What's The Verdict? (MATURE)

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"We stand outside the courtroom today for the trial over the heinous slaying in 2011, of three young girls and a loving husband! The person on trial today appears to be a young woman by the name of Bethany Black, the mother and wife of these four victims. She claims that the deaths are not her fault, but the fault of an unknown man who forced her to do these actions! At this point however, the evidence conflicts! There is evidence that supports both theories and police are quite puzzled! However, it's drawing to a close today as-"

A car pulled up to the courthouse, and as a woman quietly got her things and removed herself from the vehicle, she was swamped by the crowd of reporters and hecklers, but tried her best to get past them and ignore them. Her lawyer came to her side quickly as she walked towards the courthouse, the press following at their feet, snapping at them for any hints of a story.

Inside, the trial had started. Bethany looked around the courtroom as she took her seat next to her lawyer.

"I'm scared...." She quietly murmured. All throughout this, she had maintained her original story that an unknown man had forced her to do vile things.....

Having sex with her husband at gunpoint on order, and her husband being forced to comply with an order to molest his own daughters- a demand he had fought until the assailant had shot him in the arm. Then shortly after, one after another, the daughters were fatally shot. Shortly afterwords, still at gunpoint, Bethany and her husband, George Black were again threatened with death if they did not have sex. This time the sex was commanded and they weren't allowed to stop for three hours, if climax was indicated, they were told to pause then start again.

Then the husband was shot in the abdomen, and after that, Bethany had described how the man had her dismember her family and cook then EAT their flesh.

But.... there was only small bits proving that there had been another person in the house. They hadn't left much to follow them by, and Bethany hadn't been able to get a good look at their face before she was commanded to look away and a gun was used to coerce her.

The gun itself was missing. The man was missing.

She was purely frightened because there wasn't enough to prove that there had been a man at all... leading most to assume that it was all her....

It didn't help her case that she had divorced George twice, and even though they had reconciled, it was only more wood to add to the fire. Friends and family were divided, some thought she was the offender and to blame for the death and perversions her family had endured in their last moments. Some thought she was innocent and her only crime was the cowardice of being afraid to stand up against her gun-welding assailant.

And then the reporters were let into the courtroom.

It had become a madhouse.