What's the highest number you know?

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  1. And can theoretically count to! Practically everybody knows that a googolplex is a really big number™, but what number do you actually know how to get to?

    I can get all the way through the tredecillions (the thirteenth -illion, 1ᴇ42), but then I get confused with the prefixes for 1ᴇ45 and everything goes downhill from there.

    What about you guys? :o

    EDIT: Apparently there's a short scale and a long scale (which Germany and France uniquely use in English); on the long scale, the -illions are even bigger!
  2. I could probably get up to novemsexagintillion in the short scale, which is 1ᴇ210 in that system. I could go to centillion (1ᴇ303) if I could remember what the name was for 1ᴇ213, because I'd expect it to be something like septengintillion following the naming conventions for previous -gintillion numbers, but it's something a little different.

    The reason I can go that high is because of a dumb little mobile game called Adventure Capitalist where the cash upgrade things went up to quinsexagintillion, and it's just a matter of applying the standard prefixes to get to novemsexagintillion.
  3. To infinity...

    ...AND BEYOND!
  4. That time I was playing Tony Hawks Pro Skater #Somethingor Other and my game crashed cause I was playing as Boba Fett and kept using his jet pack.

    Poor N64.
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  5. Once, I counted up to 1463 at a factory job before I decided that was more boring than the assembly line.

    As for what number I could theoretically count up to, haven't really thought about it. I don't really pay attention to anything past a trillion because there's going to be no time in my life where I encounter numbers that big or larger and have to do work with.
  6. Before just now, when I looked it up, I could go to 1015-1 in English and 1024-1 in French.

    Oh, and I guess 59 in Spanish?
  7. Uhhhh ... Three?
  8. I don't know.
  9. Infinity + 1
  10. Probably 999 Trillion *insert rest of 9's*

    I know some of the names for what comes after, but never bothered figuring out the order.

  11. Related the Grahams series is always fun to imagine
    didn't read the thread
    I can count to dog in binary.

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  12. I could prolly get to the trillions and then not know what the fuck to do from there. o__o
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  13. Add one to whatever answer anyone gives. That's mine.
  14. Trillion is the highest I have ever really needed to learn. Usually any time I have had a reason to deal with larger numbers it has been scientific notation or a logarithmic system.

    I can consistently go from pico to exa on the si prefixes, I always forget zetta. (So trillionth through quintillion)

    I am a poor computer nerd, I only have powers of two confidently memorized up to 8192.
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