Whats up with the Edgebabby/noble thing.

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  1. I've noticed a lot of people have a strange title as of late. They are Edgebabby or Edgenoble. Is there some sorta like trend on iwaku I've some how failed to notice? I'm just curious and I want mah answers! (Its just kinda eating away at me XD)
  2. I think the 'Edgebabby' title is given by default to new members.
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  3. They're the new default user titles. I'm not sure when they were put in place to replace the old ones, but it looks like Diana had some fun with it.

    No idea what the specific requirements are for one default user title or another, but I checked and found that mine is Butterscorns. Not sure if that's from being a donating member or part of security staff, but it's a thing. :P
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  4. It's for security.
    Maintenance is... Butterhorn? Interns are Butterborn. And Content is Butterthorn.
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  5. Diana saw something funny on Facebook and it gave her an idea to change the member titles. That actually is the true story of it.
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  6. Mine is apparently "Edgebaron."

  7. The butter never truly went away.
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  8. Mine is apparently Edgesquire
  9. XD I'm an edgeknight! *is of a nice high rank* ;3

    I blame Diana for this.
  10. Apparently, i am an Edgenobleman. I feel like i should start spearing random Iwakurs in an expensive suit and a top hat.

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  11. my title has remained the same since Iwaku 1.0 on Proboards under admin Peridox.


  12. Damn, Diana. You wild.
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  13. I have wondered this myself lately. But it appears the question is answered. Since no one else has said it, I suppose I will be the first:

    Dammit Diana!
  14. I think it's cute. xD Especially 'Edgebabby'.
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. [​IMG]


    why is Ryuko an Edgelord?

    she's a female Kamina.

    that's, like, the anti-Edgelord!
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  18. I'M SO FUNNY 8D
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