What's the best way to fill out the 'History' of the Jaina'Res Multiverse?

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  1. I was interested in asking a question about this thread completely but I was a little bit stuck in everything. Mainly basically I am doing something that is over the scale of building a one planet, I am building an ENTIRE Multiverse called the Jaina'Res Multiverse, that is definitely multicultural and insanely big.

    So I want to ask a simple question, What's the best way to fill out the history of this massive multiverse and its 14 universes in total? And there is an untold amount of Dimensions, Alternate History Events, A massive Pantheon of Gods, and etc.

    I am thinking of creating a Timeline based around the idea of 'technological advances,' and 'people's birth' but only going to use the Post-Rejuvenation Era variant since that is where I am now at. The Pre-Rejuvenation Era was lets say a little bit crazy in how much shit happened in a short span of time. The Kira'Dim Universe as a whole had 5 Universal Wars, 1 Religious War and probably 13 minor skirmishes amongst the Empires within the Pre-Rejuvenation. In the Post-Rejuvenation Era, there's about 2 wars happening right now the Rejuvenation War and the war between two massive governmental bodies trying to reunify the Ragnarokian Governmental Union under Communism or Capitalism, when it used to be a Peaceful Space Empire called the Ragnarokian Governments of the Stars.

    I think there's more but I would like know your thoughts... on how should I go about editing my 'Jaina'Res Multiverse' in the order to make it a entirely fun experience for all. =P
  2. Go for a top down approach.

    First do a timeline of major events for things that affected the entire multiverse. Don't include things like a universe-wide war here unless it actually had an impact on other universes.

    Then do one for each universe. Focus mainly on huge impact things for this level, stuff that affected a significant portion of the universe. Births of individuals don't matter for shit on a universal scale unless they go on to do crazy huge things that affect it.

    Then, if necessary, do timelines for extremely important individuals, or certain groups, or certain planets, or whatever else has enough going on that you think you ought to give it its own timeline. This is where you get detailed and specific.

    You'll probably end up with a lot of timelines, but having them all written out separately will be a lot more helpful than having one jumbled megatimeline that tries to cover every little thing happening in the multiverse.
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  3. Off topic: Your avatar picture is hilarious, Jorick.

    On topic: I like top down approaches in Real Time Strategies, since they are always affective in most cases.

    Multiverse Scale Events -> Universe Scale Events -> Galaxy Scale Events -> Solar System Scale Events -> Planets Scale Events -> Civilizations Scale Events -> Individual Scale Events -> and etc

    I guess this what you were speaking about. In how, I have to create my timelines as a whole, I guess?
    However, I guess thanks. I do definitely like creating tons of detail at least. =P

    Also where would I put 'Dimensions' into a timeline, I guess they have their own separate timeline for each dimension that exists within the Multiverse as a whole?
  4. Yep, that's what I was talking about. Separate it into tiers of different scopes of size instead of trying to cram everything onto one timeline. Your multiverse seems to be far too large and complex to be able to coherently map out its history without doing it in a very orderly way like this.

    As for dimensions, yeah, they probably warrant their own timelines as well if they're important factors of your multiverse.
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  5. There is a lot of dimensions within my multiverse that deserve their own spotlights aka timelines even though I have not named them all, only the most important one and a few others too.

    The entire Jaina'Res Multiverse is a mess mostly because the top pantheon gods aka the Creator Gods usually allow all of its people freedom and the choice to become good or evil; since they don't really want to intervene that much in the lives of their citizens. However, they definitely try to make sure none of their Multiverse citizens enter into the Golden Leviathan Dimension; the seat of power so to speak within the Jaina'Res Multiverse for the Charlton Family.

    And also thank you for the help. Because this helps me comprehend the scope of this project a little bit more than normal; since the scope is kinda vast and overreaching the bounds of our reality as a whole.. lol