What's this? Another Newbie?! Zwounds!

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  1. Hi everyone!

    Napo here! And it's a pleasure to be joining the Iwaku ranks. Kind of stumbled onto the forum on a wave of play-by-post nostalgia and I'm both impressed and (admittedly) overwhelmed by the amount of lively roleplaying going on. So, y'know, thought I'd join in.

    I haven't roleplayed in a very, very long time, though when I did, I did it quite often and had a blast. I'm looking to get back into writing regularly and I figured this might be a great way to leap back into that habit, meet some creative people and hash out some characters along the way. Yeehaw!

    Looking forward to diving in and getting started, so thanks for having me and let me know if any of you are interested in getting plot-y with me! (Yeesh, apologies for the bad pun.) :bsmile:
  2. Well hello there! We are rife with terrible puns all over the place. 8D Welcome to the community!
  3. Welcome to Iwaku, Napoleonic!
  4. Welcome to the site! Man, we ought to make a bad pun thread. Actually, I'm on it right now :D

    Thanks for the inspiration ^.^ +1 for you
  5. Welcome! :D I'm Mittens and it's a pleasure to meet you! ^^ I'm glad to see you've found your way here and can't wait to get started! You'll definitely be able to find some fellow RPers and plot some wonderful stories!
  6. w00t +1!

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Time to prowl for some plottishness...
  7. Welcome to Iwaku ^^

    Your plotiness is alluring, hope I see you around. And may you partake in some awesome stories :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.