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  1. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :3 New to the site, not new to roleplaying (you must hear that a lot). A little about myself:
    -I'm really into League of Legends right now, so if there are any summoners out there add me! :D The name is "DopestSquid"
    -I recently started playing World of Warcraft but so far I'm just a lame wolfman.
    -I love to read. I mean I guess there aren't many roleplayers who DON'T like reading... But whatever. Right now I'm in the middle of the Song of Ice and Fire series (better known as Game of Thrones).

    Anyways I hope I can meet some interesting people here!

    P.S How the fuck do I do the roleplay resume?
  2. Welcome to the site and you could contact any of the staff (To find out who those people are go to the help tab at the top of the site, and the drop down option that says "meet the staff" )) and theyw ill gladly help you out! I would help you myself also, if you wanted. So there are some options.

    I hope to see you around!
  3. It's at your preferences.
    Good luck and welcome to Iwaku.
  4. Welcome to the board Ryuu. Hope to see you around. :)
  5. Aww thanks guys! :D
  6. Allow me to join the chorus in welcoming you to Iwaku! Stay a while, we've got good folk here.