What's Up Iwaku! I'm back ^^

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  1. I love how much people cared about me leaving and my return.
    Oh wait, no one cared.
    Well i'm back. So love me. I demand it! xD
  2. (Get real, you know I missed you :P)

    The flowers of a Sakura tree begin to fall around her, the night sky shining bright as she stayed in place; legs crossed and eyes on the moon. She opened her hand to catch a peddle in her palm, closing as she felt the silence of the open area become a reality. She curled up holding her knees and burring her face in her lap, feeling alone in the garden of Iwaku.

    He crept from the shadows, low and slow to her sensitive ears. He approached step by step, one more careful than the next. Once he was merely an inch from her, she turned to see..... nothing. A sigh came from her lips as she turned back to face the lunar beams only to be stopped by a surprise attack from the front.

    "Welcome back!" shouted Tenchi as he tackled her down, pinned her and began to tickle her for old times.

    Yup, I'm a goof friend :P
  3. Krystals' body tensed up as the obnoxious scream rang through her ears. He rapidly tickled her, forcing her to laugh uncontrolably. She finally got her knee up close to her chest to kick him off and then jump on top of him, tickling him back.
  4. *loves you* Sup, welcome back person I never knew before now.
  5. Oh hey Hunter ^^
    o.o you don't hunt fallen angels do you?
    cause if you do imma have to kill you... no offense xD
    Thank you for saying hi by the way xP
  6. I don't hunt them, but they is my enemy.
  7. :O what did my kind do to you? All I did was tick off the gods so they made me an evil angel in some way ust because my father forced me to kill anything that wasn't pure human when i was a kid. lol xD
  8. Welcome back. I never really got to know you, or role play with you, but I hope to see your creativity flourish.
  9. Thanks for the welcoming ^^
    I'm sure we'll roleplay together soon xD