What's the last text message in your inbox?

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Original poster
No matter how embarrassing or boring or bland or personal:

What's the last text message in your inbox?

Do not share context!

I'll start:

"It's okay. Sorry for complaining! You're doing okay though?"

Not very funny, but the last one I got.
Mine's not too funny either, but it did put a smile on my face;

"There's a lot out there. Don't forget u are a good author and proofreader...."
I have an ever so creative "Okay"
XD "Sebaceuase cyst on a cat"

And I think the rule is no providing context right? So... No context. But I'm pretty sure she misspelled that.
"Smurfadee doo da, smurfadee ay!!"

I don't have a cell phone. :(
"Well johnathon is yelling at me and hitting me and im hitting him back and he's freaking screaming that he's gonna kill me. He's scaring the little kids im babysitting."

...yeah...>_> That's the last text messaged in my inbox...
"I just wanted to poke you in the eye because i am fucking bored"

"Yes, but my uncle works today."

We're discussing when my friend is gonna get his truck fixed.
No context Chaos!

"I just passed a dead otter!! I swear these roads over here!!! Most random wildlife!!!" XD
"I thought you were already there?"
"a! Enjoy:)"
"Yup i need to relax"

i'm not sharrring context bwahahaha >3