What's Up Everyone? ^__^

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  1. YO~! hi to all guys and girls. I do not wish to give out my name, sorry :P but everyone can call me AL. I like anime and manga, and am a total otaku! I like funny stories with romantic and happy endings. That's not weird for a boy, right? xP I am 14 years old, in grade 9th and quite good at studies, but I suck at athletics so it's even :P I am interested in making lots and lots of friends, and if I trust someone enough, then I might reveal my identity to them, in equivalent exchange of course. I also have a bad habit of being unable to lie and if I do for even the smallest thing it ends up on my consciousness D; so try not asking me weird questions xD I'm weird when I'm hyper, but also weird when I'm not hyper. I hope to have fun roleplaying! ^o^
  2. Welcome to Iwaku!

    I think most people don't use their in real life names, although some do. I'm October nice to meet you!

    Check out some of the awesome games!
  3. It's alright.. Classified information will be found in time, I'm patient.
    Nothing wrong with being weird, it makes people different than others.

    Good to have you on Iwaku, if you need anything..Bug das staff and we'll get to you!

    Have fun.
  4. Welcome to the community! I'm gonna tell you something secret...

    ...My real name is Iliana. o___o

  5. Thanks guys! and girl :P

    @October: thanks~ I will soon enough. But I've got bombarded by out exam schedule this morning ;A;
    [MENTION=1849]Juku[/MENTION]: :O Could you be one of those internet stalkers? I've had plenty xP though one is really insistent. She still stalks me everywhere on the internet. D:
    [MENTION=731]Iliana[/MENTION]: *whispers* it's a secret then! ;P
  6. Welcome to Iwaku...
    And Iliana

  7. Why is your alias a number? O___O Are you a cyborg?
  8. It's a secret number that the people who know about it don't want to hear. ;P And I'm human. I'm 60% sure about that statement.

    @Rukio: But I didn't tell you anything! ;__; I hope I'm not cut!

    Oh wait, can anyone tell me how to change my Avatar?
  9. Settings -> Edit Avatar

    ....but I still think you might be a cyborg!

    ...or a clone! O__O
  10. OwO I am no cyborg or clone.....I AM KIRA! >:)