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  1. Figured I might as well pop in and introduce myself, even if I have been here for a few days already.

    So hey. I'm BrotherNier.

    I haven't been able to roleplay pretty much anything lately (barring the game I signed up for here last night), and I figure it's time to fix that. Haven't touched freeform RP in quite a while, so I'm probably kinda rusty, but that's what practice is for, right?

    Preferences wise, I'm a fan of urban fantasy, scifi and mecha stuff. Beyond that I'm somewhat flexible, but not everything interests me and sometimes I just don't know what I'd do with a setting. When it comes to post length, I like to practice conservation of detail. I don't type large posts regularly, but I do like to type more detailed descriptions when the game's getting intense/dramatic or something special is going on. I also tend to prefer more 'dramatic' fights, where people are more concerned about making the fight feel fluid and dramatic than winning or losing. I also tend to prefer 'fade to black' over roleplaying more mature/erotic content.

    Feel free to drop me a PM if you want to chat about stuff.

    ~ BrotherNier
  2. Hey! Welcome BrotherNier, hope you have a great time here. Hopefully we'll meet up in an RP sometime.
  3. Hi there! >:D We're always happy to have new players come in.
  4. Hello, Grand Couturier.

    Seems like there are a few things starting up, so who knows? Could be cool.

    Hello. Your signature greatly amuses me. Doubly so as someone who always types with proper punctuation and grammar on the Internet.
  5. Hey there, BrotherNier. Welcome to Iwaku. You're in luck as regards your taste in urban fantasy, because that's one of our biggest genres around here. We also have recently gotten a big spike in fandom RP, which is why we've added a fandom section. (No idea if you're into that, but I figured I'd mention considering your username. Although you could just like Nier, which is legit.)

    Happy roleplaying.
  6. I'm cool with games based on fandom stuff. Though I tend to prefer ones set in alternate universes, so you can play with stuff and don't need to worry about the canon characters. Details, though.

    The name is mostly just because NieR is one of my favorite (if not my favorite) video games, though.
  7. Welcome. I already saw you signing up for one of the ideas I was thinking of, so I'm sure we'll meet soon =)
  8. The game is still on my to-play list, but everything I've heard/seen about NieR makes me pretty sure I'd enjoy it. And the soundtrack is awesome.
  9. The soundtrack is why I originally picked the game up - ran into it on YouTube and was amazed. I'm not going to fanboy about it or anything, but the game's atmosphere and setting is top notch. It's just really memorable overall.

    Seems so. I'll see you ingame, then.
  10. I don't want to hijack your intro thread, but if you want to chat about games or RP or whatever, feel free to shoot me a PM any time (they're called "Inbox Conversations" here).
  11. *takes a bow* Welcome and I hope you have a wonderful time here!
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