What's up, Buttercups?

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  1. So...


    • My real name is Kianie, but you may call me Kiwi.
    • Why did I join this site? Well, between college and working, I wanted something to do with my free time. Instead of wasting my time on Netflix, why not dig into my nerd roots?
    • I'm not new to the roleplaying scene, but I'm a newbie here, I guess.
    • I'm slightly obsessed with Pokemon and photography.
    • Favorite roleplaying/book/movie genres include: romance, fantasy, psychological, adventure, and action
    • My favorite color is purple.
    • I like cute things.
    • To me, breakfast food is bae.
    • I'm really creative and sometimes come up with outlandish ideas.
    • I'm outgoing and am open to ANY new idea.
    • I'm really cheesy and honest.
    • Sometimes, I burp really loudly.
    For anything else, don't be afraid. Say hi! I don't bite hard.
    End of obligatory introduction.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku! Hopefully, you're finding everything okay here. My hype for Alola region is through the roof, glad to see another Pokenerd.
  3. Thanks! Yea, I've been riding the hype train for SO LONG HNG
  4. I just have to say that I love that gif so much xD And breakfast food is what I eat for every meal, so I'm happy that I'm not alone in that retrospect.

    Welcome to Iwaku! (Even though I have no business greeting anyone because I've literally been a member for 30 minutes but shhhhh it's fine)
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  5. We can be newbs together.
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  6. Welcome, Kiwi! I can already tell I'll like you a lot! Purple, burping, cheesy humor... Clearly we are meant to be friends. I'm Moody! =D
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  7. Howdy do, Moody. You do seem like an enthusiastic chick. I'd love to be your friend. <3
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    >:D Welcome aboard kiwi.
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  9. Heck yes, I'm game for this. <3 Woo! New friend! *offers a hip-bump*
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