What's the creepiest thing to happen to you?

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  1. Whether it was something that happened for real, due to simple circumstances and paranoia or something that was borderline paranormal (or was paranormal):

    What has been the creepiest thing to ever happen to you?

  2. I once found a full grown centipede in the bathroom sink...

    That's really it.
    I've lived a fairly uneventful life as far as creepy things and supernatural is concerned.
  3. Just last night, I could hear a voice from the hallway outside my room. Feminine and just low enough that I couldn't understand it, but could tell exactly where it was coming from. I wasn't that tired, so I don't think that was it, and it didn't sound like any noise our aircon makes. I honestly am not sure what it could be aside from a hallucination, especially since it had a rather..immaterial aspect? Like it was in my head, but still had a physical location I seemed to be hearing it from. It kind of freaked me out. I put in headphones and played a game at max volume for about fifteen minutes until it went away.
  4. Gibs and Pan went off to the game store and met this guy that seemed cool. So they invited him over to hang out for awhile.

    That guy turned out to be a crazy pervert that kept touching himself and hitting on my brother and subtly suggestion he wants to suck a dick. O__O

    So, he left that day. And then kept calling and trying to come back over every few hours.

    When we stopped answering the phone, he dropped by the house.

    One day it was just me and my brother at home. We peeped out the peep hole, saw it was him, and didn't answer the door.

    He stayed there. Knocking and WHISTLING.




    It was like a scene out of a horror movie. o_____o
  5. I swear there's a ghost in my house, and it likes to touch my butt.

    I was in the laundry room by myself, throwing a load of dirty clothes in the wash and I felt something pinch my butt. I thought it was my dog at first because he has a habit of nipping me in the rear when he wants attention, but he was in my room sleeping in his chair. Most of my kids were outside playing except my oldest daughter who was in the living room on her computer, so I know it wasn't one of them. It happens quite a bit, usually when I'm in my laundry room. @_@

    Once when my husband and I were dating, we drove out to a state park late at night to sit and talk in his car. While we were sitting there we heard what sounded like someone screaming. At first we thought we were imagining things or someone was playing a joke, but then we heard it a few more times. We ended up getting the hell out of there and calling the cops to tell them we thought someone might have gotten hurt. Never did find out if anything happened, but it scared the shit out of both of us. I'm still pretty sure someone got killed that night, and the park we were at was big enough that it would have taken them forever to find a body. =/
  6. There was no ghost, your husband is clearly a very powerful telekinetic psychic.
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  7. Lol! Nah, he only slaps my butt when I'm pulling stuff out of the oven because he knows I can't hit him back then.
  8. My mother and I dropped my grandmother back at her apartment complex, another grandma approached us-- frail, long blue dress and asked us for a ride to her relative's house. It was literally two streets over and she was so tiny and it was hotter than usual so I opened the backdoor to let her in and we drove off. Cue very, very small talk. I kept peeking in the rearview and noticed she never looked out the window, she looked up front towards my mother and I in the front.

    I open the door again and she manages to amble out and toddle her way over to the house. The house itself was blocked by these tall, long trees I call witchfingers trees, they're usually shorn at the base so you can see people's feet through them. I only turned for a second to get back in the car once I saw her reach the driveway but I looked back to see if she was still walking.

    I saw no blue dress through the witchfingers. Her dress was long enough to cover the feet. Then I remember what I used to get told back in my childhood-- to always check for the feet of strangers, make sure they're there so you're not dealing with a ghost.
  9. Okay, so like 3 years ago I went to China. Three days before my trip was ended, I went to an Aussie bar with a girl I meet there. Anyway, the place was packed, the time was around four in the morning. As I approached the bar, the waiter came and gave me some money and the bill. "Here is your change, sir." I was, like, WTF? I just came in and the guy is giving me the bill and some local money back.

    I told the guy I just came in, but he gave me a dismissive shrug and left. As we sat down at a table by the window, I looked out and I swear I saw my doppelganger. He was stopping a cab, but for a few good seconds I got a good look at him. It was like seeing myself into a home made movie, or something like that. His face was exactly the same, except maybe then hair, his was a little more darker. But other then that, a perfect copy. Even the body size matched. It felt so weird, I got goosebumps all over my skin. As the car pulled away, my friend saw his profile and she let out a lot of Chinese words. She said is a bad sign to meet your doppelganger, but it wasn't like I shook his hand. For the next 6 months I was extra careful not to get killed by a falling brick, or something like that. So far I´m still alive, so I guess the saying is wrong, or then we both were mistaken and that guys wasn't my doppelganger.
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  10. Doppelgangers. Always a creepy and fascinating topic, I used to be paranoid about seeing one xD
  11. Was once said your doppelganger would spend its entire life trying to hunt you down and kill you while you go about your life completely unaware. Mine looked a little drunk and leaved me money. :D
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  12. Mirrors freak me out more than doppelgangers nowadays. I'm a little paranoid my reflection would just start grinning at me out of nowhere.
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  13. Lol, then you´ll love the movie Mirrors:

  14. For some reason the mention of doppelgangers has reminded me of a thread back from the Guild years ago. :/

    Basically the idea was "If you found a clone of yourself yet they only lived for 15 minutes what would you do?".
    For some reason though whoever had posed the question felt the only 'logical' answers were "Kill them" or "Fuck them" >.<

    People have weird ideas on how to handle doppelgangers.
  15. At the time, the house we lived in was set up so that if I sat on the sofa and looked to the side, I could see into our breakfast room and out the window there into our backyard. On the wall outside the window was a floodlight. I was in high school at the time, so I stayed up on weekends to watch Adult Swim with very little volume. As I'm sitting there something catches my eye and I look over to see a shadow passing in front of the window. It wasn't alarming at first because my dad is pretty tall, but as I sat there I realized that some light should've fallen on him, and the shadow was a bit taller than my dad, and it's even weirder that he wouldn't poke his head in if he saw me still up. But nothing ever came from it.

