half, maybe even two years, unless you count Pathfinder games as roleplaying and in that case I've just been away from roleplaying on Iwaku for almost two years.

    I don't know what all has changed around here, and I'm posting this before taking a look around and playing with my profile so I don't know what all to say. If you want to invite me to roleplays, I'm available at least once a week and possibly up to once a day depending on my schedule. I'm mostly a romance kinda guy, but I'm willing to look at other types of roleplays and give them a shot. Large groups (more than 6) scare me so small scale roleplays are preferred.

    Anything else, I guess I'll either add to this post or you'll learn sometime later.

    Glad to be back, and this time hopefully not just for a couple months before I disappear.
  2. Welcome back to Iwaku =)

    If you like dice role plays where your character has some stats and skills, there is a fantasy one starting up right now that I can refer you to if you are interested! Just private message me and I can send you the link =p
  3. Welcome back again Jovi! XD