    We were up in our family's shared vacation home in the hill country. To get to the bathroom at night I had to get up and walk a bit because it was an older ranch house. So as I'm walking by a window I see a faint bluish light off in the distance. It wavered and flickered, blinking in and out, but never really moving, so it wasn't coming closer either. After two nights of seeing it I finally bring it up to my parents...

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    And it turns out the house on the other side of the lake has a crappy old security light on a loose fixture that runs all night.
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  16. Dreaming or having premonitions of the events to happen the next day right down to the detail. A whole day that feels like Deja Vu. Creepy as hell.
  17. A few months back late at night, I was at home alone and I heard someone moving from room to room. Now normally this isn't a big deal because family often return home at odd hours and try not to disturb anyone in the process. But that night was but the third in what should have been a week and a half of having the house completely to myself. The only thing I could think was, "Oh crap, someone's gone and broken into the house." Now I've been fortunate enough to not have been the victim of a home invasion, so I wasn't quite sure what to do. I was however certain that I wouldn't allow myself to be set upon by someone when I had not means to protect myself. So, I found a pair of scissors and went to my door to listen for footsteps. I pressed my ear to the door and listened as the intruder passed by my room and went into the bathroom and at that point, I crept out of my room and into the hallway to wait for my chance. As the bathroom door opened, I rushed towards the door with scissors brandished and much to my surprise, the door shut quickly and from behind it came a startled woman's voice, "I'm Jason's mom."

    Yup, I almost stabbed an extended family member. To be fair, no one told me that she was going to be visiting.
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  18. When I was little, maybe six or seven, I used to run around with my cousins and play a game where we had to hide from the shadows in the corners of our eyes. It's a bit creepy in concept, but we were kids and weren't really afraid of much. Anyway, we'd "see" these shadows and then call out to the others to let them know, then we'd all run in a group and hide somewhere until somebody else "saw" and told us where they were so we could run away again, and so on. It was fun.

    My dad was really big on recording everything, so he got our whole game on tape. Fast forward a few years, I was probably some years older at the time, maybe fourteen or fifteen or so, and we were watching old home videos with our immediate family. We used to do that a lot. Que video from summer of '03, and there're my cousins and I playing. Before I continue, I need to make it known: I have a very, very clear memory of that day and the game. I remember exactly where we hid, what my cousins said, and what it all looked like. What I do not remember was my seven year old cousin approaching my dad and the camera, smiling a lot like she used to (every kid does) and saying, "They said cameras are bad so can you stop?".

    My grandparents, aunts, and uncles are huge camera fanatics, not to mention my grandparents had been out since that morning to get something (probably food, my grandmother was a great cook). So I have honestly no idea who she was talking about, and I don't remember her saying that. Like I said, I remember it all and she usually kept right next to me because we were the closest in age. She never left my side nor approached my dad that day. I think I approached her about it once, but she didn't know either and her memory was kind of foggy relating to the game. She doesn't remember it.

    I still wonder about it. But it sure freaked out my fifteen/fourteen year old self!
  19. As a rule it is a hazard to approach a homestead without prior notice and this is an example of people of just showing up without letting the other person know. Where I'm from doing such things, especially on my premises, is very dangerous.

    I'm glad no one was hurt though. I've been stabbed by scissors before. Not cool.
  20. Let's see -
    I've never been a good sleeper. When I was very young, I had horrible night terrors. When I was older, that changed over to horrible nightmares, and difficulty falling asleep. Eventually it turned into full out insomnia.

    When I was around 12 or 13 years old, I had a particular bad bout, and could NOT sleep. At all. I was up for about roughly 4 to 5 nights before I finally managed to even get an hour of sleep. On the very last night before I did manage to take a nap, I was walking from my bed, out to the kitchen, to go about my normal routine of pacing back and forth in an attempt to keep myself busy. As I was about three or four steps away from the door, something to the left of me caught my attention. It was just a flicker of movement in the dark, but I remember thinking it should not have been there - all the cats were outside, and my sister's bed was positioned about a foot away from that area. I leaned forward a bit, and could have sworn I saw a girl sitting there with her knees pulled to her chest. She looked as tired as I felt, but at the same time didn't seem entirely human - I really don't know how to describe her. It was kind of like dreaming, except you're still entirely awake. I turned the light on, and she was still there, though (as cheesy as this sounds) it seemed as if she was still covered in shadows. I turned the light off. Turned it back on. Turned it off. Turned it back on. I blinked a few times. I spun in a circle with my hands over my eyes.. I slapped myself in the face. No matter what I seemed to do she was always there. Eventually I shrugged it off and left.

    When I finally managed to get some sleep and was back in my right mind again, I realized I must have been so absolutely exhausted that I was hallucinating. That whole experience as a whole was awful. In the hours before I managed to fall asleep, I remember having no idea what was going on. Everything I heard felt like it was coming through a fog. I couldn't understand any of it. I couldn't really see, either. Everything was blurred, and things looked more like big weird shapes of overly bright colors than actual objects. I was so confused and out of it that a stranger could have grabbed my hand and pulled me away - and I would have thought they were my mom and followed.

    Insomnia sucks.
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